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Hi guys. Thank you for this awesome Lunar :-) I have a problem. In my menu under ‘portfolio’ i have the drop down menu with 2 pages, one is called ‘web design’ and the other one ‘Print design’. My question is, if I want to add a new item in portfolio, how can i sort them, so its only web design jobs which is on the ‘web design’page and print jobs is under ‘Print design’. I dont want them mixed up, but now all jobs is shown at both pages :(

And btw. where do I changes the text on the contact form 7, on ‘contact’-page, (name recommended) and so on.

Hope you understand my question. I am not very good at english. Thanks

You can use portfolio categories to show only certain jobs. Please take a look at our demo website – the whole portfolio, the web category and the illustration category. You can of course add links to portfolio categories to the top menu.

You can edit your contact forms using the Contact Form 7 admin panel (the Contact option in the main WordPress admin menu).

Thank you, the contact form works fine now. But kan you please describe how I add links to portfolio categories to the top menu. I don’t know where to go in the admin panel ? :-/

I suppose you know how to manage the top menu using the standard WordPress menu system (Appearance -> Menus). If you can’t see the box with portfolio categories you need to open the Screen Options tab (right top corner) and check the ‘Portfolio Categories’ checkbox.

Thanks, great job :-)

Hi, I think I have done some styling mistake, could you please help indentify what is causing footer to look like this: http://capec.org.br/site/

I don’t remeber to have messed up anything, could it be a plugin or even wordpress 3.4.1 which is causing this?

Thanks in advance.

In the ‘style.css’ file (line 3527) you have an unclosed bracket in your custom CSS code.

Wow! As always congrats for the great & fast support! Thanks. it solved the problem.

Hi, it’s me again :-).

I have an important question to ask : how to use all the amazing shortcode that give the template ?

Have we to “touch” the php code ?

thank you !! !

The easiest way to use theme shortcodes is to insert them into pages using the Shortcode Generator (the Shortcodes button above the content editor). You can also take a look into the theme documentation, where all available shortcodes are described.

Hi, I used the following shortcode:

[recent_posts_images number=”3”]

But the image does not appear. How do I get an image inside of the box.


What image doesn’t appear? I can’t see any issues on your website.


Sorry, I used the following short code:

[recent_posts_images number=”3”]

How do I get the image to show inside the box?


This shortcode uses post featured images. Please make sure you have set featured images for your posts.


Bought the template and I really like it so far, I’m wondering how to remove the admin bar at the top of the screen? also how to you make the slider image fit to the slider area, it’s like there’s a lot of extra padding above and below the image.


Thank you

Thank you!

I noticed after I removed the search field that there is still a grey oval where the search field was, how do I remove that?

Thank you :)

It’s a placeholder for social icons. Add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#header_nav { display: none; }

wow that was quick! Thank you :)

all the best!

Ok, thanks very much.

Hi, I would like to have a menu button that then has drop down menu items. I can see how to place the drop down items in the menu, but how can i set it up so when you click on the top menu (about us) item, it doesn’t go anywhere? you can see what i mean under “about us”.

http://clcsummit.com/wptest/?page_id=48 thank you!

It’s not possible to decrease the space between the logo and the nav bar – the logo is places right above the nav bar, so technically there is no space between them (use Chrome Developer Tools or Firefox Firebug and check it by yourself).

I can’t reproduce your issue with the slider (Chrome and Firefox). What browser are you using?

I’m using Chrome.

I can’t reproduce your issue on Chrome – everything works fine for me.


I actually have a problem with Shortcodes. In fact, the shortcodes don’t work on my homepage. how can i do to make it work successfully ? i really need thoses on my home !


That’s impossible. Could you send me your WP admin panel login and password (use the contact form on our profile page).

Hi, Is Lunar compatible with Wordpress 3.4.2?

Yes, the latest Lunar version is compatible with WP 3 .4.2.

Hi, Thanks for the theme.

I feel silly for asking such a question, but for some reason I cannot activate navigation menu buttons in the header. Usually this is there automatically. Please help.

The theme uses the standard WP menu system, so you just need to go to the Appearance -> Menus screen, create a menu and assign it to header or footer location. You can read more about creating menus in the official documentation.

Hi… do you have a support forum for this theme. Would buy this theme again in future? One more question… I’m trying to center the navigation menu. Please let me know how I can do so. I’ve tried a few things in css and header.php but cannot seem to do it. Thanks :)

No, I don’t have a support forum. You can ask all your questions here in comments or using the contact form on our profile page.

There is no easy way to center the menu – you can only align it to the left or to the right.

Hello. I have recently upgraded to Wordpress 3.5 and now my toggles, accordions, and tabs no longer work. Is there a new shortcode for this or am I doing something wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

There is probably some JavaScript conflict with one of your plugins, which is not compatible with WP 3.5. Please disable all third-party extensions and check which one is causing troubles. In case of any further problems please send me your website URL.

I will test my plugins. However, now I am having problems with the home page information showing up in the footer. I just went to Pages -> Home and added content. But it is showing up in the footer. Am I doing something wrong? I want it to show up in the white area between the 4 intro boxes and the 4 twitter widgets.

Sorry, trying to post the link here.

Wow. figured it out. Nevermind! Got it to work perfect! Awesome theme by the way!

I’m glad you have figured it out. :)

When adding a recent works images shortcode (portfolio images), is there anyway to disable the “More Details” option? I really like the look and just want to have the “Preview” option so users can only see the image and not the portfolio post. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks.

Add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
.read-blog { display: none; }

Didn’t work. I have included an image to help. I am trying to get rid of the highlighted bubble and the option to see the details. I want the preview option only.

Please send me your website URL.