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Hi. Since I bought the theme the feed displays errors, I didn’t notified it before because I was still setting up the theme, organizing the blog and so on, but now every time I use any third party service to fetch my blog’s feed or even on browsers that read feeds, it seems Lunar Theme (or my blog installations itself) is generating invalid feed, it just does not work, it displays some xml error validation and also invalid markup stuff. I’m not sure what it is…Anyway Could you help me to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, of course. Please send me login details via an email.

Hi, regarding the access credentials so that you can take a look at the feed issue, I’ve just sent it to you via email.

Thanks you.

Thanks. It works now.

Hi, love the theme just purchased it!

I have installed it on my website but i can’t see the page names in the Nav bar, i checked with firbug and the Nav bar is there but for some reason the pages are not displayed in it.

Did you create a menu (Appearance -> Menus)? Did you pick it for the Header Menu location? If you don’t know how to use WordPress menus, please read this article.

Thanks that worked, i overlooked it as i don’t normlly have to enable the nav menu. Thanks a lot for your help!


Since I have updated this theme I noticed that the slider images on my home page are not working. You can view it here: www.webpression.com.

I have purchased two copies of this theme. It works great on my main domain of www.ssbhosting.com but does not show the slider images for the other domain at www.webpression.com.


There is probably an incorrect DOCUMENT _ROOT variable value on your server. Please send me your WP admin login and password via an e-mail – I’ll help you with that.

I have one more question. On the sbbhosting.com domain you are using ‘wp-content/uploads’ folder for images and on the webpression.com domain you are using the ‘files’ folder. Is it a virtual folder? Do you use a networked WordPress installation? If yes, I still need your WP admin login and password to configure the TimThumb.


This author is quick to respond and very helpful. I would highly recommend purchasing themes from them. A++ Rating.

Hello. I have a great problem with the template Lunar, perhaps more than a few problems: In the back office (admin side) - If I write not see any text written - If I insert any image in the pages I can not see it; - I can not insert pictures into the pages and slides and can not I add – for this reason – the slideshow on the homepage; - I do not see even the bar with the elements of writing (bold, italic, etc..) - I do not understand how to enter then the template “about us”. Let me know as soon as possible. thanks F.

I think you have a problem with WordPress, not with the theme. Please send me an email with your WP admin login and password – I’l try to help you with that.

OK. i send you by email my ID and psw.

Thanks – reply sent.

Having trouble with slider option. Whenever I try to view a slide after creating it, it is forwarded to “error 404: page not found”. I think this is why I can’t get my slider to work because the slides have an error. Please advise!

You can’t view or preview a slide because slides don’t have their own pages. So there must be another reason for your not working slider.

Hey, really love your theme! I have a question which you may have answered but I could not locate. Can I use the slider on other pages? In essence to create a similar additional homepage?



The main slider can be displayed on the home page only. But you can place the Nivo Slider on any of your pages using [nivo] or [nivo_images] shortcode. Please take a look at examples – you can find all available options in the theme documentation and in the Shortcode Generator.

Hey appreciate your help.

Great Theme! Thank You!

I have the following question: On the blog page of the theme there are the elements the title, the excerpt and then the “read more” link.

I want the “read more” link only to be displayed when the article itself has an excerpt and a maitext … or … when I place the <more> shortcode in my article.

Until now it shows up every time …on this page there would be no need for that read more link on the first (and last) entry:

If you want to display the ‘read more’ link only for posts with excerpt edit the ‘index.php’ file, find the following line:
<?php if(!is_single() && $e404_options['blog_read_more']) : ?>
and replace it with:
<?php if(!is_single() && $e404_options['blog_read_more'] && has_excerpt()) : ?>

Thank You very much … great and fast support!

Every time I want the “read more” not to show up in the listing … I now put a blank space (spacebar) in the excerpt field … great solution for my problem: http://s301633530.online.de/zoo-augsburg/category/zooundschule/

I’m really glad it works as you want it. :)

Login page or User Registration

I was trying to add login in either home page or in blog. I could not find it anywhere.

Could you please help :)

Thanks in advance.

If you don’t know how to create a login form by yourself you can try to use some third party plugin – please search through the official plugins repository and I’m sure you’ll find something useful.

Where i can edit the text and button in home? “Lunar Theme is the ultimate all-in-one template. Create outstanding website or blog in just few minutes!”

Best regards

Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Intro Text Box.

I uploaded the theme and whenever I make theme option changes, they do not appear in my site. What could be some possible causes to this?

Please send me an e-mail with your WordPress admin panel login and password – I’ll take a look at this issue.


I just reset the WP cache and it’s working properly now. I appreciate your quick response and willingness to help! I will contact you if I encounter any other issues:-) Thanks again! Love the theme!

