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I’m getting this error on my site:

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in include() (line 41 of /srv/bindings/10e1db0b4cb943968d23cb4a4ec97c77/code/sites/all/themes/md_magnum/template/views/about_me/views-view-fields—about-me.tpl.php).

What should I do?

The site is on Pantheon.


Hello, please contact the support staff of Pantheon as this is an error that has to do with their services. Best regards


This is the response from Pantheon:

I’m a Customer Success Engineer here at Pantheon, I’ll attempt to guide you to the best possible solution!

That’s a basic PHP error, and it’s concerning that the module/theme maintainer(s) are implying this is a platform / hosting issue.

Setting expectations here, this very likely a Drupal code / configuration level issue, that’ll need to be debugged on your end, however I can recommend some resources:

You’ll need to follow up with the theme developer; hopefully they can fix the theme & provide you with an update.

Feel free to reply & reopen if you have any further questions!

Best regards


Thank you for your reply. I didn’t noticed that you’re using the Drupal version of Magnum. Please ask the author of the Magnum Drupal theme for further support, since I can only help you with the Magnum HTML template. Best regards.

Hi there,

I purchased this template today, I thought I had purchased a WordPress template but I’m having the issue “missing the style.css stylesheet” like a lot of other people. Any advice?


Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in Magnum. Yes, this is an HTML template, so it isn’t usable in WordPress. The WordPress theme can be found here.

All the best, PixelStuff

Hello, great theme :)

Just had a question – I’ve noticed that when viewing the “Business” demo on an iPad, the “Watch Video” button in the first feature section (the full-screen, semi-chromeless video) isn’t there.

Is there a reason for this?


Ideally it would be great to be able to play these videos on iPads/tablets – I found it weird that this great feature is either hidden or switched off for everything except desktops and certain responsive breakpoints.

Thanks for your help.



Thank you for getting in touch. The background video isn’t visible due to restrictions of the plugin and the YouTube API. You can however create a popup (containing a video) that becomes visible on mobile devices.

Best regards.

Sorry, another question:

The user controlled, full-screen background video used for the “Business” demo – is there an option to have it play in correct ratio (say 16:9) for mobile devices?

The video pieces I will be using in this space will most likely have text and logos – I need to find a way to show these videos so that they aren’t simply cropped left and right for the skinny mobile viewport.

Thanks again for your help.


See also my answer above. If you create a link to a popup (a solution for mobile devices) that contains a video, the video will display just as you can see in the portfolio grid. (See the image with the little bike.)

For what it’s worth: You can set the ratio of the background video (desktop) as well, however, if someone is viewing the website with a viewport ratio of 4:3, the 16:9 video will display empty spaces above and below the video.

Best regards.

Hello, I am interested in buying this theme for my portfolio website,however I am not familiar with HTML. Is there any installation guide provided or person who can help me set up all together?

Thanks! AMB


Hello and thank you for your interest in Magnum. There is a documentation file included where you can find basic instructions to set up your site. If however you need more tutorials, my advice would be to visit W3 Schools.

You can however also consider to buy the WordPress version or the Drupal version of Magnum. These are content management system (CMS) themes where you don’t need coding skills.

If you rather want to purchase the HTML template and need some help to set everything up, you could consider hiring a freelancer via Envato Studio. Here you’ll find freelancers with the services they’re providing and the prices they’re charging.

Thanks again and all the best! PixelStuff

Hi after adding the youtube link, my videos dont play. Upon checking on firebug i get the following error:

TypeError: YTPlayer.player is undefined YTPlayer.player.playVideo(); (In jquery.ytplayer.js )

This happening for both index and index2 file!

Thanks in advance


Hi, thank you for getting in touch. Please make sure to check the following: 1. The site needs to be online in order for the video’s to work. 2. Make sure to check the link in the index.html (and the index2.html) files. They have to be alike and as clean as possible. You can also copy the example URL from one of the files and replace the code at the end of the URL with the specific code of your video. (The part after ‘watch?v=’.)

If you’re still having issues after this, please send me a link (via the contact form or e-mailaddress that is listed in the documentation) to your website (or work in progress).


Where can I find the documentation for this theme options/settings?

Thx :-)


Never mind. I found it in a separate folder :-)


Great, have fun with it! :)


i have purchased the html theme from a bundle… now i need it and it works very well, but only one thing i dont know why:

the link-building in the menu “main-menu fixedmenu” so as sample you change




i show the link on hover but if i click on it nothing happens.

what am i doing wrong?

thanks for your help


ohh the system hides the html tags so here again:

your contact-link: a href=”#contact” class=”smoothscroll”


a href=”http: demo.pixelstuff. net/ magnum/ business.html” class=”smoothscroll” >Contact>


Hi! Thanks for getting in touch. Please remove the class=”smoothscroll” part and the link to another page will work. The ‘smootscroll’ class is only needed when you want the link to point towards another area/ID on the same page. Cheers!

Please, how do I set the image slider on top (that one with the arrows) to automatic?

Thank you!


Thank you for your message. For index8.html, open the index8.js file in the js folder. Now remove the ’//’ part before the ‘play: 6000,’ to create a slider that plays automatically. 6000 means a 6 second interval between each slide. You can also set this to 4000 for example.

For index11.html, open the index11.js file in the js folder. Change ‘auto: false,’ to ‘auto: true,’. You can also add a new line of code below this to create an interval between each slide. By default this is 4 seconds. Add ‘pause: 6000,’ for example to create an interval of 6 seconds. You can delete the ’’ symbols in the js file, but make sure to add a , after a new line of code.


hi..i wanna buy your template..only some questions…on index with video..can i add menu on top page?no after video…when u add section team on html version ? thanks great work


Hi and thank you for your interest in the Magnum template. Yes, you can add the menu on top of the page. You can change the ‘fixedmenu’ to ‘alreadyfixed’ around line 156 of the index.html file.

You can copy the team section from the business.html file and paste it into the index.html file. If you need help with this, please let me know and I’ll send you further instructions.

Thanks! :)