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Maginess is a premium WordPress theme supported ton of features for helping you easy publish your news / magazine website in seconds. Some main features can be found in the below list:

Primary Features

  1. Current version 1.6.8
  2. Casual Page Builder make the theme become one of best flexible magazine WordPress theme with drag / drop feature allow you easy build your unique home design just with some clicks.
  3. Fully Responsive Design
  4. Responsive Ads for normal mode and mobile mode.
  5. Support Customizer with more than 80 Google Fonts and can upload your custom font, easy changing colors, images, icons, and more.
  6. Allow add custom review rating in post
  7. More than 10 valuable widgets ready for you site: social counter, twitter roll, login / register, post data, comment data and more.
  8. Translate ready within theme option, no need to install any other plugin to translate you site.
  9. Demo xml data ready
  10. Have a ton other features so we can not list everything, the theme is waiting you discover other cool features.

Responsive Ads - Maginess - Flexible Wordpress Theme


Premium SEO - Maginess – Flexible Magazine WordPress Theme


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Special thanks:

  1., we used image from this site for demo purpose only.
  2. SelectNav, used to create responsive menu.
  3. Unslider, used to create Twitter Roll widget
  4. FlexSlider, used to create Slider news boxes


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Release Notes

v1.6.8 – April Fool, 2014
- Fixed: Search box hide with all
- Fixed: Translate can not input ? (prime) character

v1.6.6 – Mar 16, 2014

- Fixed: new window option not work with social icon links
- New: add reddit icon into social list.

v1.6.5 – Mar 13, 2014

- Fixed: not work properly when have multi gallery in post
- Fixed: drop cap letter hidden in index pages
- Fixed: tabs and accordion not work properly

v1.6.0 – Mar 02, 2014

- New: support add color for menu item
- New: allow user enable lightbox automatically on post images
- New: allow user pick color for article box in page builder
- New: allow user enable pagination for article boxes in page builder
- New: allow user select author for article boxes in page builder
- New: support gallery slider in singular posts / pages
- New: add option to allow hide search form on the top of site
- Fixed: author box display not properly when author has long bio.
- Fixed: contact form show wrong captcha
- Fixed: add option to allow disable captcha on contact form
- Fixed: attachment single page display not properly

v1.5.0 – Feb 20, 2014

- New: added option to allow user hide author box and view counts
- New: added captcha for contact form
- New: support Instagram and Google Plus for Social Counter widget
- New: support custom font for Post admin editor (Text mode only)
- New: support exclude loaded post for article boxes
- New: support rating snippet for search result
- New: added open graph meta for social sharing content
- New: support user upload default thumbnail image
- Fixed: date limitation of widgets not work properly
- Fixed: social counter label not display properly with some fonts
- Fixed: twitter counter not display properly
- Fixed: related post options not work properly
- Fixed: related post box not work properly
- Fixed: some elements not display properly in responsive mode

v1.4.0 – Jan 21, 2014

- New: display blog logo image in login screen
- New: added options to allow admin can change content settings of sliders
- New: support dropdown for all menu locations
- New: show rating value on index page items
- New: support upload custom fonts
- Fixed: index page not work properly in responsive
- Fixed: can not translate some texts

v1.3.2 – Jan 17, 2014

- Fixed: some components not work properly when change font
- Fixed: site work not properly with sticky posts
- New: Users / Visitors rating system
- New: add widgets: popular user rating, top like comments

v1.3.0 – Jan 15, 2014

- Fixed: page builder not work properly in Firefox 2.6.0
- New: allow user add custom sidebar for specific page

v1.2.3 – Jan 14, 2014

- Fixed: user website icon not show
- Fixed: two columns news box not work properly
- New: Added new shortcodes: highlight, tabs, buttons, accordions, dropcap
- New: Added option to allow choose target email in contact form.
- New: Allow user input shortcode in HTML box of page builder

v1.2.0 – Jan 10, 2014

- Fixed: Pinterest sharing button not work properly
- Fixed: RSS button not work properly
- Fixed: Author link not work properly
- New: Add more information into author page
- New: Add shortcode to show team page
- New: Add option to allow user show / hide sidebar

v1.1.7 – Jan 08, 2014

- Fixed: portfolio image auto resize not work properly
- Fixed: get thumbnail image function not work properly
- New: add like/dislike function for comments

v1.1.1 – Jan 07, 2014

- Fixed: member can not access dashboard
- New: support RTL language format by one click

v1.1.0 – Jan 05, 2014

- Fixed: Ads settings display not properly
- Fixed: Page review not work.

v1.0.5 – Jan 04, 2014

- Fixed: Portolio displaying not property.
- New: Add Google Authorship Rich Snippet

v1.0.1 – Jan 01, 2014

- Initial Release