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Nice theme! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you :)

Nice work! I love it! Successful Sales! ;)

Thank you AirTheme :)

Pre-seller question: do I need to know less to edit the style of this template?

yes, less to edit the style template, after edit you need to compile file bootstrap.less to file bootstrap.css by http://wearekiss.com/simpless

Awesome job! All the best :)

Thank you Daveeeo.

Hello, I purchased your theme and noticed an issue with the facebook share button on the work section. I downloaded the template twice to double check. This screenshot is from a freshly unzipped file with no code alterations. Please view screenshot. Thanks, Jacob http://rocketairdesign.com/client/loveflat_bootstrap3_work_facebook_issue.png

Thank you for purchasing this template, I’m working hard to resolve this problem and will write you a way to solve this problem, sorry for this mistake :)

Thanks for the quick reply.

Nice theme! I have the following presell-question: Is it possible to build sub-pages with your theme? Or would it cause trouble with wrong paths/files/css-inclusion or sth else if I would create sub-pages?

The reason I ask this question is, because I would like to create sub-sites like for example “legal notices” beside the homepage.

Hello MichaPeuss, Now this feature is not available in this template But maybe available in version 1.1, you can add it in menu pages :)

Ok, thank you for the fast request. Yes, I’ve bookmarked your theme and will follow the updates. It would be nice if you could make a note about this feature in the update-remarks.

great template i like it :)
good luck with sale
visit this item :grin:

I really like this theme. I was planning to use for other purpose, do you provide customisation service? Thank you. :)

i’m sorry, i don’t provide such services :)

It’s okay :) Anyway I bought it ;) Will do some customisations myself :) Thanks for the great theme.

Presell question – In buyed template is bootstrap and styles css separated or its all joined together like i see there on themeforest ? thank you

There is a file containing all codes style template Lovinflat and files .less separate from each :)

I’ve sent you a message about this but haven’t had any reply… there seems to be a problem compiling the less files into css. I am using Simpless as you recommended, but always get error messages when trying to compile bootstrap.css. I even tried compiling the unedited less files straight from your zip download and still got errors. It’s a lovely template, but unusable if I can’t edit the less/css files….. Really hope you can help with this. Thanks.

Try compiler Winless – http://winless.org/

I purchased today but cannot get it to work. This is the message I’m getting: Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description lovinflat-one-page-bootstrap-3- Stylesheet is missing.

Unfortunately this is not theme Wordpress, this is template bootstrap.

I recently purchased this template. One issue I encountered was that the nav-toggle menu does not close when a menu item is clicked/tapped. It only closes when the nav-toggle button is clicked/tapped. Please let me know how can this be fixed. Thanks.

Unfortunately, this property is not available now maybe we will work out in the next version (1.1)

Hey there. First off, great theme! Would give a 5 star rating if there wasn’t this issue with the less files, user “funkykitten” pointed out. I’m having similar issues working on a mac. Tried to use simpless (your suggestion) as well as less.app (http://incident57.com/less/) – not working at all. I could post the error messages I get when trying to compile, if necessary. This is a dealbreaker if not fixed. Thank you.

try to compile file bootstrap.less only using simpLESS http://wearekiss.com/simpless

Thanks for your quick reply! Still couldn’t get it to work with simpLESS, but have it working now with less.app by only compiling bootstrap.less (I had to uncheck everything else manually, didn’t get it on the first try). So, all cool now. Thank you again!

Hello there. I purchased this nice theme; for everyone having the same issue mentioned by jl_heiser21 (the same I had :) ) about the toggle menu not closing after click in mobile view, put this code at the end of the page, after the references to the other scripts. It worked for me! <script> //Minimizes the menu on the mobile after clicking $(document).on('click', '.navbar-collapse.in', function (e) { if ($(e.target).is('a')) { $(this).collapse('hide'); } }); </script>

Nice job, very professional!;

Bought this recently but though it was Wordpress :( Any resources to help me get this edited/customized etc?