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I am very interested in buying your theme but have a question. will it be possible for me to change the font in the main nav, and, will it be possible to NOT have the smaller menu that is below the main nav? thank you in advance

Dear Tracieh, thank you very much for your interest. Yes. You can change the font in the main navigation. Also, If you don’t need a black menu, you can remove it. I hope could help you. Kind Regards,

thank you!! such a nice theme. great work.

you update the theme. i already instal the previous version. please tell me which files i replace in my theme. thanks

Dear Ridazh, You can review this articles to get an idea of this question:

I hope this will be useful. Thank you very much & Regards,

i wan to ad the translations in other languages like your demo. please tell me how i enable other languages in my theme,

Dear Ridazh, The following files are inside the theme package:, de_DE.po,, en_US.po,, es_ES.po,, fa_IR.po,, fr_FR.po,, he_IL.po,, it_IT.po,, nl_NL.po,, ru_RU.po,, sv_SE.po,, tr_TR.po

WPML is a commercial plugin. Therefore, If you want to use the WPML plugin for translation, you must purchase this plugin.

For more information:!/using_wpml_with_magnus

In addition, you may be interested in the following:

I hope this was helpful, Thank you & Regards..

can you see how the theme is being loaded . why is it breaking the menu ? i have followed your instruction in forum and uncomment the warp.js but it is the same why ? also your demo does the same thing

Hi Kapamarou, sorry for the delay!!

Could you please try again now and let me know the result?

Thank you very much & Regards,

I love everything about this theme. My compliments. I have the same question as kapamarou. I noticed the theme has a bad time loading. I also noticed it does this in your demo as well. I am using chrome browser. How can I fix this?

Another question is that I received notice of your update in April. Where do I update – inside Wordpress dashboard?

Thanks again!

Hi Creditwise, firstly, thank you very much for your kind words… Did you try this solution?

Could you please try again now and let me know the result?

Thank you very much & Regards,

Hello pleases tell me you use: gantry or warp framework.

Nice theme Thanks

Hi Bloomdy, thank you very much for your interest. This theme is built on Warp.

Kind Regards,

Hi, cannot change the logo pic, it always points to can fix it?

?Hi, Did you try this solution? Could you please try again now and let me know the result? Thank you very much & Regards,

Hi, ArtofThemes.

2 weeks ago on July 6, 2014 at 6:36am

I sent a request to you, which I have not yet received a response. This normal? Be honest and answer the questions please. I sent you a request from the site Ticket ID 242511 please check and reply!


Hi Richi19, Sorry for the delay! Please, check your emails. Thank you & Regards,

Hi. Widget in template not showing. What could be wrong? Thanks for help.

Hi, Did you watch this videos?

I hope this will be useful. Thank you very much & Regards,

Hi, ArtofThemes.

If you do not want to do was tell someone so wait 6 days to answer my ticket! Frankly, to me very angry. If you do not understand the error, or you can not fix it, or you do not deal with, say not to wait like an idiot.


Hi Richi19, I have answered your ticket a week ago (1 week ago on July 23, 2014 at 7:47pm – Ticket: #242511) via Please, check your emails. Regards,

Thanks for reply,

6 days ago I wrote you another answer. Obviously you have a bug in a support system. Please check. Thanks

HALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!?????Answer me was just !!!


Ridazh Purchased

i need revolution slider license key which i get with this theme for auto update

Hi Ridazh, Once there is an update for any plugin we include in our theme, we will release an update for the theme. Although we provide updates for them, you will have to update the plugins manually. All the plugins will be stored in .zip files in “magnus/warp/plugins” directory located in theme’s root folder. You will have to replace the plugin in your ”/wp-content/plugins” folder with the contents of the .zip archive mentioned above. Regards,


Ridazh Purchased

will you teach me. then how i update my magnus theme. coz my site already live.

Sorry for the delay!! There is no change in the theme files.

You can review this article to get an idea of the update: Regards,

Is this actually supported any more?

Dear Heatherstone,

You can fix that issues by using this file to Responsive Issues:


For example: For Toolbar issues:

/* Only Phones */
@media (max-width: 767px) {
/* Layout */
#totop-scroller { display: none; }
#showcase { display: none; }

In addition, please check the following lines for the showcase menu: 16-21-31-43-48-73

Thank you very much & Regards,


MaksimL Purchased

Hello, please help me, I am using your theme, how can I mover upper style.css which is in the footer to the header section?

Hi MaksimL, Can you provide more details of this issue? If you want you can use this area: Thank you very much & Regards,

Hi there,

I would like to purchase this template, but before that I would like to know if it is possible to increase the size of the layout.

Please help me with this information.

Thanks Michael

Hi Michael, Yes, it’s possible. You can review this image to get an idea of the template width in pixel:

Thank you very much for your interest & Kind Regards.


MaksimL Purchased

Hello, is there any possibility to make main menu sticky when scrolling down the site. Thanks!


MaksimL Purchased

Already solved the issue using plugin myStickymenu


tunatan Purchased

do you ever fix or improve anything in this theme?


Ridazh Purchased

i got the message in theme options is Download Warp Theme Framework 6.4.5

how to solve this issue. your early response will be highly appreciated

Hi Ridazh, You can review this article to get an idea of warp framework update:

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Thanks you very much & Kind Regards,


erzn Purchased


just wanted to know if there are any updates planned?

Hello, Been waiting for a reply on ticket #456845 since June 13th…

Dear Pasha, Your ticket were answered. Please, check your email.

Have a nice weekend & Kind Regards,