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I am considering using this theme for a global directory of yoga teachers and have the following pre-sale questions.

1. Featured Members

Could I make basic membership free, but have it so that premium members’ profiles will be featured at the top of searches?

For example, if I search for yoga teachers in London, and there are 50 results, the profiles of the 3 premium members in London will show at the top of the results.

Is this possible? Any ideas on plugins to implement this?

2. Events Posted by Members

If I add an events plugin so that members can post their event information, is there a way to have a sortable page for all events posted by members?

For example, you can find a yoga workshop (event type) in San Francisco (city).

Any ideas on plugins to implement this?

3. Featured Events

And, could events by premium members be featured above non paying members’ events in search results?

Hi, built-in memberships limit number of messages, photos, gifts etc. Profile is not featured based on membership, currently there’s no such option and front-end submission of additional items like events may require code customizations. Please check classified ads themes, as far as i know they have options for payments and moving ads to the top of the search results.

themex did you realise that your website is down? It works but the site is destroyed, maybe hacked…

Please try disabling browser plugins and close the Envato frame, i’ve just checked it again and styles are loaded.

I dont use any browser plugin and i close the Envato frame, the same. I mean my Website works fine, but yours not. On IE works your Demo Theme fine, on Chrome not…

There’re browser plugin icons in the top right corner, for example AdBlock. Please try disabling them in Chrome settings to check if this issue remains.