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What must I do, when I would update the theme from 1.0.1 to the latest 1.0.4 version, without override my settings?

Just update following files so the shortcode button works on wp 3.9

1. functions.php

2. all .js files in ‘js/admin’ folder

3. all .css files in ‘css/admin’ folder

For the “info boxes” http://wpthemes.iweb-studio.com/lumenosity/info-boxes/

I want to use MY OWN 4 icons.

What must I do?

No Reply since 21 days??? :-(

I’m sorry, my account has an issue with Themeforest contact email so my email changed to heru06@gmail.com then I didn’t get your email anymore.. Btw all icons in the theme are coming from fontawesome icons and info boxes icons generated via shortcode so we’ve to customize the shortcode to fit with your request and it’s really out of theme support coverage

Which shortcode icons / fontawesome icons be available???

Hi I need to configure Blog Small Style in main page. I don’t find how to do it in the theme dashboard. Thanks.

Dude, this is a bad support service.

I’ve replied your email, please check

I’ve replied your email, please check

Do this template not support the woocomerce shop? What must I do?

unfortunately this theme doesn’t prepared with woocommerce shop styling

I’ve updated to 1.0.4 of your theme which is latest version, still not compatible with Wordpress 3.9.2 editor. I’m unable to see or add any of the theme shortcodes.

Hi Heru I have more than 3 weeks with the problem reported. I can’t see the next blog pages! I have sent you at least one email daily and you don’t reply me. I think that I haven’t received the product that I paid for.

I’m still wating for a solution to my problem. This theme support doesn’t work. PLEASE I really need a solution!

So…the theme includes the ability to change skin colors, but all it does is list “skin7.css” etc.

Sorry, but that’s completely useless. How am I supposed to tell what color that is without trying them all out? It’s not in the documentation.


And still no reply. The support on this theme is woeful.

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll add it to the documentation and change the skin name

Don’t buy this theme. No support offered by the author and there are errors which mean that it’s unusable. I’ve requested a refund from Themeforest.

what error? as noticed in ‘Software Version’ this theme is compatible with WordPress 3.9, WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.7, WordPress 3.6, WordPress 3.5. There’s an issue with the shortcodes backend when use on latest WP 4.0 that’s why I didn’t add ‘WordPress 4.0’ in Sotfware version list because the updated version still in progress

That’s a pretty lousy response. How about your support your products or withdraw them from sale. What a waste of money.

I have to say I think this theme looks incredibly awesome – I have a few presale questions since the most recent comments seem to be downers!

- Will you be updating the theme to WP 4.0 in the immediate future? Deadline for this update if so!

- Will the theme be styled for woocommerce?

- Has the Skin7.css issue from Imathers been resolved?

Thanks in advance!

I’m really sorry.. I can’t estimate when the updated version available, we’ve to do so many changes & script updates for latest WP 4.0 compatibility in Lumenosity theme

Hi, just purchased this theme. Nice and working well, just a Font Awesome issue – this might help others.

Just thought you should alter the url that directs to font awesome for icons when adding an icon element via shortcode.

It goes to: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ But you are using Font Awesome 3.2.1 in your theme so you should direct to: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/3.2.1/icons/

You should alter this in your next update otherwise users are going to have trouble as none of the current Version 4.2.0 or future Font Awesome classes will work with the theme.


When comes the update for WP 4.0 and woocommerce compatible?

Please update the theme for Wordpress 4.0.1 Thank you…

No Answer since 20 days :-(

Since 30 Days :-/

Will you be updating the theme to WP 4.0 in the immediate future? Thanks.

Will you be updating the theme to WP 4.1 in the immediate future? Thanks.

The last update for this theme is June 2014 and looking at how the Theme Developer don’t respond to comments and email, I would urge buyer to stay away or you would stuck in Wordpress 3.9 with securities issues and no updates.

Next update 2016? :-(


No update for WordPress 4.1 ??? :-(

NO Update for shortcodes for wp 4.1.1 compatibility!!!


nviroga Purchased

We ran out template.. :-(

Yes, its time for update!!! :-(


The Theme needs quickly a update for the revolution slider.

There is a big bug. This sent more than 10.000 spam mails from my wp site.