The Nivo slider is not working in my sidebar widget: http://deborahburgeart.com/blog/ The nivo slider works in a regular page (scroll down to sea cup slider: http://deborahburgeart.com/portfolio/2000-2009/

I even tried placing the working slider into the side bar html text widget and it does not work either, so it works on the regular page but not in the sidebar.

I just switched hosting to godaddy from mediatemple and it worked fine yesterday in the other host but not now. Godaddy says it is a theme issue?

By default WordPress doesn’t allow to use shortcodes in sidebars. To turn this feature on add the following code to the ‘functions.php’ file:
add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

SWEET ! That totally worked. Question: I am going to switch to the new ice theme I recently purchased; will I need to make this change to that function.php file too?

Thanks so much I LOVE your themes!

Ice Theme has shortcodes in sidebars enabled by default, so you won’t need to make this modification.

Hello, How can I stop the nasty gap appearing on the homepage here: http://bluehaircreative.co.uk/zanesite3/ It’s done on all the other pages. Just between the copyright and the end of the body where the tweet would be… Thanks!

Please add the following code to the custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#wrapper { padding: 40px 30px; }
Thank you :) http://bluehaircreative.co.uk/zanesite3/ – there’s a bit of bugginess with the bullets when an image is left aligned, is there a fix for this too? :)

You should use columns shortcodes to create this kind of page layout. Please send me an e-mail through the contact form on our profile page and I’ll send you an example code (I can’t paste it here because the ThemeForest comment system breaks the code). You can also send me your WP admin login and password and I’ll make this page for you.

By the way: you have a little mess in your page HTML code. ;) I’ll fix it too.

can you tell me where i can get the font used for the logo?

The font used in our demo logo is Myriad Pro. You can check it by yourself by looking into the PSD file.

Hi, very nice theme. Works perfect.

However, can you tell my where in the code we can adjust the width of the sidebar? As it is now, we find it to be to wide for our design.

Thank you in advance.

Because the theme is made using columns there is no easy way to change the sidebar width. It requires to recalculate widths of almost all theme elements.

Hi, I love your theme :D. Recently I bought, WP-Affiliasi plugin (like membership plugin). The Plugin, not working with your theme. Plugin Developer said AJAX make the button/submit not working. you can check here http://animasi-mobil.tutorial-cinema4d.com/registrasi/

If I tried another theme, the button/submit work fine. can you help me?

You have an error in your JavaScript code:
if (nama.value=="" && okSoFar)
if (foundAt < 1 && okSoFar)
It should look like this:
if (nama.value=="" && okSoFar)
if (foundAt < 1 && okSoFar)

Edit: sorry, but the ThemeForest comment system can’t display the difference. Please send me an e-mail and I’ll explain you this problem.

Thank man. I work now! 5 star ratting for customer support!

PS: I don’t know about coding, he fix it. Thank once more!

I love the look of this theme, but after installing it, I’ve set up the slider and other items (including setting the theme to a static page), but I can’t get the slider or feature boxes to show up. I’ve done a lot of WordPress set ups, but I don’t know what I’m missing here. I’ve set up a slideshow, and input some content. I haven’t put anything on the Home page (my static home), but regardless, wouldn’t the slider and feature boxes show up? Help please! Thank you! Amanda Y. http://www.godhunt.com

You are awesome! Thank you! I’ll download and update. :)

Okay, I’m SO sorry to ask another question… but I changed the portfolio to “sorted” (after updating), but now none of my portfolio items show up on my portfolio page (set on the page and in theme options). It works fine when it’s set to 3-column with no sidebar, but when I switch it to 3-column sorted, everything goes away. Is there an additional setting I need to change? Here’s the page with the issue: http://www.qivanabiz.com/products/

You probably didn’t set featured images for some of your portfolio items (Behind Nitric Oxide, The 90-Day Challenge, Metaboliq Boost & Resist, Metaboliq Bar, Metaboliq Shake and Metaboliq Max Burn). Please check it out. If I’m wrong, please send me an e-mail with your WP admin login and password.

Hello, How can I get rid of the extra white space at the bottom of each page? http://bluehaircreative.co.uk/zanesite3/ (Please excuse the design – it wasn’t my idea!) Thank you :)

First of all, you have an empty ‘p’ paragraph at the end of your page – please edit this page in the HTML mode and remove this paragraph.

Second, add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#copyright { padding-top: 0; }
It will remove a padding made for the bottom sidebar.

Yeah ! Very powerful and easy to customize theme ! Absolutely no problems ! :) I rate 5 stars ;)http://www.anthony-seguier.fr/

Thanks for good words. :)

Just purchased this theme…for some reason the slider will only show anything if I place an image as the featured image and then it still wont show the text etc. http://amshome.amsdaytona.com/ There are four slides created, each with text and only one with the image as the featured image. They are all in the same slideshow which is set as the “slideshow to display in slider” for the home page.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I can see it’s working fine – there are three text slides (‘Publishing’, ’’Public Relations’ and ‘Custom Content’) and one slide with a featured image.