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This is awesome template! Good luck with sales!

Nice template. Good luck with the sales.

Holy.. That’s impressive! Good Luck :)

GREAT job! :)

Prosto super :) Uda4i

Bulletproof ideas, congrats :)

nice work. GLWS :)

WATCH OUT – live preview site has a virus in it.


What antivirus do you use? It probably false reacts to one of the scripts.

There is absolutely no reason to worry:

It was Malwarebytes that flagged it.

Haha.. Gotta love people and their antivirus that they installed from a popup!

Fleedy Purchased

:-) looks realy funny! Great work! Have a nice day!

Do you have a walk through video on how to set this up on hostgator…thinking of getting it but no luck so far with my many purchases…doing something wrong..can you help with showing me step by step what needs to be done/



I wish I could help you, but I have no Hostgator account and there is no free trial there. If you somehow gave me the opportunity to do it, I would show you the proccess.


great just let me know how we can get this rolling…already purchased it and ready to start Thanks

rukcs Purchased

The template works on my computer, i don’t know why I had couple of people complaining that it’s static not moving.