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Hi, Have bought the theme few days back. Just trying to figure out how to set up the theme. I want to set up the theme exactly like the demo here >

But the demo data (both sql and xml) provided with the theme are not serving the purpose. Can you please provide me the demo data exactly like the demo website? Also few steps on how to set up the theme wil be very helpful.

Thanks in adv.

We only have the sql and xml version provided. Have you followed along via the FAQs? Is the issue that you can’t get those methods installed, or that you can but they are not to your liking? Please open a new ticket with your response:

I have already loaded the data from the sql provided. But my website seems different from that of the demo website. I want my website to look exactly like the that of the demo website. Can you provide me the xml/sql of the demo website?

Please use the support center and we can discuss there – thanks!

Still no update?? Buddypress has done another update and this theme is completely broken with it and cannot be used any longer. Site loads very slow because no update has been done. Been over 4 months now, you guys have been telling me a update is coming. Tons of spam and this theme is completely broken once updated. Is there a update coming within the next year? If there isn’t please let me know and I will stop asking.

Wordpress AND Buddypress just came out with another update yesterday. This is a mandatory SECURITY UPDATE per their website. And of course this theme can not handle the update. The security of anyone that uses this theme is in danger. I would not recommend using this theme until a update is done. There has been a lot of hacks and security breaches in the Wordpress Community guys so be careful. Make sure you check the update history on this theme before buying it. I have no idea when they plan on updating this theme. They have stopped responding all together.

The author has indicated that he updated this theme on 25th April, 2015, but there was indeed no UPDATE.

Has anyone seen the changes and the update? Moreover, I have not received an email to that effect.

It was just a security fix for the latest WordPress security breach that was recently exposed, so that the theme would be completely secure from that. There weren’t any feature adds or bug fixes in this update, just the security fix.

BuddyPress & bbPress (BuddyPress Template Pack plugin required),

What is the alternative to this since the plugin is no longer available?

I can send it to you. Please email me at and we’ll get you squared away.

I purchased the theme before the update. After the update, all the feature tab, spotlight and newly reviewed won’t work any more.

“The tag you specified in the theme options for the Latest Slider does not match a tag slug in your database.”

The tag name you specified in the theme options for the Spotlight Slider does not match a tag name in your database.

The tag you specified in the theme options for the Trending Slider does not match a tag in your database.

Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you:


Nobody response to the support ticket

We responded to all support tickets up to late last night, so you must have put in the ticket today, in which case we’ll be responding as soon as we can.

It has been 16 hours

Thanks for your patience. Support can sometimes take up to 2 days depending on the support load.

Are you able to choose which menus/sections are shown? e.g. remove top menu, cat menu, don’t miss header, latest wrapper section and first menu in footer?

Yes, you can toggle all of those areas in the theme options.

This theme does not pass googles new testing for mobile friendly. I had to apply the jetpack plugin for it to work.

Reviews dont show up on mobile devices either

Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you:


Thanks you for your response. I still have a question, does the theme allow me to generate automatic lists of review based on their review ranking e.g. if its hotels can i create a page using say a short code like [list category=”hotels” criteria=”user review” ?

You can create review directory pages using the theme’s directory option. It’s not a shortcode, it’s a page template instead. It would look something like this: or this:


amoed Purchased

can i have tutorial to upload and use this themes? becouse i was uplaod themes and nothing change in dashboard..

There are instructions in the theme documentation. If you need further help after referring there, please open a new support ticket so we can better assist you:



amoed Purchased

when i was import the demo to my site, is not import all data like demo, and many data to invalid to import, is like this

I just purchased the theme, however, very difficult to install even after reading the read me file in the folder. failed to install error message each time. frustrated! A paid theme with such difficulty!?

Please open a support ticket and I’d be glad to help you:

What is the recent Version of the Made Theme?

The update log shows what the most recent version is:

Bai viet rat hay. Toi cam thay rat vui vi duoc doc no .

Can you please use English so I can better understand? Thanks!

Im just about to get this theme. I find its awesome and regularly updated. My question is, can i use this theme for something like hosting reviews, etc?

Absolutely, that would be a perfect use for Made!


On my page I see all the time this message:

The review type you specified in the theme options for one of the review types in your Latest Slider doesn’t match a review type in your database.

I see this one on all pages? Mayeb you can help me to get it working.

My url

Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you:


Now my messages are being deleted? What customer service. Im just stating the facts. The Theme needs a CRITICAL update. Are you trying to hide that fact from us? Instead of deleting my comments why can’t we just have a functional update of this Theme. Is that hard to ask for? I think my request is very fair and reasonable. This theme is NOT regularly updated and no security patches were fixed in your April update. Im consistent in my efforts to receive a functional product, in hopes you will hear our cries. So far they have been ignored and deleted.

What is the need of calling people from here to seek support elsewhere where they will never be answered. I got email to go the so called support page. I had to register and bla bla bla..

It is three days now, my issue has never been answered. This theme is not working.

Please do not respond to your own support center or else that will move you to the end of the support queue. We will answer support tickets in the order they were received. If we haven’t gotten to yours yet, we will soon and we thank you for your patience.

is it possible to remove all others and just use a movies review site

Yes, that is definitely possible and users are already using it this way.

hey great, can you show me those site ? if okay

I don’t have any specifically right now but if I come across any I’ll post here.


BChanged Purchased

Hi, I’m working with Made 2.6 and my website fails Google Developers Mobile Friendly test

Surely this is quite important for a professionally made theme? Is there anything I can do to pass this test using your theme?


Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you: