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Hi there, I’ve recently installed your theme and it looks and behaves really well. The only problem I’ve encountered is that all of the images in the old posts have reverted to full-size or are now distorted (see link 1). Even when I have resized them down again, youtube links remain far too wide for the screen (link 2). Really appreciate your support here:

link 1 –

link 2 –


Sorry for the (long) wait

About your questions:

1) The theme should be trying to mantain a smiliar width/height ratio. I’ll take a look.

2) That is definitely a bug. I’ll take a look and add a fix to the next update, in the meantime, you can simply change the width and height of youtube’s code. Replace this with smaller values:

<iframe width="1200" height="675" 

Hope that helps


Hi, I’d like to install the demo content you have for your theme Magnetica which I just bought.

You said to somebody else on one of your comments to send you their email address. I just sent you an email with my address for it.


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthException in /wp-content/themes/magnetica/includes/twitteroauth/OAuth.php on line 8

Removing the

class OAuthException
from OAuth.php solves the issue.

Wordpress 4.0.1

Is there any way to format the Archives Widget in the footer so that it displays as 2 columns?

Over time the list of months is going to get very long and it would look much better as 2 (or more?) columns.

You can see an example on our site (using Magnetica of course)

The built-in widget does not support that, but you can try this replacement that does exactly what you need:

Hope that helps.


Hello, Twitter widget is the with the following error: Error: Rate limit exceeded. Can you help me?

When I click to share a publication, it is not assigning the photo publication, it picks a random photo unconnected to the publication itself. Can you help me solve this?

Hi i just bougth this theme. where can i edit slider?

Really fail that i bougth tis theme no support. Please answers questions. There si problém responsive design on mobile pohne. IF you have more than fóur or more menu items. Weak management theme.

Hello, please help us, we pay in good faith to use your product and don’t rip it off other parts of the Internet. The least you can do is help us get up and running as you take our money.

I sent you a private message like you suggested to another user in a previous post but no response. I’m just trying to get it to look like the demo, which seems impossible. I cannot get the slider working. Please see my E-Mail to you and get back to me, I left my website and E-Mail address on the message I sent you last week.

Thanks in advance, Mark

I want to buy this. Can you tell me if is possible to change the size of the image in the scroll? Thanks so much

In the banner i can read “BioXD does not support this item”. Can you help me to change the size of the image scroll if i buy this? Thanks.


Web67 Purchased

No complete preview? There are just the homepage that works … No demo content?