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Hola! he comprado la plantilla hoy… pude instalar todo correctamente pero no puedo hacer que se vea el link de facebook en el pie de pagina. me podras ayudar? gracias


and I’ll send! thanks


I just answered You.


excellent user support. thank you very much for the help

Hello, Is there any way to make featured products slider on the homepage to show products randomly, not by creation date? Thanks


Yes you are editing good file. In line 45 you have to change “10” it’s last parameter of function getNewProducts()


That’s what i did before..but no changes :/


It should change. Please send me YOur FTP access on biuro@bestudio.pl and i will check it in monday.

iteran Purchased

Hello, really great theme!

I have just one problem, I don´t know what could I change, but now I am not able to show the responsive slider on resolutions lower than 768px.

I have been looking the code on flexslider.css but I don´t achieve the result I need.


Hi. Please open ticket on tooniu.eu and i will help You. Please include your shop URL Tooniu


j’aimerai savoir comment installer ce thème sans avoir acces a mon serveur FTP car quand je vais dans le backoffice de prestashop et que je telecharge le zip du théme je il y a ecris mauvais fichier de configuration



Hi!. Sorry I don’t speak french. Please translate to english and send Your ticket on tooniu.eu

Regards TOoniu



can you give me a reply please in a ticket

best regards


Hi i’ve already replied You!. Please follow my instructions in that reply.


iteran Purchased

Hello, I don´t want to have sidebar column in my product list page (gridview). I have removed all modules placed there, but the blank space is still there, and I have only 3 columns of products, whilst I want 4 columns full width.

What can I do? Thanks.


Hi. Please send ticket on tooniu.eu and i will help You. Tooniu

Navigation main menu not responsive? I’m interested in this theme, however, I noticed that the main navigation menu disappears for Mobile or Tablet on your demo, also tried on Screenfly. Am I missing something or is this correct, that there is no main menu for Mobile devices or Tablets?


hi! Thanks for letting me know. I must accidentaly turn it off.

It’s on now. Thanks again Tooniu

Do you have plans to update theme to be compatible with prestashop v.16?


yes i will check compatibility in next week. However 1.6 is in early stage and i’ll rather wait for something around 1.6.3 to run Your shop on it.


xavhey Purchased

Hello I have install your template I have a problem, i can’t see in product page the resume texte !! I just see, title, reference, price and more about !!! what can i do to see “resume” thanks xavier


Hi! What is resume text? Could you explain better. Please send ticket on tooniu.eu

Hi. Pawel here from ultragraf.pl My client “udekarzy” bought template from You some time ago and..

I would like to translate some part of website http://www.udekrzy.pl from eng to pl lang.

Like: “SUBMIT” in newsletter; “Intro text” in newsletter; “contact us” title in footer; “NEW” green label in top left in feauterd products slider item; “ON SALE” orange label.

Basicly I cant find field in “localisation > translations” to translate some modules from magari.

How can I do it?

Also, my system after upgrading to is not showing me many of translations in backend and front end as well. And i cant set up “language block module” so i think it’s some bigger issue with system. But i might be wrong.

Another thing is zoom over images in product page. It does not work.

And please help me to set up left column like You did in demo. Client like much this adsslider but it brakes jquery i think.

Also please send me full details of modules positions such as filters in left column on my email biuro@ultragraf.pl.


Thanks for Your work.


Hello, Unfortunately Magari doesn’t support prestashop 1.6

You can check compatible versions on item page http://themeforest.net/item/magari-responsive-prestashop-theme/3542429

Most of features are working but i can’t guarantee all will work. I advise to use version of prestashop as there are still some bugs in 1.6 version.

If you have any technical issues please contact me on http://tooniu.eu Tooniu


Hi. Thanks. It works fine under 1.6.

Another question.

How to make polish signs there? Like Pt Sans Narrow with ???Ó??

I also found polish names of variables.. Are You Polish ? :)

On android logo seams to be missing. Just ”??” img appers. Logo in admin is settled up. ?



Witam! Tak jestem z Polski. Napisz prosze na http://tooniu.ticksy.com/ Pozdrawiam Tooniu

Cool theme! Just got to ask though: How can I make the left and right columns visible at the home page? Thanks :)


It’s not possible to put both columns using this theme.

Do you have plans to update theme to be full compatible with prestashop 1.6?


Yes. I will update theme in next few weeks. Tooniu


Want to change the right column to the left. I’ve done with configurator option. But in smartphone view I saw the center column then the right. How can I change the right column to the left and when I display in smartphone first display left and then center?



Please open ticket at tooniu.ticksy.com

Hi How is it going with update for 1.6? I im looking forward to it :-)

Do you have plans to update theme to be full compatible with prestashop 1.6? It´s urgent now