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Pre-sale question:
I just checked the demo. I am looking to just use the membership period and photo upload and I don’t want to use messaging or chatting.

1. I want to know what exactly the membership period restricts the features of the theme after period expiration?
Does it just make the membership to free? anything else?

2.what if a member make payment for Gold plan before the period for his existing bronze plan expires? does it add more days by adding the remaining days from bronze plan?

3. It is possible to set one country by default? if so how to take the country list?


1. If membership is expired then it’s set to “Free” and all limits are set to zero. Memberships limit the number of messages, gifts, photos and enable/disable chat.

2. Currently there’s no such upgrade calculations, current membership will be overwritten.

3. Yes, it’s possible to hide all location fields in the theme options, if you want to hide country only it’s possible with a simple code fix.


zyesalo Purchased

Hi there, Loving the theme, have a few questions and suggestion:

1.) I have made categories for Success Stories and I want to only show one of the categories. How do I do that with the shortcode—> [stories number=”2” order=”date” category=”0”] <—I have tried putting the category slug in and the name and both don’t show anything.

2.) Can the member page show by default- only members from the user’s selected city?

3.) I don’t want the administrators to be seen on the members page or seen as a member – basically invisible, is there a way to hide administrators?

4.) Also, if a member is having an issue with their profile, can we log in as them without needing the password to look at issues?

Suggestion: -You should give the option for us to show different menu items to logged in users Vs. logged out users

-If some of the above are not currently possible, you should consider adding it to the next update :)

These are the problems I am facing right now. May have more in the future. Thank you for this theme and your help! Looking forward to your reply.


zyesalo Purchased

Back again..the developer is just having a few issues. Other questions from the developer: 1.) So is there no way to override files from framework? I want to first override the parent file and start on getUsers() function. 2.) How can we set up custom popup message on Profile click and Username click, when visitor is not logged in? Are you using some third party jquery popup plugin? I can’t send any data to the popup I created. 3.) How can I create an independent page like you have, “template-settings.php” , “template-profile.php”. —>And how to call them in url ? —>With creating a page from dashboard.

For template pages, we have to create support page from dashboard which I don’t want to do.

Thank you for all your help!! It is greatly appreciated

1. WordPress doesn’t recognize these files and doesn’t overwrite them, please try editing them directly.

2. Yes, ColorBox plugin is used for popups Please use this function for checking if user is logged in Example of the popup code:

<div class="hidden">    
    <div id="popupname">text</div>
<a href="#popupname" class="inline">show popup</a>

3. If you need a separate page with custom content please try using WordPress pages for this purpose. If some static layout with custom functions is required please create a template, you can copy one of the existing templates, for example template-left.php, rename it and change it’s name inside.


zyesalo Purchased

Okay thank you for your help!

I like the features of your theme but need to have groups and forums is it possible to use your theme with buddypress with little modification? How do you resolve your chat system vs the buddypress system?

Hi, there’s no integration with BuddyPress because it duplicates a few theme features and there may be conflicts, for example BuddyPress adds it’s own profile page. You can try using other forum plugins, for example bbPress.


Registration does not works here :

How to fix it please ?

Hi, please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue, it may be related to the incorrect WordPress settings.


I just sent them in your profile

Hi. 1.for now, when user setting what he is looking for in his profile, cant search for somthing else. man for man, women for women. how can i cahnge it? 2. i want to add another gender like couple. i know i can do it form framework file, but still i cant search for it. how can i fix it? thank u!


1. If user is registered these options can be changed in the profile form, in this way user doesn’t have to set these details each time he searches profiles. Changing this behavior requires code changes.

2. List of genders is set on line 1617 in lovestory/framework/config.php file Please try editing it using this plugin Please be careful, syntax error in the code may block the WordPress dashboard.

Hi nice theme! After reading comments, I come to know that I could embed videos. Shall I expect any time in future you provide direct upload feature? :)

Hi… I am waiting for your reply, also I would like to know two more things – 1) Can I make separate pages for Registration and Sign up? 2) Can I create multiple select box in the profile field?

Hi, thanks!

1. Currently self-hosted videos are not planned.

2. Please paste a link to YouTube or other popular video service, it will be converted automatically

3. If you mean registration and login forms – these forms are set on a single page, also separate login for is available in the header section.

4. Currently there’s no such field type, it’s possible to add select, string and text fields.

Thank you! :) Again nice and fast theme :)

Presale question : Is it posible for mobile view to have 2 profiles next to eachother? Instead of 1 profile on each line

Hi, currently there’s no such layout option for mobile view.

