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what i see now when i try and open the hoe page is the following javascript error:

TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'jQuery("a[class^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto()') 243

Any word on Wordpress 3.8 compatability? Is it ready for 3.8 already?


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hi – all of my featured images are cutting off the image. Let’s say there is a pic of a person, it just shows their torso and cuts off the head. How would i adjust this so that the image constrains proportions?? thanks in advance


Where exactly?


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well, i had to turn them off of appearing automatically but if you could check it out really fast, i can turn it back on again. link is chescobusinesstoday.com. it is a live site! are you around today to take a peek? they are on…


I’ve just added a widget to my right sidebar of my site www.the4thofficial.co.uk (underneath the Calendar) but it does not display completely?

Any idea why?


Add this CSS style to the custom CSS field (in the theme options)

.container-tap-sport-tools iframe {
   height: 524px;

Hi. How do I get the social counter widget facebook fans to work? It says that I have 0 fans, but i dont. What link to use to get the number?

I did and waiting for a response :)

Check your email.

Thanks for helping! :)

Is this theme buddypress compatible? :)

Not tested.

Does not appear on the page, even though I added the pictures what do I do?


Try to set chmod for the cache folder to 777 (wp-content/themes/magman/cache)

Even though I have the required permissions, the slide and the images do not appear. I’d appreciate it if you could help. Thank You,

Send me FTP access using contact form on my profile page. I’ll take a look.

Hi getting real issues with images displaying – all broken links except for the logo. Looks like its timthumb related as they are showing in the media library. All the permissions are correct – please help!

Running latest version of WP

What is meant ‘pages all divert to a single post’? Could you be more clear?

Every page I create, when I try to view them front end, they ALL redirect to the most recent post.

I cannot view any pages front end since applying the cache folder fix 777.

e.g: http://tinyurl.com/p8oaha4

You’ve added widget that you need to use only on the homepage sidebar to the right sidebar. Remove it to fix your problem.

Hello! I made a recent update to Wordpress and now I’m having problems with the shortcode generator in the text area. I select the shortcode and when I hit “Create” nothing happens.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon! :grin:


Send me PM using contact form on my profile page.

I contacted you 6 days ago but haven’t received a response. Hostgator say your theme and timthumb are causing high cpu usage. Is there a solution? Perhaps an alternative to timthumb I could use?


Sorry for the so late reply. Support was not available last 14 days because I had a vacation in foreign country and I didn’t have the opportunity to access my PC. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you are still having problems or need my help, please let me know. Thanks.

I can’t to run slider :( I can’t find how I can use? help me please…

Did you read user’s manual?

where is user’s manuel? I m sorry I don’t know good english :(

User’s manual you can find in the downloaded zip file.

Hi! Why when I put the PHP code in saytbar, publications do not display correctly? I put this code. It shows thumbnails from one section:

I put this code using PHP Code widget

Now the site shows one publication. Same as the last thumbnail of the calling code. And it does not change when you press on the other links.

How to make this code to work correctly on the site?


I don’t know why is your code isn’t working. Your question is out of scope of support.


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For some reason insert Shortcode options is not working. Is there an actual list of shortcodes?

Send me email via contact form on my profile page.


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Also, can you tell me is there any way to center align the logo?

You need to modify CSS/HTML.

I purchased the MagMan theme many months ago. I am not able to figure out steps in how to insert asset to display in image slider in home page. Can you also advise in how to access the user manual for MagMan Theme? I checked in zip file but the manual does not exist or I couldn’t find it.


Please, use account that was used for purchasing.

Hi, 1. Is there a way to delete the right sidebar column altogether and expand the main column and possibly also the left sidebar column?

2. Is there a way to have ‘The Magman: Tabbed Widget’ display more posts? The default is set to 5, but we would like 10.

3. We noticed the iPad/tablet cuts off the right end of the menu bar at the top. Can this be fixed?

Thank you in advance!


1-2- Yes, it’s possible but require some modifications. I can help you at extra fee.
3 – seems like your menu has a lot of elements. Try to structure your menu.

What would your extra fee be?

Email me using contact form on my profile page.


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hI there

We are enjoying the theme, but are having issues setting up the home page - selected a page under reading - selected widgitized home page - added widgets - selected to display featured post slider, yet, nothing is showing up on home page

What are we missing (checked documentation and saw nothing on it


Hi there,

Are you sure that you’re talking about my theme? At current time you’ve installed not my theme.

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yes, I had to change it to something else because we could not get the front page to work

Featured Posts Slider on homepage depends on a post tag. To setup featured posts slider, navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Featured Slider and enter a post tag in the Featured Posts Slider Tag field – posts tagged with this tag will show up on featured posts slider

It’s done?

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Thanks for update 1.3 . Scince few days facebook fan is 0 can you fix it ? regards

You’re welcome! I’ll check it

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How do I get the social counter widget facebook fans to work? It says that I have 0 fans, but i dont. Can you help me?

Hi there,

I’m working on it. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience

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