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On my main browser (google chrome), the website shows the page builder page with the latest posts—however, on mobile and other browsers, I’m only seeing posts from July until I hit “Latest Posts”

is there a fix for this? is one of my widgets or plugins causing an issue?

my site is at http://www.gigaventure.com/



This is your site on IE: http://snag.gy/CJ0lM.jpg Firefox: http://snag.gy/noS89.jpg Opera: http://snag.gy/1rv36.jpg

Everything well on my side.

Please make sure you did not install any bad scripts on your browsers or spam apps on your PC. Also ask your friend to check your site. Do you see the problem with my demo?


It was actually a server issue, needed to clear cache!!


Thanks for the help lol sorry for the confusion

Hi tienn One more support i created normal Table in Homepage and i like using BREAK in page builder and i like the BREAK to be Top and my TABLE to be between BREAK and Columns i created from page builder. See the Picture http://imgur.com/g48RJNZ Thanks


Dear. Page builder support drag and drop, just drag it and drop to below Break box and update page.

how can i insert a slider like the break slider of your demo theme ?


Of course, yes. Just use page builder to insert. I wrote in documentation very clearly.


thank you : this is my blog http://topsmartphone.it/

Hi, is the theme compatable with wordpress 4.0?


Hi. The demo is using wordpress 4.0

Hi Newbie here, im about to purchase your theme..

1- can you assist with installation by team viewer My website is www.cinemahifi.pt

2- this theme use visual composer ?

3- Its possible to add something like this (consider suggestion for future upgrades )

Social share webpage + social share article (in the article ) http://imageshack.com/i/eyI0B1eLp social share bottom of the article http://imageshack.com/i/eyxsXAYDp




1. Yes, I will provide installation service for free. The teamviewer is suitable for minor customize, so I suggest you add me to your site as an admin and I will make everything well for you.

2. The theme not use VC, but using our page builder.

3. Those features can be added by plugins from http://wordpress.org/plugins

I can see that your theme it’s red. Do we have any other colors to chose from? Thank you!


The color scheme can be changed with 1 click because this theme supports Customizer similar with official Wordpress themes.

bangpow Purchased

Hi. I purchased the theme a few months back and I seem to having an issue with using a child theme so I can make some css edits.

The child theme transfers over okay enough, but none of my changes in the style.css file seem to take on the child theme.

I’m basically wanted to change the “main” color on the sidebar titles to something else and I can’t seem to figure out how to do that. Changing the “main” color works on everything, but I can’t seem to override that color in certain areas.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 491520 bytes) in /var/www/artis/wp-content/themes/artisnmodel/inc/shortcodes/shortcodes_pagebuilder.php on line 464

can you fix it http://artisnmodel.com



But I don’t see that error on the URL you shared. Can you contact me at http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact so I can ask some private information

There is a lot of unused space on the sides. Can we modify that?


No. This theme is fixed max width theme, we can not increase to full screen.


Working on Wordpress 4.1?

Happy New Year!


Dear. Yes, of course. The demo site is working with 4.1

Have a Big Year! Thank you.

dxmp Purchased

I’m thinking of buying the theme. One question: Is it possible to add a like button in front of the social counter? And if it is, would you assist me with it ?

dxmp Purchased

Could you please tell me where should I put the code? And, if possible, what Css should I type in to get it to be vertically centered? Thank You! By the way, the share part at the bottom of the posts is not displaying the buttons, any idea of what might be causing that?


Please share URL, I will take a look about the sharing buttons not displaying in post.

dxmp Purchased

I have sent you a message through the support section.

Hello, I can’t change my favicon, when I clic on the button to do that nothing happen (it doesn’t show me the list of media). I tried to replace it manually though FTP but it seems that I failed.

How can change it ?



Hello. Are you using cache plugin? If you even uploaded though FTP but not affect, I think you must clean cache after uploaded to check again. Thanks.


yes, I use a cache (WP Super cache) but I already cleaned it (and the cache of the browser too).

I put manually the favicon here: wp-content/themes/maginess/img

(favicon.png 16*16px )

Was that the good way to do that ?


This time it was possible to click on the button and it seems that now its good for the favicon. Thanks

Can i use the revolution slider with this theme? how difficult is it to implement?


As I know, revolution slider supports shortcode and responsive so you can use at any where you want.

Hi there,

The page builder isn’t working for me. When I press “edit” to adjust options, it just loads a small blank space beneath.

Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/Ilm70HU3AcWy

Would appreciate your help on this matter… thanks!


Dear. It’s really hard for me to know what happen with the site with only the screenshot.

So hope you can create an admin account and send login information to http://themeforest.net/user/tiennguyenvan#contact

I will login and take a look. Thanks.

cajuze Purchased

1 – Do you think add columns on footer so works with widget, ex: POPULAR POSTS, TOP REVIEW …

2 – And about woocommerce shop. Do you think about?


Lipitive Purchased

Okay, theme is working good but need to fix few issues.

1). On “Home Page” or “Category Page” where the posts are showing up, if I select 2 categories or multiple categories for single post, on home page its only showing that the post is related to the first one I select. What I mean is, even if I select 2 category for single post, on Home Page or even Category Page, it shows only 1 category below the post information. What I want it to show both or atleast 2 categories that I select for the single post on home page or any other page.

2). Its showing the date of posting on all the pages including the “Home Page” and “Category Page” or any other page, I just don’t want date in any format to be displayed on my website. Please give me the solution to this.

Hope you understand the issues.

Please reply back as soon as you can.

Waiting for your reply.


Lipitive Purchased

Still waiting for your reply.

Please get back as soon as you can. Thanks


Dear/ The number

1) Not support in this theme because the layout not allow long category list. If need support, I must modify theme a lot, so I don’t know how to guide you do that. Do you know PHP a bit?.

2) About meta views, add below css to the end of style.css (Appearance / Editor)
.meta a.date {
    display: none!important;
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I have something else after my footer i don t know how i can remove it ?

Iwant my footer is the end of page