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Hi I have been using this theme for a while but recently updated the theme to the Dec 12 update. Now one of my plugins no longer functions properly. I contacted the theme plugin developer and he suggests it because of my theme. Can you provide any insight as to what I can do to fix this as the both the plugin and the theme have become an integral part of the site. The site is here: The plugin is WPPA (WP Photo Albums). The problem is the photos no longer load in the photo album slideshow—Only the first one loads and then no more unless the page is refreshed. I have tried to make other adjustments on the homepage so that it doesn’t look empty by not using the slideshow but it not as functional that way and it can not be done on the photo gallery page so it still shows the real problem.

Thanks for any advice.


Had a quick look, I am guessing it is to do with the image loader, probably because the js for the plugin loads at the top of the page. You might be able to fix it by modifying: .js #content img { visibility: hidden; } in style.css on line 82, but this will break the fancy loading of any images elsewhere. Alternatively you might be able to make a css override using something like .slide-frame img{visibility:visible!important;} (and place at the bottom of style.css) this is entirely of the top of my head tho, so might not work ;)

HI, Any reason why the bullets don’t work for items I’m trying to list? Also, the columns short codes are not working. I did just upgrade to WordPress 3.5.1 and I also have updated the theme to the current one.

I did remove the old version as far as I know. What happens is I click the short code “2 columns” from the side panel and nothing happens. :(

Here’s a page where I used asterisks instead of bullets because they wouldn’t work:

Hi Mary, I checked my test version (running the latest luxuos and WP) and both seemed to be working ok.. see: for bullets and for columns..

It does sound however like the old version of luxuos might still be in the admin, so make sure it is deleted (not just disabled) as multiple versions create craziness with the latest WP.

As always, worth disabling all plugins as well in case one is creating a js error.

Hello, I have a few question; *Howe can I manage main page? I want to put 2 category what do I choise and 2 colums *I can’t put 2 colums in any categories or pages and slide-nivo doesn’t work. *Do you have any information about how does your theme work? Could you help me pls? WordPress Version 3.5.1. Luxuos Version 1.7.6


Hi, You should check out the documentation that is in the main theme download zip :)

Hey guys, thanks for the theme, nice work and pretty easy to work with once you learn it. I’m trying to create gallery using portrait images, but in default layout (regardless of number of columns), all images are being cropped to show as landscapes (and cropped somewhere in the middle of the image). Is there a way around this? Same result if I try to run it as a portfolio. Thanks guys

Hi, glad you are getting on ok with it :)

The image sizes are coded in theme-functions/thshpr_overmind.php on line 492 onwards, which one depends on the gallery used so play around with the numbers :) – you may need to use a plugin called ‘regenerate thumbnails’ after you change the size (not sure if wordpress have fixed this old issue) as it used to be when the images were scaled they wouldn’t be rescaled even if you changed size ;)

Hi! I have what I hope is an easy request. My client wants to be able to put another hyperlink or banner in the header area, about where the search and social icons are, for a marketing campaign. How would I go about doing that? I’d like the link to be right in front of the social icons if possible. Here is the site:

Thank you so much!! :D


You would need to modify the template directly for this I think. the templates are quite self contained HTML wise, so you will be able to modify just the templates you are using. (e.g. single-column.php in the themes root directory). Unfortunately I can’t advise on modifications like this other than to point you in the right direction with what to modify. If you are familiar with HTML it should be a straightforward job tho :)

To start with, I love the look of Luxuos, so I purchased it. But, being pretty new to wordpress, I’m having some trouble figuring out how exactly to use it.

I wanted to put a slider on a home page, but can’t figure out how to get more than one picture in it. I read the html documentaion, but I don’t see where you can add more than one image.

It seems to me that when you make a slider item what you’re doing is creating, for lack of a better word, a ‘container’ to put stuff in, in my case images. Then, you can refer to a particular slider item by name to use it on a page. But, I don’t know if this is right or not. The documentaion says to upload the images using wordpress image editor to upload your file – singular – and press ‘Set featured image’ link – singular, again. Can you only have one picture per slider? It looks like the demo has more than one, but I can’t figure out how to do it.

