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Ryben Purchased

As default the thumbnails are cropped to 250×250 but i need them to be resized to 250px width but have an auto height so i can see the whole picture is each post, but resized instead of cropped.

HereĀ“s a image showing on the right the current post thumbs in my blog (as i like to be) and on the left as is displayed with the madidus theme (cropped): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/32982887/example.jpg

Is there any way to acomplish this?


It’s possible that you will need also edit style files for this, and it won’t be so easy, the best way would be to find a freelancer here: https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress that could help you to customize the theme as you need it.

The image height to auto you can change by editing files like includes/news.php, homepage template files etc

this line

$image = get_post_thumb($post->ID,250,250);


$image = get_post_thumb($post->ID,250,0);

Ryben Purchased

Thanks, this has been very useful!

Hi. Please, let me know what I have to change to remove the hover over the image on the top of the post. Thank you very much.


Please check your email.

Hi, I install new theme, madidus (to WP 3.9.3 and then also in 4.1), but now i have 2 warnings:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /data/web/virtuals/54523/virtual/www/domains/xy.cz/wp-content/themes/madidus/madidus-themes/functions/madidus-menu.php:955) in /data/web/virtuals/54523/virtual/www/domains/xy.cz/wp-includes/option.php on line 1305 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /data/web/virtuals/54523/virtual/www/domains/xy.cz/wp-content/themes/madidus/madidus-themes/functions/madidus-menu.php:955) in /data/web/virtuals/54523/virtual/www/domains/xy.cz/wp-includes/option.php on line 1307

I find a lot of topics, but nothing helped me. Thx


Have you updated the theme to the latest version too? If so then please email me ftp and wp admin access to check it.


after update theme homepage renders badly in google chrome, see screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49392641/scr2.JPG

In Firefox and Explorer works fine.


After madidus update or chrome update? Checked your page on Chrome, but it looks fine for me.

Hello, after updating to the latest Madidus, my banner at the top of the page has doubled in height. eapj.org

The logos should be side by side above the tagline. I’m not sure how I can fix it.

Thanks for your time!


The last update couldn’t affect this, in case you haven’t customized the files before.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. I’m the newest webmaster and I have not customized those files. I do see that it is my banner at the bottom, rather than my logo. Is there any way I can get my banner to be above my tagline?

Can you please send me a live link to the page?

Hello, is there any way to create a full width page as a category page or subpage on the menu bar? When I click on the subcategory, I want it go directly to the full-width page instead of having to click twice to get to a post..I don’t want the “READ MORE” option. Thanks in advance for your help!


Now sure if I understood you right but you can insert in the menu also custom links.

ohh how do you do that?

Like in all other themes, just use the custom links tab on the left side http://grab.by/Ha3I


I’ve loved the theme for our site discoversociety.org – unfortunately the home page slider has suddenly stopped working.

It’s definitely configured correctly. It had been working correctly for 2 years, no one had changed anything. Yet it’s vanished. I’ve double checked the configuration instructions, tried making a new homepage and changing settings on the existing page. But can’t find any way to make it appear again!

Did you instal any new plugins or updates?

Nope, the only thing that I could think of was that we embedded a video for the first time.

Strange, but will check this for future updates.

Hi, nice theme!

Where I need to put the facebook comments code?



it really depends on what plugin you use, the best way is to contact the plugin author about this, but I think you can try to add it in the comments.php file.


The videos can play whitout open a post?



By default no, but maybe you can find a plugin for this that could do that trick.


I have downloaded the latest update of the Madidus Theme and overwrote the old folder using FileZila. the overwrite was successful. I cleared my Cache. But when I open my Dashboard it still shows that Madidus needs to be updated.

Now the trouble is that I need to update to WP 4.2.2., and everytime I do this, the site crashes and goes to white screen.

Can you provide a solution please on how to update Madidus so i can also update WP..


Switched themes and managed to upgrade to WP 4.2.2. but when want to re activate Madidus theme, everything crashes. Guess I need to first upgrade MAdidus and then WP. Thanks for letting me know how this can be done. I followed the instructions on the website but MAdidius still says that there is a new update.

All ok. I removed the entire Madidus folder on the FTP and re installed again. The update alert is gone and managed to upgrade to WP 4.2.2.


Please be always sure that you use the latest theme version and then it will be okay :)

Hi, does Madidus theme manages “related posts” at the end of each post? can you tell me how to insert thumnail please. Thx


It automatically takes posts form the category you have posted the post you’re visiting. To set a thumbnail you need to set a featured image as in all default wp themes.


Hi, does Madidus theme manages “related posts” at the end of each post? can you tell me how to insert thumnail please. Thx