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Hello, I just uploaded the script and found out there is an error.

It says : Warning: session_start(): open(/hermes/phpsessions/t/h/e/m/sess_themex-96611f88ef1d01b711b1a170c4e375cc, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /hermes/bosoraweb159/b1881/ipg.*/public_html/.com/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/classes/themex.core.php on line 308

I use (*) for security matter. :)

Hi, please make sure that “tmp” folder for temporary files is set for your site, you can check this by contacting your hosting provider. Also it’s possible to set it in this way Usually it’s available by default, this folder is required for storing user sessions.


can we use a cache plugin like w3tc and still have the theme working correctly (chat included)?


Hi, it’s possible if this plugin caches only static pages, chat page can’t be cached because it has dynamic content.

Hi, I would like to know about the following features: 1. Is there option for search profiles based on geo location? 2. Live chat is available or not? 3. Is any plugin available for live cam chat? 4. Is there any plugin available for speed date?

Thank you.


1. It’s possible to search profiles by country and city, if you mean map-based search currently there’s no such option.

2. Yes, there’s a simple AJAX text chat.

3. Currently there’s no such option.

4. Please let me know what you mean about speed dates, if you mean offline dates users can communicate and consider this like on any dating site.


is it possible to block/ignore ? I miss the function in on the online demo.

Hi, yes, it’s disabled on the live preview, when it’s enabled “Ignore User” button appears under the user profile photo on the chat and message pages.

Why is the Profiles page not showing all profiles?

Hi, please make sure that all profiles that you’ve added have all required profile fields, empty profiles are hidden in the search results.

Is it possible to make them all show?

In this case new empty profiles without profile photos and information will appear on the profiles page, if you set basic fields profile will appear. It’s possible to remove this condition with a simple code change, if it’s required please send temporary WP access in PM using the buyer account.


shmulikt Purchased

Is there a file PO, MO translation into Hebrew? And whether a possible template design RTL?

Translation files are available in English, please use this plugin for translating it to any other language Currently there’re no built-in RTL styles, please note that setting RTL layout may require a few styling customizations.


shmulikt Purchased

I get an error trying to connect to wp-admin

Warning: Can not modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/loveuco/public_html/wp-content/themes/lovestory/framework/functions.php:1) in / home / loveuco / public_html / wp-includes / Pluggable.php on line 1207

what shall I do? very urgent

Please make sure that it was properly installed in Appearance/Themes section and that there’re no code changes that may cause this issue. If it remains please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue.

Hi :) great theme and features.

I have a pre-sale question please, regarding the membership fees, can we create a membership limitation by, day, week and month ? and give to the users a limitation to send messages, wicks, gift, etc ? also i need to know if we can integrate other payment method as and Direct Carrier Billing ?

Thank you so much.

Many thanks for your reply, Nice to hear that i want to make it charge users by day, week, month or year, the membership validation works with generated and protected links as Paypal do ?

There’s a payement getaway that i want to integrate based on Direct Carrier Billing provided by the most Mobile Payement Operator, the way is simple as any payment method the only different that user don’t pay with Credit Card but with Mobile Phone Credit, user should send an SMS message to a short number that make them pay 10$ for example they receive a code with 8 Characters that they should enter on the form provided by the Operator, click Validate then user are redirected to the validation page and upgrade his membership depending on the plan he chose.

Can i put this payement method to this template please ?

Best regards.

This theme is integrated with WooCommerce plugin for payment options, please check if this payment gateway is available for WooCommerce plugin. Also please note that these payments will not be recurring.

Thanks for your reply, i’ll check.

Hello, congrats, this is a great theme. Just a question, it’s possible to make pay for a kind of banners (with different sizes) that help to users become more visible in the home? Thanks!

Multi language is available?