As I said, I’m a ‘newbie’ and I’m sure this is something very simple, but I can’t find what it is.

Could you clue me in on how to get more than one picture to ‘slide’?

Thanks, and again, I love the look! Randy

I did find the category drop down. But, every time I change the slider category and update, it goes back to the all category setting. It’s working fine on the home page, but not on the other page I’m trying to put a different slider on. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong or not doing at all. Thanks, RM

Hi the only thing that springs to mind is the possibility that slides haven’t been assigned to the category you are choosing. Can you confirm there are slides set to the category? – also very much a longshot but make sure there is nothing unusual in the name of the category (just a single word would rule anything out).

The category name must have been the problem. The slider category name I was using was Parks&RecSlider. I made a new category called Recreation and now it keeps the recreation as the category when I update the page. Probably the ampersand in the category name was the problem. Thanks for responding so quickly. RM

Hi -

Thinking very seriously about going with your theme but wondering if the slider height can be adjusted to even taller, and the bulk of the home page content can be removed, basically an accordion slider with logo, menu and perhaps some header text as home page? It also looks as though the background image could be changed to a solid color, is that correct?


Hi, thanks for your interest.

1)Slider height can be set to whatever you like.

2)Yes, you can place whatever you like on the homepage, no problems removing this.

3)Yes, you would need to do this via css. The procedure (quite simple) is specified in this FAQ –

If you buy and run into any issues just let me know :)

Hi ThemeShaper

I’m trying to do something special with the div#teaser.fouc on the home page of my site. I’d like to put some customer-specific PHP code into that area that is activated only for the home page. But I can’t find where in the template .php files this area is created. Is it done in Javascript somewhere? Can you point me to the right file?

Also, can you advise if there is a way I can search this particular area of the forum to see if you’ve answered any of my questions in the past? The search feature of ThemeForest seems to be completely broken. If I type Luxuous into the search bar, it doesn’t even find the page that lists your theme for sale.

Thanks!! Alison Webmaster for Roy5user

Never mind my last post. Just found it: theme-functions\thshpr_title.php (I had been searching in an incomplete copy of the theme folder.) There doesn’t seem to be any way in this forum to thread this message onto my previous one…?

Hello ThemeShaper

thanks for the wonderful theme I bought from you. Very nice.

Just having one small problem with it.

In the portfolio section I’ve set-up a number of categories and filters that have the same names as the categories. However, the filter only seems to work on some items and inexplicably not on others. I’ve tried deleting both the categories and filters and redoing them to no avail. The portfolio is here:

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, bit tricky.. is it possible to rename the categories? – it could easily be a naming clash, but hard to know for sure. Other than this, double check to make sure the filters and categories have items assigned to them (it is easy to miss ;)).

Is there a way to make a top-level item (nav menu item name) so that if you rollover, it will activate the drop-down to submenu pages, but the top-level item won’t itself lead to a page? Thanks, Randy

Hi, Yep ok, it is using the fallback (pages). Here is a quick guide on how to use the WP menu’s.

So, does this mean that I ignore the parent/child relationship when creating a page and do it through the custom WP menu I create? Thanks RM

Yep, exactly :) – the WP menu just completely overrides the page structure.

Hi ThemeShaper, You did an excellent work with this amazing theme, I purchased it twice for another homepage. But I have a small problem now: Is it possible to set a slider category for the Blog Page? The Blog Page shows all of the Slider-Items what I want to avoid with a category. Thank you!

I tried around few things but didn’t get it. Sorry I don’t know very much about php and don’t understand what to do. Do you mean this line and global variable?
if(isset($slider_category) && $slider_category!="all") { $GLOBALS['slider_category']=$slider_category; }
I tried to replace “all” with my category “home” but no success.

Hi, If you don’t know php you won’t be able to do the mod I think. It isn’t really something I can do for you as it goes beyond what I can do with free support I am afraid :(.

I hoped there is an option for that or to add only a single line or something but ok, I understand that. Anyway thank you for your time.

