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after upgrading to newest version I get Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /www/htdocs/w00eeb42/wp-content/themes/luxuos1.7.6/admin/admin-interface.php on line 1498

many thanks! On the same page “themoptions” I don’t know how to integrate facebook with these options. Is there somewhere an faq?

There is a FAQ here: but it doesn’t answer your question ;) – the documentation in the main file you downloaded should tho. (there is a social media section in the theme options page where you can input your facebook url).

I can save options but the message ” Deprecated: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated in /www/htdocs/w00eeb42/wp-content/themes/luxuos1.7.6/admin/admin-interface.php on line 1498” appears 13 times

Hosting is remote ( PHP Version: 5.3.18 cannot

could you find out the reason for error message ? cannont cusomize anythin at the theme please advise greetings from Germany

Evening, I’m upgrading from version 1.7.3 which works just fine prior to upgrading wordpress to 3.5.1. When the slider stopped working, it was time to do a version check of the theme.

Couple questions here: 1. Will you add the ability to update from the Dashboard? 2. 1.7.6 yields an error with array_unshift() at line 57. That is displayed on every page even within the admin pages. 3. When I’m in “Theme Options”, I have the following error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied foreach() in /.../admin-interface.php on line 1039

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I've deleted the previous install and everything seems to work just fine. Thanks for you time.

I am about to buy this theme. I just want to know if I could have my own designed background?

Hi, yep, it is a simple css change as outlined here:

Hi, I have purchased your template and I am using it on the following site and the client wishes to have a banner that transitions identically to the one on the following website I am wondering if this option is available and if not, what would be the cost to develop this functionality? If you wish to discuss separately and not on the comments section – please give me a contact email address. Many thanks Ben

Hi, the effect you are looking for is ‘Ken Burns’. The easiest way to get this on the site would be to look for a WordPress Ken Burns slider. There is a good one by pixelentity on Codecanyon (called Estro I believe). May be a couple of others there too. Can’t guarantee compatibility with the theme (as I haven’t tested them) but there is no reason why they wouldn’t work.

The only issue will be, getting it to look correct in terms of the theme.. you will need to style the slide indicators to match the theme, and may need to tweak some other things to get it looking perfect, so this really will depend on your skill with css. If you go this route, make sure you buy a php Wordpress Ken Burns slider (not JavaScript) as incorporating something like this will be much more work.

Re me customising it for you.. If you drop me a note from my profile page we can discuss further :)

Can you provide me with instructions for upgrading the theme. My home page slider isn’t working and I’m hoping the upgrade will help. I’m on 1.7.3 and 3.5.1 now. If I just install it as a new theme, will all of my settings take effect?

EDIT: I just noticed that you have the upgrade instructions in your theme documentation. Thanks!

Hi, yes settings should carry over ok, you may need to drag widgets across again. Make sure you delete the old theme from the admin as 3.5 has some problems with two in the admin at the same time.

For some reason no matter what I do, my analytics wont work with this theme, Please help. :) I’m using Piwik.

Hi, I haven’t used Piwik, but general questions that might help:

1)Have you tried disabling all plugins?

2)Any Javascript errors showing on the page?

Can you post a link, I might be able to see something from viewing the site :)

I’m working on this:

1. How would I delete the Nivo slider controls? Using display:none leaves a blank space; I’d like to close up the space and move the content below up to touch the bottom of the slider.

2. How would I modify the Nivo options to display the slides in a random order? I found the code below, but I’m not sure where to put it.

//pre v2.7 var total = $(’#slider img’).length; var rand = Math.floor(Math.random()*total); $(’#slider’).nivoSlider({ startSlide:rand });

3. How do I set up the slider images to link to a page or post?

Many thanks!

Hi, Try adding: height: 300px!important; at the bottom of style.css (should remove the controls as well).

Slider links can be set up from the individual slider item page (there is a box to place the link)

Random Nivo options js/libs/nivoinit.js is where the nivo settings are called.

The latest update has broken the slider. The only slider type that seems to be working d slider

Hi, yep make sure you are using the latest WordPress and latest Luxuos. Make sure the old version of Luxuos is deleted from the admin.

Hi, I see that the new Luxuous is in a folder named 1.7.6 – and the other of course was 1.7.3. So can I upload 1.76 and just choose that theme and leave the other one up until I get 1.7.6 working correctly? Or should i be renaming the folders?


With the latest version of WordPress, you should remove the old theme entirely. (If you have made mods back it up of course ;)) – WordPress is erroring with two versions of Luxuos available in the admin (something to do with the options being shared I think).

Shoot it removed my widgets! Why?

You may need to drag them back from inactive widgets (at the bottom of the widgets page) to the desired sidebars. I think 3.5 made this happen when you switch themes.

Hi, I recently update to wordpress 3.5.1 and luxuos 1.7.6 I have the following errors. Warning: file_put_contents(/home/katsanto/public_html/wp-content/themes/luxuos1.7.6/styleoverrides.css) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/katsanto/public_html/wp-content/themes/luxuos1.7.6/theme-functions/thshpr_overmind.php on line 1049

Warning: file_put_contents(/home/katsanto/public_html/wp-content/themes/luxuos1.7.6/js/libs/jsoverrides.js) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/katsanto/public_html/wp-content/themes/luxuos1.7.6/theme-functions/thshpr_overmind.php on line 1050 my website:

please help.

Assuming this isn’t to do with the old version still being active in the admin, this sounds like a hosting permissions issue as the php script doesn’t have permission to write the files. No idea why this would occur on updating however, the updates don’t do anything different related to these scripts.

