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When we make the layout Responsive, the minisidebar no longer fits. We have lost the mini-sidebar in the layout. the content simply shows up below the right sidebar content. Is there a way remedy this?

Under the Appearance/Widgets page, the sidebars are no longer showing. They worked a couple of days ago. Do you have any ideas as to why they wouldn’t be loading?

Hi, good day jst want to ask.. im interested in buying the theme,,just want to ask.. does the theme has a feature where u can change the thumbnail and make it like a book cover or book dimensions?thanks

I’ve come across an issue when the following code block is enabled in inc\ReduxFramework\magaziner\magaziner-config.php

            if( file_exists( dirname(__FILE__).'/info-html.html' )) {
            /** @global WP_Filesystem_Direct $wp_filesystem  */
                global $wp_filesystem;
                if (empty($wp_filesystem)) {
                require_once(ABSPATH .'/wp-admin/includes/file.php');
                $sampleHTML = $wp_filesystem->get_contents(dirname(__FILE__).'/info-html.html');

It would cause a info-html.tmp (then a info-html2.tmp etc) file be created in php’s temp file location (ie /tmp) on each page view. When i commented out the code block above the files stopped being created – reverted back to original files were created again.

Does this if statement actually do anything?

I’ve added a comment to a similar issue to the Github for ReduxFramework – https://github.com/ReduxFramework/redux-framework/issues/1383. Note, this didn’t fix the googlefonts.tmp version of this error. Do you do something similar for googlefonts elsewhere?


I seem to have a theme conflict with the plugin the event calendar (https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-events-calendar/)

When I’m displaying events with full-width page template, I don’t have the comment area but in my settings comments are on.

So, the plugin developer said it’s a theme conflict.

Do you have ever heard of problem with your theme and this plugin ?


Gosh…the theme designer doesn’t reply to Comments – but “here” is where it says that comments will provide support. I see that the theme has a recent update, but Mr. Designer: please respond to the questions and issues here. It hurts your sales if you do not reply and provide help.

HI! I have questions on this theme.

1. how can i change the color of the menu bar or the size of the menu? 2. Is there any CSS code to make the new heading for this theme? i waant to customize but i couldn’t 3. is there any instruction video for the customization of this theme?

waiting for your reply.

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hi, do you think to add a schoirtcode generator to the editor? then do you think to add a composer editor to yout them too? than you mauro

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Hi, i need to know is it possible to add a social share icons to the articles in the columns shortcodes. thank you

How can I assign several pages as Blogs displaying only posts from an specific categories? I can only select one page as blog on the reading settings but I need several pages as diferent categories blogs like the demo. I can’t find the way tio do it. please help. thank you in advance.


I need the shortcode to display an specific categories posts like this… one below the other, on a give page… sorry I can’t do it.


please check my site, I can’t find the shortcode or the template to make any given page a blog for an specific categorie posts



As someone else posted, I’m trying to use multiple categories in the half-column shortcode, but it’s not working. This is what I’m trying to use, and it prints only the title and nothing else even though I know there are entries: [magazine_half_column title=’Editorials’ title_type=’H3’ position=’last’ number_posts=’4’ order_posts=’DESC’ orderby_posts=’date’ excerpt_words=’35’ category_id=’90,91,94,99’ strip_html=’yes’ link_readmore=’yes’ meta_author=’yes’ meta_category=’yes’ meta_date=’yes’ meta_comment=’‘]

Logo does not show on mobile displays. Could u please give a reason and a solution? website is www.newstelly.com


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Hi, great theme. I have a problem regarding the link on the author’s name, the default link on the author name is structured like www.domain.com/author/author’s nickname(?). At the moment all those links result into a 404 page. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance.


preview is not working. so,what do you mean by accessibility ready? is there an url where i can see the theme in order to make an opinion by myself?