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Great theme, as usual. No need to wish you good luck because it will sell like hot cakes!


Thanks so much, I hope so!

Happy selling! I hope to buy this issue very soon. I really liked your Swagger Theme, I hope this will be better! Question: Panel “Dont Miss” – may be bigger? I really liked this new themes! I’ll buy it for sure!


Don’t miss is a set size and you would need to edit the theme files to increase the size.

Missing documentation and support zip file does not work :bigsmile:


You should use FTP to upload the unzipped made folder (found inside the Made-Theme folder) to your wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.

The documentation folder is inside the made folder :)

This thing is packed. Love it.

before i purchase this awesome theme,

is this theme support translation? are there .mo anda .po files included?



Yes, it is fully localized and comes with .po/.mo files.


Nice, i’ve already purchase this theme.


Great, thanks!

Great Theme. I have the Continuum theme. Is it easy to move the data to this new one…


You would have to create the review types with the exact same names as tje built-in ones in Continuum, and then you’d have to go back through and setup the rating criteria for each review. Would be some work, especially if you had a lot of reviews. You might have to use a post converter plugin too.

Is it possible to add review from Front End by buddyPress users


I’m not sure, I’ve not tried this. It’s not really a buddypress theme…

Very impressive theme.

few questions if possible:

1. How is possible to allow registered users to vote/rate? 2. Let say i have an existing review site – how difficult is to import articles into this theme and make them review, i’d need to edit each article and add a rates?



1) You would need to use a plugin such as GD Star Ratings.

2) You’d have to create the review types in the new theme and then use a post convert plugin to convert the post types of all of your reviews into the new review types, then go through and add ratings and such.

If I needed a magazine theme I would be buying this. Very well done.


Can this theme be use to power a rating site? where any users can rate a post and still keep all the bells and whistle (review indicators) of the review site, displayed in the demo.



You would need to use a plugin such as GD Star Ratings to accomplish user ratings.

looks so professional. its carefully created with details & user needs in mind. also you’ve selected a great subject for your theme :) I’m sure it will sell very good!


Thanks so much!

Hi again! I am thinking of purchasing the SwagMag and I wonder: is it possible to install some widgets and cool stuff from this theme to SwagMag? Or to take several features from Continuum and put in SwagMag?



Like which features?

This is a very nice theme. For my needs, i wish the ratings were user generated.


Thanks! I’ll look at adding that functionality in the future at some point.

Wonderful theme, thank you so much!

Would it be easy to make pages link to Amazon Books affiliate?


Not exactly sure – how does amazon books require you to setup the link – how exactly does that work?

You themes “magazine” are really amazing only one thing missing! If it is missing … The possibillidade of reviews by visitors in the comments area. There?


Currently you need to use GD Star Ratings which is a free plugin that adds this functionality. I have this on the list as a possible future update though.

Wow this is truly awesome Brian and just what I wanted, its almost like the perfect theme for what I have in mind as it incorporates pretty much everything I need.

Just a couple of things

With the header, can I fit my image header I’ve already got from my current site 950×170 or would it need to be a different size.

and I’d also love the ability for other people to be able to add reviews in comments.

Other than that I love it and will be buying either next week or week after.

Good luck on the sales as this is your best theme yet. Love the fact its responsive too.



You can fit that header easily within Made. You can either use it as the logo itself or the background image for the logo area – lots of options.

Right now you’d need to use a plugin such as GD Star Ratings to enable user ratings, but I have this on the list for a possible future update.

yoisidro Purchased
I have noticed display problems with the form template crhome.

Not sure I’m seeing exactly what the layout problem is, but please post your question on the support forum along with some clarification so I can better assist you: http://support.industrialthemes.com/viewforum.php?f=6

Thanks, Brian

yoisidro Purchased
More button does not work

Brian, within the concept of this being a community driven newspaper / magazine site, I’m wondering how I can allow others – the community – to create reviews? We’d like to have reviews on the LOCAL businesses & restaurants that are submitted, not by us, but by community members. In other words, I would create the ‘review page’ for 15 locally owned restaurants, and the community would be able to submit their reviews for the restaurant. I didn’t see anything in the screenrs that mentioned that, so I wanted to ask if this was possible within the theme. If not, can you recommend a plugin that would be suitable for this? Thanks! -Brad


Are you talking about full-fledged written reviews by the users, or more of a rating of the review that is already posted?

Nice theme , I really like it ! Im interested in purchasing , but i have some questions. 1. The “don’t miss” slider, Can I edit what its titled and do you get to chose a category for it to pull info?? How exactly does it work? 2.How much do you get to edit the home page? Can I have just a blog roll there if I want? 3. Review system can be turned off? 4. The “trending ” slider, where does that get its info from? 5. Can the Details, Top Critic Reviews, Full Cast and Crew and Buy Tickets Online titles box at the bottom of posts be edited and or turned off?

Thanks Mike


1) Yes and yes. You can use a category or a tag specified by you, and you can change the title however you want.

2) Absolutely.

3) Yep!

4) Just like the don’t miss slider, you can use a category, tag, or review type (or simply your latest posts).

5) Yep, that’s just a tab shortcode I added in for demo purposes.