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Love your designs keep up the good work!

Thanks! Nothing special was done to optimise the graphics, just normal Photoshop compression – although I did my best to use as few images as possible, and use CSS for effects as much as possible.

Hey buddy just love ur theme, Id like to know if it comes with PSD file? Thanks.

It only comes with the PSD for the logo.

Can you make this template compatible with Wordpress 2.8 ?

It is :) The Live Preview is running 2.8

I cant get the excert to work in my installation :( What’s the problem?

When writing a post, are you using the ‘Excerpt’ section to write the post summary? If so, don’t. Write your post as normal in the post section, then place the ‘More Tag’ where you want the post to ‘split’.

If you must use the Excerpt instead, email me via my profile page (click my name, and use the form), and I’ll make some edits to your files.

thank you

Exelent! Very very good….

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Thanks a lot for the theme, I love everything about it so far :D Just one thing… My Twitter doesn’t seem to be working, I downloaded the plugin and i activated it, but for some reason it doesn’t show the tweets, maybe if you’d tell me what everything means (I’m using it on widgets)!!

I’ve noticed this before. It’s definitely not a theme issue, but I’m not sure whether it’s an issue with the plugin or with Twitter.

You could try using a different Twitter Widget ?

Thanks again :)

cool theme, I love the design

Hi, Love the theme. Question for you. How do I make the tabs at the top specific pages on my blog rather than categories of my blog?


Forget the previous question, I figured it out.

However, I’m having some difficulty. With all posts/pages that I am creating I’m getting the following error…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_init() in D:\hshome\jrmcinto\mockflock.com\wp-content\themes\tutorialmag\functions.php on line 5

Am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks.

Hi there is the page navigation implemented inside functions.php or did you install a plugin for that?

The theme supports the WP-PageNavi plugin for that.

It doesn’t require it though, and will automatically fall back to WordPress’ default pagination if the plugin isn’t installed.

The theme is very nice but I am having a problem. Same problem @jrmcintosh.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\arslan\functions.php on line 5

Am I doing something incorrectly? Thanks..