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Congrats man! Good luck

Bookmarked ;)

Hi, there is also a stretch version?

Hi, Unfortunately not at this time.

Is anything slider working correctly—450 px

Hi, Yes, there was a css issue in the demo, should be fixed now :)

This Wordpress theme is really easy to customize! Cool!! :)

i notice that some templates here play video in the lightbox and others don’t. i want a mixed portfolio with both vid and pics in the lightbox – would this work? thanks

Hi, The portfolio itself can contain a mix of content types, eg, on the portfolio page you could have some items as images, some as video. The lightbox itself however can only contain one or the other per item.

Wow! Really beautiful – in form and function. Great idea, the flexible slider heights.

Although I love the backgrounds you have included, question:

Is it easy to upload a custom background? Or to vary the color or pattern in the current backgrounds?


Glad you like :)

yes, very easy to modify the background – although you would have to do it via the css -

There are two backgrounds on the page, one is the striping effect, and one is the swirly thingymajigs (correct technical term? ;)) – they are both just one line of css such as:

#first_back { background:url(color-variations/body-background-aqua.jpg) no-repeat scroll center top #375854;

So its a 2 minute job to change :) (I can ofc help you if needed)

Oh, should probably add, the theme has the .psd’s used to create the backgrounds, so you can just tweak and re-export as required :)

Thanks for your quick reply. Purchasing now!

Thanks for purchasing, give me a shout if you need any help :)

Hello I bought your theme, it’s amazing!!! :D just a question, my site start with a blog and not a static page, how can I arrange to have the slider on the main page?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing, and glad you like it :)

Just to confirm what you mean, you would like to have a slider on the blog page above the post excerpts?

yesssss :D please I need help now!!!! :D

lol :)

Well, good news and bad news.. the bad news is, the current theme doesn’t support it. The good news is, I just wrote it into version 1.1 since it seemed like a good feature, and am uploading to Themeforest now ;).

If you need it urgently, can you send me a note from my profile page, and I can mail over the modified zip.

Hello, i’m very interested by your theme, it seem very flexible and powerfull, but i need to translate the theme in french, is it possible using Localization plugin ? Thanks for your answer.

Hi, Thanks for your interest.

The theme is translation ready and has .po and .mo files included. I am just uploading a version with a call to the load_theme_textdomain function in the header (it was missed out in the first version).

Feel free to message me if you have any issues

Hi, I love the theme, works great! And lots of options. Is there any way to remove the silver bar for the title? I will not be using that element and don’t want a large silver space between the header and content. Even if there’s a way I can shrink it down a bit.


Hi, you can remove the silver bar by removing:

<?php //thshpr_snippet(1,'Teaser Text','Snippet of text containing the main message of the page','Default'); thshpr_title(); ?>

From the template files (single-column.php, 2-Columns.php, 2-Columns-Reversed.php) – as required. This will however entirely remove the silver header and its contents. (you can check the ‘insert extra header’ option to insert a black header in its place if required)

If however you want to remove / modify the styling and keep the header itself in place, this can be done as well via changing the css, or the contents of thshpr_title.php

Feel free to drop me a note from my profile page if you are having any difficulties with this :)

Wow… fast response! I’m going to try that right now.

Thanks again!

Worked like a charm! just what I’m looking for.

Thanks again for the quick response and support!


:) no worries

Great work! Lots of hard work put into this :)

This is an incredible theme! I am doing some spec work to impress a new client and this will be a perfect place to start to show them how it will all come together! Incredible theme! Keep it up!

Hi, I’m really interested by your theme but 2 months ago I ordered a great theme such difficult to customize… :-/ So I’m afraid now. Is your theme easy to change or complicate for an unexperienced in PHP and Java ? If I want to change the style, the presentation like home? I can understand a lot of things in PHP but if you have a lot style sheet and code, huuummm… Thanks for your answer :-)


Hi, thanks for your interest,

In terms of modifying the code itself, luxuos is pretty flexible due to the way I have set up the templating (it is quite different to most themes), and yes, it is flexible enough to handle what you require, however ..

At the end of the day Wordpress is Wordpress and if you are going to heavily modify a theme you should probably have a decent knowledge of WP / php etc.

If you have a look at: this page contains all of the widgets the theme has built in, this should give you an idea what the theme can handle by default.

The best idea is probably for you to send me a message via my profile page, and I can explain in a little more detail how my modified templating system works, and you can decide if you would be comfortable making any necessary modifications.

Is it possible to add blocks on home for example?

Possible to put a small block of blog? Advertissements (image, video)?

Can video be added to the homepage Nivo Slider?

Hi, thanks for your interest, Anything Slider is the only slider that supports video inside the slider itself.

Hi. After installing the theme, I noticed that the speed panel wasn’t working (the tab isn’t expanding) and any changes I made to the theme options weren’t saved and reflected on the site. If I preview the theme before activating it, I get the following error:

Warning: array_unshift() [function.array-unshift]: The first argument should be an array in /wp-content/themes/luxuos/admin/theme-options.php on line 57

I’m also getting the following JS error on the admin page after activating the theme:

Message: Exception thrown and not caught Line: 1694 Char: 42 Code: 0 URI : /wp-content/themes/luxuos/admin/speed-panel/jquery.jstree.js?ver=3.1.3

I’m using v1.1.1 of the theme on WP 3 .1.3

Any thoughts?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing..

Can you create a temporary login for your wordpress installation and send me the details via my profile page? – I will take a look

This issue was a result of something in the shared hosting blocking jquery.cookie.js. I have created a workaround for anyone having this problem.

It is being uploaded to Themeforest now. (v1.1.2)

Kick-ass support from the author with very quick response! Thanks ThemeShaper for fixing that. I’m really looking forward to making use of this theme.