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Very nice theme! Really loving it!

Considering it for one of my client.

Really nice job! Like it A LOT !

Quick pre-purchase question e404… Can the Nivo slider shortcode allow for videos too? I have been looking for a theme that can have a video slider added to multiple pages.

Thanks this is really remarkable!

The Nivo slider can’t display videos. The Accordion slider can do this, but it can be only displayed on the home page.

Hi some Questions: can I make more than one Portfolio? Different sidebars on this portfolios? Translation? do you use mo/po files? Regards from Germany

You can make one portfolio page, but portfolio items can be assigned to unlimited number of categories and can be tagged. mo and .po files are included.

Also- Do the shortcodes show up in the tinymce for easy input or do I have to reference the documentation constantly for each one? (This can be a pain)

No, this theme doesn’t contain any shortcode manager/generator. But there are demo pages with examples for almost all of shortcodes and all the content from our demo page is included (you can check how certain things are done).

Thanks e404!

Nonetheless it is positively incredible! I was just thinking of how the client could manage their own content without difficulty, but you really have done one heck of a job on this theme!

This is one of the most amazing themes I’ve ever encountered. Hit straight out of the park and I’m thrilled to be working with it.

I wonder if you’d be willing to include Behance as one of the social networking connections in a future update? For photographers and other visual artists it’s a rather important place so I’d love to have it show up beside the search bar with the rest.

Thanks for a terrific theme!

Sure, I can add Behance to the social networks in the next theme update. If you don’t want to wait, please send me an e-mail and I’ll send you modified files.

Great looking theme!

Before I purchase, a few questions:

On the “About Us” page, it’s possible to display your team (which is great I think). Who is shown here? Are these “members” users with a specifice role? Or can you handpick who is shown here? Also; for the team members I only see links to Twitter and Facebook profiles. Is it also possible to show links to other social networks, like LinkedIN for example?

About the Home page: is it possible to automatically show the 3 latest blog posts in the row where it says “Slide Show” / “Google Web Fonts” / “PrettyPhoto”?

Is it possible to pick a different (larger) font-size for content text?

The “About us” page is made using shortcodes. All “members” informations are inserted into the page content – they are not generated automatically, so you can paste anything you want. If you want to see how it’s done, please send me an e-mail through our profile page and I’ll send you the example. At this moment there are only Facebook and Twitter links available.

The home page is also built using shortcodes, but there is no way to display latest blog posts in the same way as in these three sections you’ve mentioned. You can display the latest posts using special shortcodes – see examples.

You can change the font size using custom CSS code. I can help you with that.

I congratulate with new theme! There is a small problem from the menu. Sub-menu it is not displayed in IE7 (it is shown for slider and for intro_wrapper_bottom)

Cheers, :)

Thanks for the info. :) The theme update is already waiting for the approval.

Lunar Theme 1.1 is ready for a download. This update improves IE7 compatibility and fixes some other small issues.

I love your theme by I have a problem with configuration. I have created static Home page and I wanted to add Anything Slider. I have created one slide show, added three slides and published them. In Appearance>Theme Options>Home page options I have set Home Page Slider to Anything Slider and Slideshow to display in slider to slideshow I have created. When I save changes and refresh Home page, noting happens. Slideshow is not visible. Can you help me with this? Did I miss some step in configuration?

False alert! I missed to set proper page template when I have created my Home page. I have set page template to Home page template and everything works perfect now. Once again, you have created a lovely theme.

I’m glad it works for you.

In the future, please ask questions using the account you have used to purchase the theme.

Would I be able to embed a swf on the homepage instead of having the slider?

Yes, but it requires a simple home page template file modification (you have to replace the slider code with the SWF embedding code).

Is this theme compatible with bbPress?

No, it hasn’t been tested with bbPress.

Thanks for your quick replies. I’ve purchased and installed your theme. Could you provide more detail about what I need to modify to embed a swf on the home page instead of the slider?

Edit the home-page.php file, find the following code:

<?php e404_show_slider(); ?>

and replace it with the SWF embedding code.

If you have any further questions, please send me an e-mail through our profile page, because Themeforest comment system likes to break a pasted code.

pre-purchase question: does this theme support a child theme? I hired a yahoo and have a custom header and look I want move over to modify this theme without losing update ability.

And would you be interested in or do you do modifications?

This theme doesn’t fully support child themes. At this moment I am not available for a freelance, sorry.

absolutely gorgeous! :)!!

Wondering how do you provide the support? Thru TF comments or any forum or direct email?

Thank you! :-) Love your theme!

I provide the support through comments and e-mail.

Just tried the theme in my localhost and it was really great.

Wondering if I can take off ” search ” box from the header, and can replace it with phone number and chat button? Any suggestion to configure this?

Thank you!

It can be done with a small theme file modification. Please send me an e-mail – I’ll try to help you with this.