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Please my friend, If I buy this theme can you do a feature to this theme for me? I need When the product has options (variables), the lightbox will be closed only when the client finish buy all variables that he want. Ex. An underwear have color and size option, so, the client can buy different combinations of it. I want the lightbox close only when the client choose all combinations he want and click at one button named “finalize” and the lighbox close.

Can you do this?

Many thanks


I m not getting your point, if you can mail me then it will be good to understand, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

Hey, I loved this template. Does it comes complete, I mean ? I never bought anything in this website. Do i Have a guarantee or refund if it does not works?



You will get it as it is in demo except images. Refund is not possible from my side.


I have a few questions regarind it. This cart can have these features:?

1. Easy adding products with many images. One main image and others (5 images) as a mini gallery

2. Top 10 products sold by the store (this feature to be edited by the webmaster – yes you may say that this is not correct but we want to influience the sales editing the top ten).

3. Similar products. Who puchased the produc X also purchased the produc Y and Z

4. Products tag

5. Product description

6. Other product features. Like: T-shirt with different colours, sizes, cotton or sintetic, etc

7. Changind the product colour with simple click on the palette with other colours

8. SEO firendly

9. A product to be a part of at least two categories

10. NEXT and PREVIOUS product navigation buttons when visualise a product.

11. recent visualised products

12.Side bar filtering products (example: price range, colours, or other feature)

13. First page product listing

14. Discounts on first page




You can see theme features on item detail page and demos, you can check any other magento admin featured here “http://demo-admin.magentocommerce.com/index.php/admin/”

Please mail me for any Q. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

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I’m getting an “Failed to open error” when I FTP the files. Failed to open” \web-theme\madame-modern-responsive\app\design\frontend\default\madame-modern\template\catalog\product\view\options\wrapper\bottom.phtml” for reading.

Also in your documentation you say to upload the 3 folders… but not the js folder?


Please mail me, what is the problem. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner Thanks for the intimation, i will have to update document.

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I’m not new to magento but I can’t activate the theme. I’ve followed your instructions exactly.

Can I send you my info?

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I see 15 people have purchased this, is anybody else having problems?

Hi, Does the shop come with various sizes for example selecting a size before check for selling clothes, which may involve choosing a size from 6- 8 various sizes


You have to create configurable products for this from admin, This video will help you “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK6LIBBxepk”

Hello, nice work with this template pal! Is it possible to add sizes of a product and colors?


This video will help you “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK6LIBBxepk”

@Jordani & leon1000: Yes its possible!

Found a bug. Take a look at the options of a configurable / bundle product: http://24x7themes.com/madame/index.php/casual-shirts/computers/build-your-own/gaming-computer.html

Does anybody have a solution for this?


Thanks for the intimation, Fixed the problem.

Hello webdziner, a great theme! In a view days i want to buy a theme here, now i check each for the best solutions. Absolut important for me is the responsive character. You show us two possible screens, 1. madame modern response and 2. madame classic fixed. Can i choose one at the backend of magento? I think the modern response is the one and only for android, ipad and co? Is this right? Can i change the background, and the colours of our theme? How about widgets, like boxes. Is it possible to change these too?

Greetings Benny


There are two theme modern and classic, you can set the theme from magento admin, Yes responsive will work with android and apple devices, it will work with other devices if they support latest html & css. You can change the bg from admin but for other colors you have to change from style.


Thank you guys!

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webdziner will there be a fix for the configure products soon? http://24x7themes.com/madame/index.php/computer.html

Looking at the demo.. it seems the info layout are not displaying correctly.

Anyone managed to set the front product slider to show only the new/onsale products?


Fixed, you can download the package by tomorrow morning.

Hi webdziner, I’m seriously considering purchasing your madame modern theme. How bad is it in IE7 ? Is there any possibility of a hack in the css? Cheers for the reply in advance….


It is almost working fine, just few things need to be fixed.

Hello, do you have a service to upload and configure this template on my webhost?

Thank you in advise!


Yes, please mail me your requirement. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

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First of all Congrats For a Beautiful Theme.

Hi, I want to use as a product showcase catalog only, Can I hide Add to Cart Button, My Account, Etc.



Yes it is possible, please mail me, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

I just bought this, it is really easy to install and edit. Especially using the sprites for the majority of images makes editing in Adobe really easy.

Really good stuff and recommend for someone who is comfortable making their own mini-customizations.

Hello, this is my first magento install, I used cpanel then I uploaded files as you said, and then followed your directions but the theme doesn’t look like the same layout you have here. Plus it still says Magento at the top. I am hosting this on my own bluehost account. Please help, thanks.


Please mail me your site detail so that I can check it. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! First I fell in love with your template I searched all the other places first for html or wordpress but I jumped on this template because I couldn’t believe how amazing it is breathtaking. So whatever I had trouble but within hours webdziner fixed my problems and got everything working. Let me tell you it was no fault of this template, the problem was my set up and the hosting set up but he fixed it very quickly for me and made no bones about it. A+++ personally I feel this site is going to give me a huge advantage. Thanks again.

I recently purchased this theme – but didn’t realize it didn’t mention compatibility with Magento CE 1 .4. Have you ever tested it in 1.4. Is there a quick work around, or am I in trouble here.


It is not compatible with 1.4

Where are install instructions? Thanks.


You will find it in Documentation folder.