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Hello Themex I have purchased the theme now. I need help on these two items:

1. How can I prevent visitors from viewing general profiles page. That is when the Profiles menu item “Profiles” is clicked they will be told to login or register to view the page

2. How can I prevent visitors from viewing the profile search result page? That is when the Profiles search is made the result can’t be viewed by visitor. They should be told to sign in or register.

Please I will really appreciate your quick response.


Thanks for giving us a great theme with great support. Support even on weekend. I appreciate man. Remain blessed!

Thanks for giving us a great theme with great support. Support even on weekend. I appreciate man. Remain blessed!

Thanks for the kind words, i’m glad to help!


jls00 Purchased

How can I change (The “Hello I am a X seeking a”...)? which file I need to edit?

Hi, please use this plugin for changing static texts, code changes are not required

Hi, there is a possibility to set the time delay is online?

Hi, please let me know what you mean about the status delay. When user is offline then online status stays for up to 2 minutes.

red dot online can make such an hour?

Currently there’s no such option, online status is checked every 2 minutes. Adding fake delay for offline users will require code customizations.

Hi there,

Can I see please a the backend of this theme. I am interested in it but I need to know this:

1) Can I alter the search form ?? For example instead of havin man/woman looking for a man/wooman, can I have type1/type2/type3/type4/.... looking for type1/type2/type3/type4 …. and so on ??

2) Can I alter the search in order not to show th country ?? OR can I alter the search in order to show different cities ?? Or can I alter the search in order to erase the cities ???

3) Can I alter the search once login in order to have also in the sidebar a more complex search where SEEKING field to appear and more custom fields ??

4) Can I add custom fields to all the forms and profiles ??

5) Can I change or add other GIFTS ??

6) The gifts can be woocommerce products where the users buy and send them to the other users ???

7) Can we have a search on map style search ??

8) Can we have a search radious in order to see the people around ??

9) Can this be in multilanguage and the user to choose his own language ??

For now these are my questions

Hi, please view the back-end options on these screenshots

1. It’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (string, text, select), changing gender field is possible with a simple code change.

2. Cities are added by users, for example if new user sets “New York” in the profile form this city appears in the search form.

3. Adding this feature will require code changes.

4. It’s possible to add custom fields to the profile form and show these fields in the search form.

5. Yes.

6. No, gifts are not related to WooCommerce products. It’s possible to sell memberships with a limit for sending gifts.

7, 8. Currently there’s no such option.

9. It’s possible to use WPML plugin for multiple languages, please note that there’s no full integration with it.

Hi, Can I customize the code? Do you provide full unencrypted code? and what about updates?

Hi, sure, you can customize the source code for your site. All further updates are free, if you mean keeping customizations i suggest using a child theme.

Do you have a problem with the live chat if I wrote 10 people in live chat, and when I go to the site, a notification window pops up and it says

you new message from Brick

you new message from Vince

you new message from Claudi

you new message from Aunt

you new message from Uncle

and? as I read all the posts from these users? I can only read the live chat message from one user. the other four albums, I do not see them messages.

This is a minus, I will not buy until it is fixed.

There is a problem. register, login test, and then register accounts for 5, for example, test1, test2, test3, test4 with them to each the account, send messages to the live chat login test. then go to test your account and you’ll see a notice on your account test1 test2 test3 test4, you will be able to read only one message from this notification window. Now you understand?

You open the register and I will prove to you

There’re separate one-to-one chats, not common chat for all users, so if you click on the notification you’re redirected to the chat page with the current user. I’m sorry, but you’re testing a third-party site, i’ve just installed LoveStory again and there’s no such issue, notifications are shown, one notification for each new message.

Hello Purchased the product

1 need installation

2 with translation into Portuguese Brazil

3 configuration WooCommerce

Hiring installing these services will be conducted?

The site will be installed with demo content?

Thank you


1. It’s really easy to install it, please follow this screencast step by step It takes about a minute to install it and import demo content. If you can’t install it please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll install it for you.

2. It’s possible to translate everything using this plugin

3. Default WooCommerce settings will work, also there’s a step-by-step guided configuration when you install it. If you’re using PayPal to accept payments the only thing required is your PayPal email address.

Hello there. A few questions please.

1. I was wondering if you have customers who used it for a different purpose, like for example a webpage containing Profiles of Freelancers , not a job board type site where employers post a job and employees create profiles. It will purely contain Profiles of Freelancers.

2. Is there anywhere in the code, script or backend that will identify that the theme was created originally for dating sites.

3. Can we also restrict profile access so that Admin needs to approve it (or disapprove) before the profile gets published? Admin has full control, Freelancers CANNOT EDIT and CANNOT DELETE profiles.

4. Profiles are for viewing only. Interested employers will have to get in touch with the Admin. So there is a contact page for employers and a Sign up page for Freelancers. There will be no interaction between the Freelancers so can we also disable the messaging, gift giving feature?

5. Can we have a different set of search parameters, we will use those that are about skill sets?

Thank you very much.


1. Yes, it’s possible to rename any field or title and change a list of genders to something like “freelancer”, “employer” etc.

2. No, but there may be variables named as existing options, for example “gifts”, “favorites”.

3. Currently there’s no such option.

4. It’s possible to disable live chat, disabling messages and adding restricted contact form may require code changes.

5. It’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, string, text) to the advanced search form.

Hello, I have 2 questions. Can you have the member pay for gifts? Like if he or she would like to send a gift to another member can I have them pay for the gift? and the other question is can i limit the amount of profiles they can see before the site asks them to register to see more?