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Awesome theme bro :)


Thanks bro :)

Just amazing, good luck with sales ;)


Thank’s a lot! ;)

Great work!!! Really neat and clean theme. Best luck for the sale!


Really thanks for your compliments!

This is by far one of the most complete themes that I’ve ever came across to and all I can say is, congratulations for an amazing job, great features and good luck with the sales!

One quick questions though: can you display the single post in full width, as well?


Wow, thanks a lot for beautiful words! We really appreciate it! :)

Yes, sure! It is possible to display the single post in full width.

Splendid! This delightful theme goes straight to my favorite items collection! ;)

It’s a pleasure for us and a great award! We did our best! ;)

Stunning work! Good luck :)


Thank you so much! :)



Thanks! It is a pleasure for us to read this! :)

amazing :) feature rich, and powerful!


Thank you so much! :)

Very nice theme! Good luck!!!


Thank you very much for your words!

Wow, you guys have just set the bar higher! Amazing.

Thanks a lot! Nice to read this :)

Another awesome theme.

What’s the major difference from One Touch?


Thanks a lot!

Maestro theme has much more worked out pages;

there are the dark versions;

a lot of new blocks for Page builder;

improved News Slider;

The theme is fully translated into German and Russian;

There are also mega menu plugin and rtl support;

And these are only new features, which are added to Maestro;

Also there is everything, which has One Touch, but even better.


I would like to change my site from One Touch. Is there no problem?

Yes, it is possible to to change One Touch theme to Maestro. But in the latter there is a new Page Builder, which is much more powerful, than in One Touch.

If you change your site to Maestro theme, all the content will remain on your site, but you will have to build your pages again.

But with the new Page Builder it won’t take you more that 15 minutes.


does the theme fully support child-themes allowing me to make all changes and customization using a child theme and keep a clear upgrade path?

do you plan to convert the theme to Zurb Foundation 4 any time soon?


No, we refer to the Maestro theme, of course. In the new Maestro versions we are planning to convert the theme to Zurb Foundation 4.


Thank you for the clarification – any time frame?

Now there is no time frame.

First of all we will help people with their sites, and also to fix the mistakes, if they appear.



fantastic work – will be a topseller !!!

One short pre-sales question: Is it possible to change the boday text color and body item color?

best greetings mike

Hello Mike!

Thanks a lot for inspiring words!

Yes, sure, it is possible to change the body text color, as well as the item background color.


Amazing Theme. Awesome

If possible, I would like to know if it works with BuddyPress.

Also, Can I display the blog as the homepage, or at least display the blog layout on the homepage?


Hello Jerry!

Thanks for your compliments!

The theme works with bbpress, and in the nearest time there will be added the support of buddypress.

Thanks for your comment!

Impact beautiful theme. Convenient for any type of site. Beautiful modern and fashionable. Sorry for my little English fluently.

Thanks great job.


Very beautiful words! Thank you for them!

congratulations for the superb design!

some questions :

1. is page builder & v. composer the same thing in your theme or not?

1a. if different when use builder and when use v. composer?

2. will u support envato wordpress kit for theme auto updates ?

thx for sharing your inspiration & the progress you keep making :-)


1. The Page Builder and Visual Composer are different things. VC is used for creating visual shortcodes


Page builder is used for creating all blocks


2. We have our own auto update plugin. But thanks for your direction.

We have looked through envato wordpress kit plugin. We liked it.

Most likely we will add it to our theme in the next updates.

Thanks for nice words! :)

ok thx!

1. ok

2. then say it in theme page! it is so important ;-)

We’ll do it! Thanks! :)

Really great work – congratulations!!!

I have one question – is this theme based on Bootstrap framework like One Touch? I can’t see any mention of it in your description.

Best luck with sales.


Oh, thanks for the clarification. For some reason I thought that One Touch was based on Bootstrap. In your opinion, is Zurb foundation framework equal or better than Bootstrap? I have google it and found out that is produced by some very capable bunch – real heavy weight in web technology, but I have never come across this framework being used with WP. Sorry to bother you with this, but I really love what you have done and would love to put your theme into use on my next project. As someone else mentioned, it’s one of the best themes offered here. Cheers

Oh, yes, I remember now why did I think you used Bootstrap with One Touch. Few days ago I did search for “Bootstrap” on Theme Forest, then selected WP to narrow the search. Your theme was included in the result, hence the confusion. I guess it was tagged with “bootstrap” wrongly.

Thanks for the warm words again!

For more compatibility with different plugins, we decided to use zurb foundation. It is really cool. And the plugins and functions, which are using Bootstrap as a framework, work perfect.

Answering your comment below. The one Touch was firstly build on Bootstrap, but then we have set it on Zurb Foundation.


Awesome theme again, congrats! Is that special Crumina slider on the Home Page available as Wordpress plugin / separate item? I asked before and got a positive answer (“Should be available soon”) but didnĀ“t come across yet. Or did I overlook something?


Yes, Crumina slider is a separate plugin. But when you have asked about it, it wasn’t ready for sale. Now we prepare it for setting on CodeCanyon and it will be available for selling in about two weeks.


The shortcodes page in the theme demo isn’t working. I get an 404 error.

Other than that, Really great design!!! I Love it!

Good luck with sales


Thanks for beautiful words! We did our best.

Sorry for this little mistake. Now this link leads right.


Hello. Nice theme, but I have a few questions. Thanks! 1. Can the template width be set to a different size for boxed layout? 2. Can certain elements be hidden on different mobile devices? 3. Any chance for a fixed header for the menu when scrolling down? 4. Can the menu icons be turned off? 5. Is there a place to add CSS overrides? 6. Would be nice to have different color for top menu area to separate from body area. 7. Can the portfolio page display titles and descriptions? Can portfolio item page support different layouts? 8. Is pagination available for portfolio page? 9. Can blog page display image first, instead of intro text and then image?

Hello Brian!

Thanks a lot!

1. Yes, it is possible to set template width to a different size for boxed layout.

2. There is no such an option, but it can be done by adding the css code.

3. The fixed header option will be added in some days to the theme update.

4. The menu icons are fully customized. You can either change them, or remove at all.

5. Sure! There is a field in theme options, where you can add your css codes.

6. Unfortunately, there is no such a function at the moment. We will pass this idea to our designer.

7. You can see it on the portfolio masonry page http://theme.crumina.net/index.php?theme=maestro

At the moment the portfolio page doesn’t support different layouts.

8. Yes, pagination is available for the portfolio page.

9. It is possible the blog page to display image on the left and on the right of the text. This you can see in outr demo.