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Hello, I have a little question, what should i already made a slide and works perfect but when i watch the cellphone version don’t appear what should i do to the slide appear on cellphones and tablets???

the last 2 buttons, the get lost on pc any monitor, if i move the original size of the window and make it more small thats happen, i didn’t move the buttons size i have the default settings.

I get new questions 1- Is posible insert one image using code in the subtitle? in case is yes how to do it? 2- I saw many of the code from the template have the names of the icons, the file have the list with the names of all the icons??? cause i don’t find it and i want to use some icons.

Really thanks for all your help.

and last hahahah i didn’t wrote it, what can i do to the white bar of the principal menu don’t be so tall? i ask this cause i put the option to the menu follow me but when i watch the page on my cellphone the white bar is the half of the screen and don’t permit me watch the page.

Hi after importing .xml file get error: Failed to import “Function: image_resize()”: Invalid post type deprecated_log Template doesn’t work correctly after installing by instruction. My link Can you help please

all think is ok put singlepage as front page

ok thanks :)

Hey dude i get a problem when the page resize in iPad version and iPhone become a little more big than the size should be, what can i do to the page make the correct size?

go to and watch it on a ipad, u will see the page apear a little more big than the ipad screen ad you should move manually to can put on correct size.

I did not heard about this issue, if you think it is not correct you can change to your size in file CSS/responsive.css

good luck

Tank you very much, as always you show your EXCELLENT SUPPORT SERVICE and FASTER ANSWER, the theme its amazing and woks perfect THANKS.


Cannot get the right format for the google map in contact …

This is the iframe i got : <iframe src=”\\1m12\\1d14964.62739140525\\3d-20.335138099999998\\1f0\\3f0\\1i1024\\4f13.1\\3m2\\2smu!4v1410286511073” width=”600” height=”450” frameborder=”0” style=”border:0”></iframe>

What is the right format ?

Thanx :)

you need src of this iframe

Thx I managed ;)

Hey all,

I install the theme and add the google map successfully. But the map is Black&White in Chrome and Opera browsers? :) It’s not a big problem, but not good looking.

What can I do to fix this? :)

Hi, on contact option (below text editor) disable “grayscale filter”


The default headings font in your theme doesn’t support Polish characters (latin-ext) when viewed in Mozilla Firefox.

How do I fix this?

here is the trial version of the site

Hi, I have not any suggestion for this issue

How can I translate the button? I added it here: and even though the button says LEER MAS its still appear as READ MORE. Any ideas?

you can use lang file and if it is not in lang file directly in include/misc/shortcode.php find it and translate it

Hi PersianArt,

I have question regarding on the parallax background image. I tried to replace it on different image but it’s not showing as background.

can you please let me know the steps on replacing the parallax images..

do like I do for others then you can see result

I did but still not coming up. can you paste the exact shortcode or whatever the parallax added on the content here.

copy-paste my code from where it work correctly then use your image

How can I update the Revolution slider.. it’s terribly out of date in the theme and there are now security risks as well as compatibility issues in chrome.

I will update theme by latest rev version please be waiting

He hello the Toggle docent work I’m using the code of the documentation but just put the info don’t show the animation, i leave you the code I’m using and the link to you can preview. [toggle titlecolor=”” titlebackground=”” signcolor=”” signbackground=”” contentcolor=”” contentbackground=”“] content[/to-item] content[/to-item] content[/to-item] content/to-item

i sent u a email, i also can’t see the buttons on mobile versions and i have 4 buttons inside of another button who’s is on the principal button can’t see on small screens cause move to the right hand and the page don’t resize the buttons :s

thanks a lot for all your support, everything works good now.

good luck

Hello my friend, i have a very good question, my customer called me to tell me about the buttons can’t see on some screens, i checked and i see the reason is cause some screens are more small and the last 2 or 3 buttons or the sub buttons can get lost and you should make manually more small the screen to can see all the buttons on tablet size, do have a solution to the buttons resize when the screens are more small o to can change the size to tablet to they can see all the buttons, this is the page i checked and on your preview page happened the same.

excuse me but i could not found this button, I check all pages,

but is very important follow this: set class to that button than with media tag on the responsive css file guide them to another side on the desired screen size

check on the first link you will see complete the page with all the buttons:

now if i make more little the window some buttons get hide, my problem is on some screens paper the buttons like this cause are not so big, and no so small to looks like the tablet version:

the thing i need is the buttons resize with the page, (I don’t have problem with the tablet and cellphone version if i make more small the screen will apear thats versions.)

