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Dear IG_design,

I would like to ask you some question. My first question is where can I find that area where I can change this: http://www.mymixes.hu/test/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Screen-Shot-2014-01-22-at-10.03.44-1024x576.jpg Second how can I manage my website to get this page:

your site: http://ivang-design.com/magician/slider/work.html my site: http://www.mymixes.hu/test/?portfolio=aaron Thanks you for your answer!

Hi beyouridea,

This is html version, for WP version you can ask for help here: http://themeforest.net/item/magician-responsive-parallax-wordpress-theme/6188767/comments

Best regards! Ivan

The video seems to have stopped working for me in Chrome. Even in the preview link on themeforest.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is there contact.php file within the package?


Yes. ..

Hi; Thanks… :) We are a group of game development. I’m looking for a nice theme for us. Us what your theme will be better? Finally, Do you make custom themes? or special :)

Yes, i’m making custom sites. You can mail me what do you need, and we can see what is the best options for you. Mail: ivang.design@yahoo.com

Best regards! Ivan

Hi – I’m using this for my portfolio. I’d like to make the images under works a little bit smaller (300×200 rather than 400×267), however, my images are automatically resizing to 400×267. I cannot figure out where in the css calls for the images to be that size. Any help?



Edit layout.css and find:
.wrapper img{
change wrapper img dimensions…

Best regards! Ivan

Hi, I’m testing your template Magician (http://ivang-design.com/magician/slider/) and I see the following errors in IE8: 1) no design adapts to vary the width of the screen, there appears black background menu. 2) the red arrow for the location does not appear in the google map. I wanted to send the screenshot for what may prove, but I see you can not attach a file in this form.

Hi, thanks for this great theme.

I got a question about “text-home words”. I replaced them with a logo, but it’s not responsive. Even though I modified the sizes in layout.css, nothing changed.

Can you please let me know how I can do that?

Thanks a lot!

Hi the bigvideo not work in ie9

anybody know the fix? thanks


I have question about contact form. I’m from Poland. In our alphabet we have some special letters like ? ? ? ? รณ ? ? ?

When someone send me a message with this letter, the message is going to messed up. It’s changing Polish letter to something like this: \xC5\x9B\xC5\x9B

Im pretty sure that this is some coding problem (UTF-8) but where I can fix this problem?

Thank You for support!

How to remove the loading of “cracks4free.info”, it delays too much before showing the video background. Or sometimes it stock on a white page while loading and scanning something?

hi, i wanna buy this template and i am trying to open live demo, but it takes tooo long to open main page, rest of page opening but slider page takes really long to load, is there any problem about it?


I have been using this theme for a little while now and I just realized that the contact form does not support gmail addresses. I can get emails from any type of mail server except for gmail, which is a problem.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks, Nikki


This is Rony from TrustandAct. I provided today Magician theme. During installation the style.css is missing and template too.

Could you help me with that ? Critical level.

Thank you for your help.

Hello Ivan, do you have a recommended tool for configure automatically this theme ? thank you.


You can use dreamweaver, notepad++ ...

Hello Ivan,

in the “works” modul I would get the image with no key line. In old ‘spyropress’ version it was the ‘bos-shadow’ parameters in work.css

I change here and there no effect. Where can I find the border effect to remove and I would like get all images straights. Thank you.

I’m still can’t get some help!!!!

Hi. Can I change the color red to color blue in the entire web desing ? Thanks


Yes you can.

Hello, do you plan to update this template? Seems he needs some few updates and fixes. Here I tested the “fancyBox”, need some extra to play video locally, also is too slow with more then 15 pics. The template is “heavy” and slow to run. tested on i3, i5, and i7 too. The mobile version doesnt show well, tested on LG G3 QHD… I really wish some updates :) Thanks, the template very beautiful

I just bought it and I am totally dissappointed!

Documentation is totally useless, it is just a copy-paste of the included CSS into an html.
  • No instructions to change colors
  • No “for position only” images (all of them are identical, you can’t see transitions until you replace them)
  • TWITTER feed totally useless (OUTDATED using very old API)
  • CSS for different screens all mixed in the same CSS file

This is the first time in all my Envato purchases that I feel so cheated. How can I get my money back?


HI, how do I auterar the map? I have already changed several JS, and there was no change, and GMAPS.JS TEMPLATES.JS




Edit template.js file, find code for google maps and change coordinates.

Hi, I changed the template.js, but nothing has changed :(

/*global $:false */ var map; $(document).ready(function(){“use strict”; map = new GMaps({ disableDefaultUI: true, scrollwheel: false, el: ’#map_canvas’,

lat: 38.6298818,
  lng: -9.1492156

houarim Purchased


This link you posted doesn’t include the unicodes, or shortcodes…


houarim Purchased


This template is very well-coded and extremely well-designed. So I won’t need much help with the code. However, there is something I can’t figure out how to do:

How can I add small text underneath the M A G I C I E N ? I need to write the name of the company, but it is in two words, It would be like writing

 html template

Also, on top of the box, how can I add a logo please?

Here’s a screenshot of what I am trying to achieve:


I guess I am having trouble with the location of the different parts… Other than that, it is PERFECT! Responsive and it works like a charm.

Thank you,


houarim Purchased

I guess after 2 weeks and after sending messages from your contact form, you don’t provide support for this template anymore? I had a simple question, I can see you helped others in the past by modifying their code, how about sharing that answer so everybody can achieve that without asking you over and over again? Adding some text in the top of the Letters that slide in should be an easy thing to do, can you please help us? We purchased this template expecting some minimal support, this is really not much we’re asking Ivan…