Making progress. :) But, my pages are 7 1/2” when measured on the screen, but the luxuos sample site is 9 1/2”. I’ve looked everywhere I could think of that might have a setting for the width, but can’t find one. How do you adjust the width of the pages? Thanks, Randy

The theme is fixed widths measured by the pixel so it shouldn’t be a different width to the demo. The content area might appear smaller (if using a 2 column template) but the actual whole site itself is fixed.

Maybe it’s the way my browser on my laptop is set to view. When I zoomed in it looked the same size. Thanks for the reply.

is there a guide to help with how to set things up? I just bought the theme and having trouble getting started. Especially with getting the sliders to work.

folder called ‘documentation’ inside the main download. Might be that ThemeForest provide the theme separately now as well, so make sure you downloaded the full zip.

it’s not in the download that they provide. i only see one download and its just the theme. do you have the documentation available from a different location?

Hi, if you go to your downloads area and click the download button, a dropdown should appear, select ‘main file’.

Question on links. When I’m setting up a link in the page editor, I guess that’s what it’s called, it looks like a link should look – blue and underlined. However, when I view the page, it’s not blue or underlined. When the cursor goes over the link it turns into a finger, but if you don’t do that, you don’t know that there’s a link there. Is there something I’m supposed to do to activate the links so that they look like links? Thanks, Randy

I tried changing the links in style.css, but nothing happened. I commented out the link info that was in the luxuos style.css and then copied the link info from another style.css that had the links the way I wanted them and pasted this into the luxuos style.css, but nothing changed. The link info that I was changing was under the #content { } section. Is this the right place? Thanks, Randy

Hi, I would guess there is another style overriding it below the one you modified. Check out this firebug guide: – or use chrome tools (same thing) – it will let you identify the line in the style.css file that needs to be changed :)

Duh! I didn’t even thing about using firebug. I’m having to work on this site off and on and that breaks my ‘groove’ so to speak. I’ll get to work on it a few days straight and things will start falling into place and then, I don’t get to work on it for a few days and when I do get back, I’ve forgotten some of the things I learned earlier. I had been using firebug several weeks back and totally forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me! :) Randy

I am currently using the Luxuos By ThemeShaper Version 1.7.3. When I upload and use an image under ‘Portfolio Items’ I want to remove the ‘enlarge” feature anytime you mouse over the image. I would prefer removing the slide-out feature all together. Is this possible and can you provide detailed instructions? Also some feedback: When I am on a page, post or portfolio I can only edit the page in “text” mode. The visual mode does not work nor does the ability to edit the Status Visibility or Published date of a post. Nothing happens when I click on these hyperlinks under your theme. Thanks

Hi, make sure you have removed any old version of the theme from the admin area.

Hi I am currently using Luxous 1.7.6. I have run into to a few problems since this update:

1. In i.e. the navigation text doesn’t display on the home page. However, it does display in Safari and Firefox.

2. In my portfolio section, when an image is clicked to be enlarged the popup enlarger box comes up with no image in. However if you close it and click it again the image comes up. After that when you close the enlarged image nothing is clickable on the webpage anymore and the page must be refreshed.

you can see what I am talking about here:

MY client updated to the latest version of luxos and since then the visual editor is not working correctly

We cannot flip to html view and select links

If I disable the theme its fine

If I disable all plugins and have the theme active it does the same

Any pointers would be appreciated


Hi, sorry for the delay getting back to you.. make sure you have removed the old version of the theme from the admin area, for some reason this causes a conflict if there are more then 1 version.

Hi there is only one version of the theme install just double checked

any update? Thanks

Hi, I’m having a problem adding images to a Portfolio item. Clicking on the “Add Media” button does nothing. Please help, Thanks.

Hi, do you have an old version of the theme present in the admin area? – if so remove it then try again :)

Hi, Currently running this template and everything is perfect except for the fact that on catergory pages it now has the Title followed by Archives for example “Next Issues Archives” is there are way to remove or disable the “Archives” text? Thanks in advance.