Hi, thanks! It’s possible to pay for a limited number of gifts, photos, messages and using chat, currently there’s no option for paid banners. It’s possible to have multiple languages using WPML, there’s a basic integration. Please note that static templates can’t be translated without integration.


shmulikt Purchased

Login with Facebook

After I set the settings app and put the template ID and App Secret

I’m trying to connect to, everything is fine in the process but the problem after connecting to the site brings me back to the house and I appear offline

what to do?

Hi, if Facebook application is set up properly please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check this issue.

Hi, is Spanish language available for this theme?

Hi, it’s not included by default, but it’s easy to translate this theme to any language using this translation plugin

Hello, I’m working on these theme. I have installed WooCommerce plugin. I don’t know how to connect WooCommerce with membership options. How I can add a prize in each membership option to make the user pay for bronze, silver or gold? Thanks!

Please make sure that this new “Prize” field is set at least for one profile, profiles will not be found if field value is not set.

Yes, the new field is set at least for one profile.

Please send temporary WP access using contact form on my profile page and i’ll check this issue

hi, Presale queries.. Can we have menu options and pagesafter log in like 1)Wishlist/favorite profiles, 2)Interest(gift) received page, Interest(Gift) sent page,3 3)accept or reject interest(gift))4) Contact viewed profiles 5)Maches (based on profile info) 6)Recommended profiles page(based on expected profile) etc., 7)Photo Gallry page (menu -i meat a droup downwith these pages).. 8)Can we have limitation on contact information to be viewed(in profile info) attached to membership. 9)Also regarding profile info can we add different types of attributes with drop down/checkbox for caste, education, expected profile etc.? can we have advance search where in we can search based on these attributes?10) Can we block/fix view for favourites/gifts(interest) to “nobody” for all users from wordpress admin?


1, 2. Favorite profiles and gifts are shown in different section in the right sidebar of the profile page, there’re no separate pages for them.

3. Currently gifts are accepted automatically.

4. Can’t quite understand what you mean. It’s possible to add profiles to favorites and contact them later.

5, 6. It’s possible to search profiles anytime, matches are not added automatically.

8. Photos are shown in the right sidebar on the profile page.

9. Yes, it’s possible to add custom fields of a few types (select, string, text).

10. It’s possible to set default values for these privacy options.

Is it possible to make the site allow visitors to search only in their city/state and not the entire country?

I am guessing this would require adding country and state search boxes to homepage search function and also making the state box to be selected for the search widget, correct?

Is this doable?

Hi, it’s possible to search profiles by country and city, but currently there’s no option for restricting this search field, user can select any country and city by default.

Hi there, just love the theme, i have try demo version… just wanna ask before buy it, is it possible to hide the “message” in profile user? which is the message visible for paid membership. is it possible?

Hi, thanks! Membership limits the number of messages, gifts, photos and enables/disables chat. It’s possible to forbid sending messages, but user can read received messages anytime.

Hey i saw this theme from my freind who purchased it and had an opportunity to go through it and really love it,but i have a question: can you change the message you exceeded the number of messages to something like “you have exceeded the number of messages please upgrade your membership to continue sending messages” thanks. if so how? i think that is the only thing i would like to know b4 getting the latest version

Hi, thanks! It’s possible to change any static texts using this translation plugin

Thank you so much,am good to go

Hello, I have a problem, I can’t create some new profile, I can read this error: Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /usr/home/ on line 754 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/ on line 757

How can I fixe it? Thanks!

Hi, this is strange, please check if custom profile fields are set correctly in Appearance/Theme Options/Profiles section. If this issue remains please send temporary WP access in PM and i’ll check it.

How can I go about making profile photo and some profile fields required for complete registration or for using the site.

Or allow registration the way it is now but make completing all profile fields and uploading profile photo compulsory before gaining full access to the site after registering.

Hi, currently all fields are mandatory, user is hidden in the search results if profile is empty. Forbidding access on the stage of registration requires code changes, if you have a developer or you’re familiar with PHP please check lovestory/template-register.php file, it’s possible to add new registration fields there.