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Hi, nice theme. I would like people to be able to ‘check in’ at the events, so other users can see who is attending. Is that something thats possible?

Hi, thanks! Please check available theme options, currently there’re no event options, so customizations may be required.

It’s not dating site. I have 7 years experience in this industry and if You want make money on dating site, it’s not for You.

of course it is min-height but for you that was no a bug … and the last thing, it is not a dating script ,it is some hybrid of dating/blog/social network. It’s really funny that you defend this “dating site” :)

This is not a bug because there’re two equal types of the grid layout – with the space outside and inside the box. Minimum height will add space inside the box, it’s outside by default.

If you don’t like the default settings and layout it’s understandable, but if you say there’re bugs – please report them. Thanks.

So think about that. What looks better – put empty field ( for example gender: ) inside and equal grid design or non equal whole page grid… That’s all.

Hi , Please would you look into making woo-commerce subscription compatible with your theme? I tried it but it is not working. I feel it would be nice to be able to connect membership to a dynamic woo-commerce product that allows attribute variation and recurring billing. Hopefully we get this in the your updated version soon.

Please could you send me your PM address so I can forward you my WP access to the site

Please send it through the contact form on my profile page, it will be sent via email

Hi, I did send you my WP access info.. just windering if you have had time to look into the issue. I would really appreciate your earliest support becasause am hoping to finalize on the site this weekend .. Thanks

If we purchase this theme will it allow us to add to the front page search critieria [and the other search page with checkboxes/radio buttons according to custom profile fields [eg languages spoken, religion, etc]

1. Please avoid adding custom fields with the same names, there may be conflicts because of existing fields. If custom fields have different names and default fields are still hidden please make sure that you’ve set them in the profile form.

2. This short description is generated based on a few default fields, currently there’s no option for customizing it without code changes.

3. If you’re registered and signed in genders fields appear in the profile form, they became hidden in the search form so you don’t have to select them every time.

4. Please send more details about this issue, is there some error message when you upload new photo?

5. Please add these custom fields if they are required. If you’ve installed WooCommerce plugin these fields are stored as billing details.

We added three custom fields denomination / religious conviction / and employment in the theme options… when we did the other default ones disappeared off the profiles – now you cannot see them [we did not use the same sames] as you see here the main default fields have dissapeared

How can we add 2 more too the front with code?

we figured out why we couldnt change that 1 user profile… please help

Please send temporary WP access in PM with details for reproducing these issues, i’ll check them.

(select, text, strings) on the profile form IS it possible to add checkboxes vs selct dropdown?

Currently there’s no such field type, please try using select fields with two choices, for example yes/no. Also in case of a string field if there’s a comma separated list it’s possible to search for these items separately.

Hi, is there an option to get 4 columns on the profile page in stead of 3?


I don’t mind, I have only username, gender and age. It will fit :) Otherwise I will make the font smaller.

It’s possible with a simple code change, please write me in PM and i’ll send instructions.

I send you a DM yesterday. Thnx in advance.

What is the date of last update and estimated date of any new update?

Hi, please let me know if you have any suggestions or issues to report. Currently i’m working on the other theme update and can’t say for sure about the date of the next one for LoveStory, currently there’re no known issues.

No issues. Just was wondering what might be on the horizon. Thank you for your reply.

Hi, Thanks you for helping the other time.. Everything is working perfectly on the site except Live Chat.. I Tested Live Chat and it is not working .. Please could you kindly look into my site and fix it ? I believe you still have my WP access info or I can resend if you dont.

Hi I spoke with my Hosting provider today and I was told that their server do not prohibit User Session…that something has to be configured in my php.ini file.. I am a tech person like that and I expect that this is already configured since your theme says it has a live chat feature.. This is one of the reason why I bought the theme….. Please Please could you kindly help to fix this ? .. I do not know what to do and this is the only thing stopping me from completing the site ….Below is the email response from my provider ….....

The cPanel Shared Server here does not prohibit php user sessions, it just have to be configured to work with our server. This is custom work outside our realm of support, however I was able to find these article on the web pertaining to PHP sessions and .ini files: How To Enable Session Support for PHP? The session support can be turned on automatically at the site level, or manually in each PHP page script: Turning on session support automatically at the site level we have to modify some setting in How to Use PHP Sessions to Store Data ( How to Use PHP Sessions to Store Data by Christopher Heng, Sometimes it’s necessary for you to temporarily store data specific to a …

PHP: $_SESSION – Manual Description. An associative array containing session variables available to the current script. See the Session functions documentation for more information on how …

I guess you still have my WP access and I can provide you access to my hosting if need be

Sure, i’ll check this issue in a few minutes and reply via email. Unfortunately it’s impossible to implement options without required server settings, if sessions are disabled a lot of plugins and themes will stop working.

