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We have three wordpress installations running Luxuos.

I recently tried upgrading all three to the latest version of the theme – 1.7.7. This worked perfectly on the first site, but on the other two it failed to show the “Widget” menu option, despite the message “This theme also supports widgets”.

Do you have a solution as to how we can reenable widgets on these two websites?”


Hi, could be a couple of things.. firstly, make sure you have deleted the old luxuos from the admin theme area. For some reason the settings and widgets can go screwy with two versions of this theme there (even when deactivated). Failing this, check to see if the widgets arent in the ‘inactive’ section. But it sounds like the first solution might be the fix. If none of this works, it is worth disabling any plugins that might be active just in case, but my guess would be deleting the old theme should work.

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I tried unsuccessfully to install a child theme for Luxuos, and then found on these comments that you’ve built it so that child themes do not work. In one post you reference documentation on building special “templates” to protect customized coding. However, the link to those is broken; in fact your website does not even seem to be up at this time. Can you point me to those details? There is nothing in the documentation provided with the files. I create and manage a large number of WP sites, and must be able to update quickly without risking losing my customizations. Please advise.

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My site WP Admin login jumps to http://ww38.themeshaper.net/devnotes.html when I login with my password. It won’t even allow me to get into my admin panel? What’s going on, has it been hacked?

Hello, I have some troubles with the slider. It did work but since I did the wordpress update the “accordion” doesn’t work anymore, the other sliders still work. (I purchased your theme 2 years ago)

Hello, I have some troubles with the slider. It did work but since I did the wordpress update the “accordion” doesn’t work anymore, the other sliders still work. (I purchased your theme 2 years ago)

Hi, When the theme will it compatible with the 3.7.1 version of wordpress?! The accordion slider still does not work but you say:
v1.7.8 12-09-13 Fixed problem with accordion slider
But it is impossible to download this version. It is still 1.7.7! Help me quickly please. My client isn’t happy! :confused: Thx

the designer left us… crap !

Hi, I thought I had already asked this question but can not find it so sorry if i am repeating myself.

I have the Luxuos theme and set up a portfolios and a portfolio page (alias is http://impactweb.net/~jhomes/portfolio/). I have tried to add a gallery in each of the portfolio pages but it doesn’t work. It only shows the first picture which I added to the gallery not all the images.

What is wrong?


I am having problems with the gallery shortcode. This could possibly be because Wordpress was upgraded to 3.8. Pages created long time ago display in a lightbox, while new pages just link to the image files.

Is a fix available or is it necessary (and indeed possible) to downgrade Wordpress.

Hi, I have this problema with Luxuos 1.7.7 and WP 3.8:

Warning: array_unshift() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /wp-content/themes/luxuos1.7.7/admin/theme-options.php on line 57

Can you help me?

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Hi! I’m having trouble switching back and forth between the visual and text editors when adding a post (the tab doesn’t do anything). I’m on 3.8.1 and Luxuous 1.7.3.

I can switch by activating another theme, changing the editor and then re-activating Luxuous but it’s a bit troublesome to say the least. :) Any ideas? Getting a bit nervous since I have a deadline tomorrow and need to add about 100 photos to the posts on my site, but also tweak the HTML directly…

Thanks in advance!

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Also, the Add Media button doesn’t work…

Hi I’m still doing very fine with this excelent Template.

I am just trying to call an external page from a menĂ¼item.

Lets say I have created a page “Blog” which is now located in the menu.

Is it possible to call the external blog page instead of the “Blog” page within this Theme by clicking the menue item?

or do I have to create the relevant menue item in another way?

thank you for your feedback.

best regards celtic


hi it’s me again. I figured out how it works :) thx anyway.

Your built-in form doesn’t allow for a captcha so I embedded a form from contact form 7. However I can’t seem to figure out how to remove your built-in form.

Can you create a multilevel list using the different types of lists in your speed panel. When I try and use all 3 types, all I get are bullets showing.

Hi there. I have purchased the template and it looks really nice and works well with my website. I have however got a quick question. I have uploaded few pictures to the database and assigned them to few pages, but the small thumbnail does not refresh and only shows “broken magnifying glass” icon. Could you please advice why and how to make it look like an actual small picture ? thanks in advance

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I have version 1.7.6 on a site running WP 3.5.2. Should i upgrade WP to 3.9.1?


Hi, I am currently working on upgrading it, so I wouldn’t update just yet.

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What is the status of this update?

Hi, I have another client interested in your plugin but when do you think you will have an updated (WP 3.9) version?


Obviously this guy doesn’t want to sell anymore of his themes. I’m off to find another one…

I am also curious on when the 3.9 version will be out. I need to upgrade to get some plugins to work correctly.

I’m on version 1.7.7 and WP version 3.9.1, when I go to Appearance>Customize in the admin section, nothing comes up. What’s the deal with that? I need to change the site title.

Also, what’s up with child themes? I need to customize the css, and when I made a child theme of the site, it crashes WP and I have to disable the themes directory to get the front end and back end up again?

A client of mine has Luxuos running. I noticed that the contactform doesn’t have captcha and she is experiencing strange emails coming in. How can I add captcha to the contact form?



Never mind, replaced it by Contact Form 7 incl. captcha

Hello. I purchased this theme and I am wondering if there is a way to have one page that will display all blog posts from one category such as “news” and another page that will display all blog posts from another category such as “events”. And also, is there a way to drop just one blog post into a page using the speed panel? Thank you!