Hi how to add more age ranges to the dropdown list? I want to add 1 to 99 as a range

Hi, age field options are set in the theme code, if it’s required please edit this list on line 480 in lovestory/framework/classes/themex.interface.php file.

Thank you!

Hi like the theme and concept its really good …i want to use this theme for online consultancy please tell me can i change the filer fields ?is there any admin area or demo admin so i can test ?

Hi, thanks! It’s possible to rename existing fields and add custom fields of a few types (string, text, select). Currently there’s no admin demo for security reasons, please view all available back-end options on these screenshots

Hi. Beautiful theme. I have some questions before buying.

1. Is the Woocommerce suportte? 2. Can I turn off the membership function and let the free plan and unlimited items for all users? 3. supports facebook login? Because not seen in the demo.

Hi, thanks!

1. Yes, it’s integrated with WooCommerce for adding payment options to memberships.

2. Yes.

3. Yes, it’s disabled on the live preview for keeping sample content clean.


I have a few more questions on the subject before purchasing it:

1. You can later add the button to recover password in the login form on the registration page?

2. You can change the slug “register” to another name in the permalink address?

3. I noticed that some buttons are misaligned with the theme of the rest of the mobile version, you can align them with CSS that you already have on the subject?

4. The search form of the homepage, you can insert it into the mobile version?

5. You can name the gifts with captions for users saberam whose names before sending, in the same way that shows the name of the user who sent them?


1. If it’s required it’s possible with a simple code change.

2. Yes, it’s possible to change it in the theme configuration file.

3. Please let me know what buttons you mean, if there’re any issues with the mobile layout please send more details.

4. It doesn’t fit in the mobile layout width, but it’s possible to show it anyway with a simple CSS code snippet.

5. Captions are generated automatically and they are based on the sender name, if you mean gift titles it’s possible to change them and use any images.

It is compatible with Wp landing pages plugins? for example:

Hi, if this plugin uses a separate forms for email subscriptions it should not conflict with the theme. Please note that landing pages plugin creates it’s own design and it will not match the theme layout.

One question before purchase please: Will membership profiles be able to be sent to ADMIN for approval prior to going live? Also, Will the profiles remain private until a member has set up their own profile?

Hi, profiles are hidden in the search results if at least one of the mandatory fields is not set in the profile form. Currently there’s no option for pre-moderation, but it’s possible to order profiles by date of the latest change and check recently changed profiles.

How can i edit single profile template. I mean when we click on a profile from the members list, the single profile page will open. How shall I edit that template. I need to remove icons under the profile picture (in the ‘profiles’ page) and let users send message by clicking a button under the profile in the single profile page.

No problem… I have done it… :)


shaieden Purchased

Hi I love th simplicity and look of the theme and want to buy it.

A few questions before purchase:

1. Is it possible to delete messages in a user’s inbox?

2. Is it possible to show messages by date and not by users?

3. Is it possible to add more fields to the profile? For example I want to ask for hobbies, smoking yes/no, favorite movie ets…?

4. Can I integrate other pages I add in wordpress with the theme and the content?

5. Does it support RTL language like hebrew? Translation is simple?

Thank you! Shai

Hi, thanks!

1, 2. Currently there’re no such options, message is a hidden type of comment.

3. Yes, it’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (string, text, select).

4. Please let me know what you mean about integration, pages will be visible as expected in WordPress.

5. It’s easy to translate it to any language, but currently there’re no built-in RTL styles, setting RTL layout may require a few customizations.


shaieden Purchased

Questions after 1st install of the theme+demo content

1. Can I import users and profiles from a text/xsl file?

2. Is it possible to moderate user’s photos when they upload it?

3. Is there any place where I can see statistics? like number of subscribers, genders, ets?

4. How can I ban a user?

Thank you Shai


shaieden Purchased

Also, where do I start to translate the theme?


themex Author


1. If they were previously exported from WordPress to XML file it’s possible, but please note that WordPress imports only basic fields (first name, last name, etc.).

2. There’s no pre-moderation, but you can order photos by the uploading date in WordPress/Media section and check recently added photos.

3. Currently there’s no such section, you can check the number of users per role in WordPress/Users section.

4. It’s possible by changing user’s role to “inactive”.

5. Please try using this plugin for translation


Webkeylabs Purchased

Hi… How should i rename Country and City labels – in the members profile. I have changed them to state and district in all other places…


Webkeylabs Purchased

oh .. it was not hard. I done it , Thanks :)