When using “Find My Matches” in advanced search it just hangs and locks the site… please help

Please let me know if there’re a lot of users, also please make sure that there’re no “inner join” restrictions in your database, you can contact your hosting provider to check this. WordPress has a single database table for all custom fields so a lot of “inner join” queries are required.

No we are using “GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting” and they are the default users….

Please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue. If there’re no specific database restrictions in your current hosting plan search should work by default.

I would like to ask you that if I have a template would you integrate the plugin to our template monster ?

Hi, it’s a WordPress theme, not a plugin. If currently you have another WordPress theme you would have to deactivate it to enable LoveStory in Appearance/Themes section.

Hi there, I am interested in getting this theme but I have a few questions: 1.) Can I control what members see – for example if they live in one city they cannot see other cities 2.) Can I add profile fields and search options? 3.) Can I take away the live chat option? 4.) Can I connect this to Mailchimp? for example when they register they are automatically subscribe to a Mailchimp list (or do you have your own email sending integration?) Thanks

Also, do you have the option where if a user doesn’t complete their profile, they can’t view other members profiles?


1. Currently there’s no such option, because user can change city field anytime by updating the profile form.

2. Yes, it’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, string, text).

3. Yes.

4. Please try using MailChimp plugin for this purpose.

5. Currently there’s no such option, but it’s possible with a simple code fix, it’s published on the support forum.

because footer menu 2013 if it is now year 2016? in the version demo says; LoveStory Theme © 2016

Hi, please set custom copyright text in Appearance/Theme Options/General section, this text is shown by default if custom text is not set. there dont have option to register with facebook ¿why? because it´s a demo register? where I get something original? thank

Yes, Facebook login is disabled on the live preview for keeping live preview content and list of profiles clean. If you enable it then square button with Facebook icon appear next to “Sign In” button in the login form and if user clicks on it and accepts Facebook request there’s a redirect to the profile page.

Hi, I want to turn this into a webapplication. Is there option that the messages that normally goes through mail, are received as push notifications? Is that possible if you do custom work for it?

Hi, WordPress themes and mobile applications are implemented using different technologies, you can try using services for turning WordPress sites into applications but they will just embed your site into the application container, so it will work in the same way. As far as i know developing native applications with push notifications and other options requires a lot of work, unfortunately i don’t have experience in developing iOS/Android applications.

Is it possible to not see peoples until you log-in

By default profile pages are visible, but it’s possible to hide single profile pages and redirect user to the registration page if user is not signed in.

I mean not be able to navigate the site until you login.

I understand, it’s possible to hide profile pages using the theme options and profile listing pages with a simple code change, so it will be impossible to view any profiles without registration. Other pages like blog, about etc. will be visible.

hi. before i buy this theme i want to ask: i saw many question about recurring payments. i understand that it not possibe by defult, and need WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. this plugin cost 199$. its really expensive. i checked and found this plugin: Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions. it cost 39$. is recurring payments will work with this plugin? if not, is there another option?

Hi, currently it’s integrated with the official subscriptions extension for WooCommerce, but i’ll consider integration with alternative extensions by other developers, thanks.

i want to ask before buy , lets say the i have one paid member and the other one is not paid , if the paid member sent messages to the free one , and the free one is out of message credit or 0 credit , will he able to chat with the paid member ?

No, member with zero messages left will not be able to reply. He will be able to chat if chat is enabled in all memberships.

I’d like to buy your theme, but before I do would like to know if I can offer subscriptions for free. I don’t want to charge users.

Hi, sure, you can disable membership limits in the theme options.

Hi there, great theme idea…

I have a doubt… Through the theme configuration can I set the online CHAT only for premium users?

Second doubt: When a premium user has the chat permission, can they call “Free” users?

Another question… Can i restrict the SEARCH only for register users? Or make this search without pictures for unregistered users?

Hi, thanks!

1. Yes, it’s possible to disable online chat for free memberships.

2. Users with free membership will get notifications, but will not be able to reply.

3. Currently there’s no such option, but it’s possible with a simple code fix. Also it’s possible to hide single profile pages in the theme options.