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clark_82 Purchased

It_creativ, I also would like to know the same thing. with bootstrap 3.1 classes are changed, so I would like to know how to do.


Hello, sorry for my absence. It is some hard time in offline. I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.

Well. Magnis HTML uses Bootstrap only for html structures like rows and cols. It doesn’t take effect on other parts of Bootstrap Framework. So, you can try to use new version I think by just placing it to the css folder.

ZIMACOM Purchased

Hello, I have one question Why have you not answer me the questions I need Please??

It is very urgent. Thanks john

boberbo Purchased

Hi, I noticed you said you are working on a WordPress version of your template. I already converted Magnis in WordPress for my own needs but I have some issues that you might already have solve while working on your version. I would be interested to hear from your side and maybe we could share some ideas.

Thank you

Hello. There is no boxed-index page in a template-package, could you fix that bug?

Great theme. But I really need the boxed version. index-boxed.html isn’t boxed at all. In the package we just downloaded it’s full width. Are we doing something wrong?


Anyone having this issue, I found something: The latest version of the site doesn’t have the proper CSS files to handle the boxed page. By looking at the demo source code I can see a whole different CSS file than the one provided in the package.

Can you please provide an updated CSS file that includes the boxed version? Without it, the file is incomplete.


Hello, sorry for a late answer. Full boxed version will be ready during the week.

Hi there,

I want to get the simple contact form to work, but it dosen’t. I purchase the already HTML5 Ajax script, can get the Ajax version of the form to work, but not the standard one. any help please!

Very nice good luck with sales;

y443t Purchased

How do you remove the scroll/timers that show you how the banner images transfigure? I don’t need this feature as want the banner images crisp and clean.


Pre-sales question – I want to use this theme but only if we can get it working with the latest release of Twitter Bootstrap which is 3.3.2

I need a definite answer, not “I think it should work” like you told a previous person.



Hello, sorry it is now yet. I’ll transfer Magnis template to the latest bootstrap version in the near future.

elbombe Purchased

Have Solved the Problem of the boxed version ? I bought the now and the boxed version is not boxed … had to be corrected 9 months ago ..


Hello, sorry for the late. I’ll transfer Magnis template to the latest bootstrap version in the near future. Boxed version will be corrected as fast as possible. Thanks.

Hey, How can i to disable responsive?


Hello, unfortunately there is no way to disable responsiveness. We’ll add this feature in first updates. Thanks.

bcol Purchased

What about the boxed version ??, I also need it…. many have requested this for months !!!...