If deleting the old version of the theme doesn’t fix it, you should contact your host and include the error messages, they should be able to make the necessary changes to sort out the permissions.

You could try copying across the referenced files from the old version to the new (i.e. styleoverrides.css and jsoverrides.js) make sure you place them in the directories shown in the file_put_contents error. It may be that your server cannot create these files, but can modify them.

The nivo slider arrows are not appearing when you hover the mouse on the edges of the slider. before the update they would appear so you could move forward or backward in the slide sequence. Is this a jquerry issue? FYI, the live preview here also has the same issue ;).

I found the issue. in the css the nav buttons are commented out. can you confirm this?

Hi, yes, they are commented out – background: url("images/left_arrow.png") -30px -30px no-repeat; on lines 907 and 909 or thereabouts.

Hi! Is there an easy (ish) way to edit the header so I can add a newsletter (constant contact) signup field up there? I’m assuming no…. but let me know. This would be in place of the search bar. Thanks!


The individual template files hold almost the entire html code for the theme, so you can just modify these (single-column.php, 2-columns.php etc) directly if you know some HTML/CSS. So if you know HTML/CSS its very easy, less so if you dont ;) – but if you for example have a piece of code you need to insert, you can just place it instead of:

<form class="searchform" method="get" id="searchform" action="<?php echo home_url( '/' );?>"> <div class="search"> <input class="sbox" name="s" value="" type="text" tabindex="1"/> <input type="image" class="sbutton" src="<?php echo THSHPR_DIRECTORY; ?>/images/search-icon-small-white.png" alt="search" /> </div> </form>

In the required templates. You may need to modify the css of whatever you placed to line up correctly however.

I’m getting reports that the menus aren’t displaying in IE8, and seem to have confirmed this via Adobe Browser Lab. Site is However, the menus seem to work in IE8 on my test site: Could this be a problem with .htaccess or some other permalink setting? The site is located in a subfolder of the main domain.

My issue with the menus actually seems to have something to do with the Cufon fonts. When I switch to standard fonts, everything looks ok. Could this have something to do with the URL path to where the Cufon fonts are, and would that be affected by the fact that the site is in a subfolder? If so, why would be a problem only in IE8, but not IE9?

Hi, yes I had a look at your site and indeed it did appear to be a cufon problem. However there wasn’t a Javascript error and I haven’t been able to replicate the problem either on my demo site or on my test server.

A few questions / general suggestions that may (or may not) help..

Which version of Luxuos are you using? Which version of WP are you using? Have you tried disabling all plugins? Did you make any changes / install any new plugins that may have caused this?

How do I change the format of the date for the twitter widget to read mm/dd/yyyy?

Hi, the twitter widget uses: – reading through it doesn’t look like you can change the format (you can remove it though, change time: true to false on thshpr_shortcodes.php line 124 (in the theme-functions directory). If you need the format changing probably better to try a plugin for it.

How can I paginate blog posts?

Hi, the blog pagination should occur automatically if the number of posts is greater than the maximum set in settings -> reading settings.


I’ve tried to translate some of the widgets, lets say the contact form widget. So as I know, there is a default.po file in the /lang/ directory of your theme which can be used for translation.

The problem is that my changes do not have any effect on the widget text.

I found that in the file thshpr_widgets.php in the /theme-functions/ directory the text which I want to translate is also contained, but hard coded.

So my question is how do I have to translate these widgets? translate the php file? not really? ;)

thx for any help.

best regards celticfrost


I used the one which is already integrated in the theme called “Luxuos – Contact Info Widget” and “Luxuos – Contact Form”.

Trying to translate them via default.po results in no effect. only If I translate the hard coded text in thshpr_widgets.php the translation takes effect.

By the way. If I translate the *.po file I use Poedit. There is a section with the source text and a section with the translation. Now, translating the text will add the translated text in the corresponding section and the source remains unchanged. Am I right that as soon that there is a translated text this text will be used for display?

Thank you for your assistance Sandro

Sorry, my mistake I thought you were Reactive buyer (not Luxuos) – can I just confirm it is only these widgets not translating? (is the rest of the front end translating ok?

I just checked the source and it seems like everything is properly translation ready (e.g. the strings are formatted thus: __('Your Name','thshpr') )

Is the rest of the front end translating ok? – check out this quick guide to translating:

well yes, actually “only” those two widgets, but specially the contact info widget is only translatin if I change the hard coded part, changing the *.po file has still no effect. generally I’m wondering how translation in general works by using the *.po files. do I have to export the translated version in a specific manner? well I’ll check the link for some info about that. thx for your support, I will check back if I have further questions :)


In attempting to upgrade my theme to 1.7.6, something went wrong. The widgets disappeared. In the Template Options page, all dropdown options are empty. On the widget config page, the normal widget areas for this theme are not available.

(For some reason, I have two versions of the theme installed. When I activate the other version, I can see the widget areas available, but when I try to open them for editing, they do not open.)

Except for the widgets, the site seems to be functioning normally.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Hi, you need to remove the old version from the admin.. for some reason with the latest WP it goes nuts with both in the admin at the same time ;)

Please explain what you mean by “remove from the admin.” Do you mean to delete all the files?

Ooops, never mind, I figured it out. (I never noticed the “delete” link below each theme!)

Hello, I just bought it a few minutes ago but I got an error message; Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

WP version 3.5.1

Could you help me please? Thanks

Hi, thanks for buying..

It sounds like you have uploaded the containing folder (not the folder with the theme inside :)) – check out this page for details –

i did via FTP and it is done. Thank you for your quick support.

No problems :)