Hi, first of all I must say I searched to find button like submit button while your purpose is menu!

you can solve this issue by put this in the style.css or responsive.css file

@media only screen and (max-width: 1199px) {
#menu-wrapper {

please let me know if it solve your issue

Is there anyway to show the gallery with the title for each one showing. For example I created the Category “Photo Gallery” and I created different galleries choosing this one with a different title. How can I show the gallery page with each title? Is there anyway?

Hi, No there is no anyway.


i use WPML with this URL format for english for arabic

but my theme showing my website with default language like that

hiding the language code and adding a hash in link to make all pages in one-page as homepage

if i add the language code with hash like that ( will be fine

but i don’t know how i any help please

HI, you need contact with wpml support, I can not do any things, good luck

Can you tell me how to customize the sidebar, please?

Hi, please read documention, you need go to wordpress dashboard > appereance > widgets and set your sidebar.

good luck


I have a problem with sticky menu whilst top bar navigation is enabled.

It works ok when I’m logged in to WordPress – top bar navigation is visible and when I scroll down it hides and sticky menu appears >

The problem starts when I log out – it works like this > – sticky menu is on by default and top bar navigation is covered by sticky menu.

Can you please help me in fixing this.


i see them, but as I said this happen for that wordpress add style when you have wordpress bar. please send me from my profile page form url, username and password to check it online

It seems that I managed to sort it out with the below code: header {margin-top:36px;} #topbar-wrapper {margin-top:-36px;} .stuck {margin-top:-36px;}

Thanks for your help.


good luck

Hello I would like to insert a video played and background text before I find a way to do I only managed to do with background images, I need your help I hope you can help me, thanks

Hi, unfortunately this option is not on this theme and I can not help to you.

good luck

Hi I have problems to make changes to my staff access to visual shorts codes does not work stays loading but gives me answer I hope you can help me and know how I can update the theme thanks

download theme again from themeforest and after remove old theme install it


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Is there a way to remove the icons (zoom, link etc.) on the bottom of the portfolio’s thumbnails?

hi, you can find shortcodes in “includes > misc > shortcode.php” and remove desired codes from it.

good luck


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Just another question: I noticed a strange behavior resizing the browser. With a browser width between 850 to 1215, the template seems to be NOT responsive. Also, the main menu is not aligned right and some menu item goes out of page.

Here is my page:

Any idea?



Loki3d Purchased

Yes, I changed something and maybe I create some issue, but I noticed that also in your demo, if resized in width between 960 to 1100 pixels, something goes out of the page and several text was non completely readable. Just for example, look at the big ENVATO text and what is wrote on bottom… or the two box on the right in the Services page.

In the responsive.css, If I change the row 3 from @media only screen and (max-width: 960px) { to @media only screen and (max-width: 1200px) { all the contents seems to work better. All is entirely readable in any resolution.

That could be a solution, i think… but I’m not an expert. What do you think about?

At last, where I can find the settings that define the resolution on witch the main menu changes from a row of menu, to a dropdown list?

Thanks a lot for your support


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Found a solution: use two @media rule in responsive.css and move the menu-wrapper and main-nav items on the @media rule with a lower max-width value.

@media only screen and (max-width: 850px) {
#menu-wrapper select {
#menu-wrapper {
#main-nav {
    position: relative;
    float: right;

@media only screen and (max-width: 1200px) {

Hope it helps

Hi, responsive means we can see good in mobile and tablets, then it means no need to all resolution it must be responsive but in some resolution that support by tablet and mobile it can breaj like in 960px it will be break and so on. this usual

good luck


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Thanks for the beautiful theme. There are a few things that bother me, hopefully you can help me with those.

1.) The big envato content in the beginning isn’t responsive. How can this become responsive?

2.) I can’t find a descent list of the shortcodes and the files in the package aren’t that clear that I know all the things I can use.

3.) I found out where the icons come from, but how can I use them in text?

4.) The twitterfeed (almost at the bottom) only fills half the screen on mobile. How can this be fixed?

5.) The timestamp in Latest Posts jumps to a weird place in the mobile view.

Thank you in advance.

With kind regards,


hi, first of all read help in document folder

1- if you really need to break it add this css style to it
  word-wrap: break-word;

2- for shortcode use simply “visual shotcode” also in documention help can find

3- add name of them (by visual shortcode you can see and select them)

4- in css/responsive.css (line 177) remove this
  padding: 0 0 0 145px;
5- in css/responsive.css find this and remove this
.post-shortcode-item .post-time {
  width: auto;
  height: 130px;
  float: none;

good luck

Thank you for your response. The codes worked :)

I have another question: How can I delete the ‘read more’ buttons in the services boxes?

Hi, I think you should remove it blank in the shortcode