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URGENT: Under the portfolio section, when you click on the pop up image and close it again the scrolling doesn’t seem to work any longer. Please help!

1. Just add the below style in main.min.css file

html.forceAddScr, body.forceAddScr { overflow:auto !important; }

2. Than add the below code in custom.min.js file inside the $(document).ready(function(){} function that’s all

if($.browser.msie || $.browser.mozilla){ $("html").addClass("forceAddScr"); $("body").addClass("forceAddScr"); }

Thank you! Looks like it’s working now :)

Thank you for the feedback on the last question :) Hi I have only one more question…

In the Portfolio section where you used the gallery, is it possible to have the images go to the next one after you open a image? Instead of opening one image at a time.

Appreciate the help :)

Sorry that’s option is not available

Perhaps you don’t understand my enquiry.

The plugin you used “Magnific Popup” shows that it can be used as a gallery (going from one image to the other). On their website http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/ under the heading “Lightbox gallery”, it shows you how this works. The problem is that with the way it was implemented into the template, this function doesn’t seem available.

I would love to fix this problem but I’m confused as to how you used their code?

I am using fancybox not “Magnific Popup” in this file. You can see the code in portfolio.detail.js file, just find fancybox. You can re-code the file as per you need

How do you center the logo on the top of the navigation sidebar?

Just adjust the margin value on .logo class in main.css file

I think I found a bug on the one page version: http://fmedias.com/machli/index2.html#!home

When a visitor scrolls using arrow keys or with the mouse and then clicks on the HOME link the page does not scroll back up to !home. In main-fm.js it seems as though the browser still has the top container div set as the current page even though the user has manually scrolled further down the page.

I’m working on a fix but any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bob

Contact me through my profile page with details