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Hey Brian, Please reply to my mail. Please, its important.

Thank you.

Will do, thanks!

When are you planning to update this theme, I have bought it and customization is difficult now especially with the update for buddypress plugin.


Not sure what our time frame will be at this point unfortunately…

Have you guys stopped updating and working on themes?

We are not currently developing a new theme but we are still updating and supporting our existing themes.

I am really suprised with basic backend admin panel, It is very hard to put something to somewhere, not acceptable. I am very sad to bought this theme :(

hi can users post there own stuff/products for others to review thanks jordan

You can set your users to have the contributor user role (or higher) and they will be able to submit new reviews. This is the same for both SwagMag and Made.

Hi, I’ve two questions: -Can I make this theme just for movies? -What happen if I click on some actors or producer name? because I get a page error then. Thanks

Yes absolutely, this theme can be used just for movies. Clicking on the actor/producer names take you to an archive listing page of articles within that category (taxonomy).


zast Purchased

Hi, it’s compatible with WordPress 4.4 ?

We have not officially tested yet, but so far current users seem to be not having any issues.

Ask for the admin theme test before you order this theme ; theme dashboard and demo content usage is totally different than you see. And there re some bugs on review system which are not described in knowledgebase or support forum ; for example i cannot reach review page after entering the tags as described with commas , i just see a 502 bad gateway in admin panel and there is not a description of this problem.

This theme doesnt deserve this reputation as i see..

That’s just something going on with your particular setup which we can help with via the support center.

No this is not a particular problem, it is just not written the row-limits and review type limits ; i should re-install all the system now because it was not written where and which table should be renewed.. Documentation is not sufficient, and the other users also live the demo content problem as you can find in the other comments.

But yes, i believe it is gonna be a nice product if you improve these failures.

Not only these, there is not a regular update for the theme-which is cannot be acceptable for a theme sold more than 900 and admin dashboard is not easy-customizable as the other users said above..

Thanks, please move on to another theme. You have rated 1 star and given several bad comments. That’s enough! :)

the meaning of these comments and ratings are customer experience and warning the other users with details. this is a technical feedback, not a personal stuff.

We appreciate your feedback, thanks!


my customer is using your theme WP 4.4.1 BP 2.4.3. Now it looks a bit… ugly. :)

Your theme is compatible with BP 1.8.x but this version does’nt work with WP 4.4. What can we do to fix this?

I opened a ticket:

Regards Oliver

We’ll be getting to all tickets in the order they were received. Thanks for your patience!


I’m interest with your product I plan to create a Review Site with Function :

A) For ADMIN 1) Can Create Any Category and Set Default Review Points sample is Admin Create Audi from Category HOME>CAR>AUDI and Put default Points for Rate and Review like HANDLING,PRICING,SUPPORT

2) Can Put Default Information for each Post, sample post about Nokia 925, will be show as table for information about Spec of that devices above on Rate and Review

3) On each Post have option to put Prices table and this prices information will show Prices based on Member who gave informatiion about latest price of the each post/product.

4) Can Invite Any Customers From All Social Media (FB,Twitter,Linkedin,etc) to give a review on specific page

B) For REGISTERED CUSTOMERS 1) Can SIGN UP with any Social Media 2) Have option to send url from Review Site to Social Media when they put a review on our site. 3) Allow them to give Rating and Review Word on each page that Admin already created like on Audi Page. 4) Allow them to request new Category. 5) Each Review they give or submit can receive like/dislike rating from any member including free member. 6) Can send message between member (private message)

C) For Free CUSTOMERS 1) Can give like or dislike from each review from register member

D) For SITE BEHAVIOUR 1) Will make Auto Post/Review Head to Head or Versus between each Post on same Category, sample is if we have Post Audi and BMW, so when any visitor search Audi vs BMW on search engine,it will show BMW vs Audi head to head on our site. 2) Support for Compare up to 5 Post and easy to drag and drop each items post (not just 2) 3) Show Most Famous Post Category and Top Review Person. 4) Send Notification to Each Member when they on top of most Like Review. 5) Advance Search – will show many option for it so any visitor can search with many setting like prices or else

If some function not available please tell me which one is already have and which one is not and can you do custom work or at least tell me what i should do or combine any plugins ?

Kind Regards


The theme is not responsive as you claimed in your title description.

This theme is responsive. Make sure you turn on responsive in the theme options. If you have further issues please open a support ticket:

Make an update, it has been long…. You made so much money from this theme… and it has great potentials, just take the pain and make an update…..

Just contact Envato directly they will issue you a refund if your theme does not function correctly. They were really good with doing that for me. Don’t stress yourself trying to update and fix it yourself. Been there, done that. If your using this theme on a live site, I would be VERY CAREFUL. You are vulnerable to endless security breaches fixed in the latest release of Wordpress. This theme is only compatible up until version 3.9. Hope this helps. Spread love

This theme many errors, please update theme and fix problems.

Please use the support center for support related questions:

Hey sr:

This theme is responsive or not? How can change the theme like responsive?

Yes, the theme is responsive. Please use the support center for support related questions:

I do not want to see the link:

Can I have please help the can the theme to responsive?

I was planning to purchase but after reading these comments it will be non-sense to buy it. Good theme gone bad. I dont understand why industrial-themes guys do not update their nice themes.

After reading all the negative comments.. we have decided not to buy this product and would encourage others no to as well.. the developer clearly has a problem maintaining his products.. we have also requested this item be removed from the envato repository. You have 1 month ..

Hi, I intend to upgrade from Swagger to Made to get a responsive site, but I would like to know if I would be able to change the location of the “Total Score” place in the review page with the location of the “Overview” place to look similar to how I am using Swagger right now: Thanks in advance!

You would need to make a change in the code actually. I could help you locate where that is, but making the change would need to be done on your end. Please let me know if I can answer any further questions about the theme, thanks.

Hi, the theme is compatible with wordpress 4.5.1 ?

We have not officially had a chance to test with the latest version yet.