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Hi there.. when I installed the theme , is it the clone of your demo which is in your showcase(http://themeforest.net/item/magtastico-responsive-masonry-blog-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/7569502)? I mean if there is a quick-install package? thanks in advance

The theme does include Sample Data (.xml export) which you can import to your site.

We love our new theme but creating posts with the Video Format is messing up on the article detail pages.

It started when I tried to edit an existing post and change format from Standard to Video – it took down the whole site – could not load the homepage.

Creating new posts and starting with Video seems to work fine on the homepage box, but the article detail gets jacked with no video embedded in the main spot at top, and our author box got duplicated…

Let me know if we can get some help – really appreciate it.

Website is www.marpop.com


Admin – http://marpop.com/screenshots/Admin_Video_Format.png

Detail Page – http://marpop.com/screenshots/Detail_Page_Video.png

If you can’t load the homepage it sounds like there is a PHP error, can you enable WP_Debug on your server? http://codex.wordpress.org/WP_DEBUG

And let me know if there is an error what it is?

Or if you want send me WP and FTP logins and I can verify for you and make sure it’s all fixed up.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and I will respond via email. Make sure to send me all pertinent data and context so we can get this sorted in a timely manner.

Thank you very much. I am messaging you via form – once you email me back I will reply with my FTP and WP login – really appreciate this.


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Hello, So far I’m really enjoying this theme. I originally had a problem with infinite scroll not working. The way I fixed it was to save the Pagination Style to Standard, then save it back to Infinite Scroll. I thought I’d share that in case others have a similar problem.

Probably a caching issue, thanks for sharing ;) Glad you like it!

If I try to add a link in a post I’ve designated as a quote, it breaks. How can I remove the ability to click the link embedded in the quote when on the homepage? example – saiditloud.com


Trencom Purchased

Johann (Purchased)

The infinite scroll loads videos full size overlapping other posts on the home page. It does not do this in the recent posts

Please send me the URL in question so I can see. This is not happening on my live demo when I check.

Pre-Purchase Question..

Can I display advt between posts on homepage ?

Is this theme SEO friendly ?

1. Not by default, would require modifications.

2. Yes.


Is there any plugin or shortcode to display display advt between posts on homepage ?

If that can be done I will buy your theme.


This theme uses an isotope masonry layout the problem with advertisements (like Google Ads) is they are loaded with iFrames so the masonry layout can not properly get their dimensions and it will cause the layout to not render properly.

If you want to have a quality blog, I wouldn’t recommend dumping advertisements in a grid anyway, that’s very spammy looking.

Hello, I would like to know if this theme resizes images on the front page correctly (I mean I hope it doesn’t cut edges from images).

You can choose your image cropping dimensions via the theme settings (Customizer). By default the theme resizes images horizontally but doesn’t crop them to keep your default proportions.


Congratulations for your theme. I have a pre-sale question. Can change the menu and make it horizontal (horizontal header) in spite of vertical?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


Hi Javier,

There isn’t any option for that. You may want to consider one of my other themes that already have a horizontal menu…Spartan, Luxmag, Twenties or Fashionista


jbmaca Purchased

Hi, the featured images aren’t appearing on the home page and individual posts for some reason:


I have them enabled under Customize > General and didn’t disable them in the individual posts. Also, when I try to upload an image, I get this error:

Error seoul-new.jpg Unable to create directory uploads/2015/04. Is its parent directory writable by the server

I tried changing the file permissions of these folders to 777 — uploads, 2015, 04, etc. — but to no avail. Kindly advise how I can fix this. Many thanks.


jbmaca Purchased

Also, I noticed when going through your documentation that I don’t have the Layout dropdown under Post Settings. Might this be related to the issue?


jbmaca Purchased

Hi, I figured it out. This was a migrated site so I just had to update the path under Media Settings. Everything works now. :)

Great! ;)


jbmaca Purchased

Hi, how do I update the favicon and my comment avatar? Looks like they share the same file?

Your favicon should be added using a plugin or by adding the favicon.ico file into your site’s root directory via FTP.

Your comment avatar is based on your gravatar – https://en.gravatar.com/

I am building a site that requires all posts to be in the correct chronological order. With the masonry layout, the posts auto-fit to the closest open space causing them to appear out of order. Is there any way to adjust the masonry layout with a “fit row” function that will require all rows to be the same height (even when title and excerpt content length vary)?

Hum, I actually use Masonry js for this theme – http://masonry.desandro.com/options.html#containerstyle – and I don’t see that ability built-in.

I would have to alter the theme to use the Isotope Script instead which supports it – http://isotope.metafizzy.co/

I added this to my todo list – but I don’t have an ETA for that.

hi the Symple Shortcodes plugin of the theme is not in the directory …. it is requested by the theme

regards edgard

The plugin is hosted on Amazon, there was a slight error with permissions but it should be working now. If you need to download the plugin manually I can send you the link via email.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and I will respond via email. Make sure to send me all pertinent data and context so we can get this sorted in a timely manner. A link to the original comment works ;)

Hello. I am distressed to purchase this theme. Does the theme “Visual Composer” plug-compatible with?

And can I use the portfolio?

This theme doesn’t have a portfolio post type. And the Visual Composer should work with every theme – so yes, but it’s not included with the theme.

Hi, great theme. Just a short question: Could/How could I change the font of the logo (when using text as the logo and not an image)? I tryed some plugins (like the google typogr.) but they only change headings etc. (and it seems that none of these is used for the logo text). Thanks.,

This should be altered via custom CSS. Example:

#logo { font-family: Arial; }

If you want to use a custom font though such as a Google font you will have to import it also to the site of course.


konniex Purchased

Is this theme integrated with MailChimp?

What do you mean?

Love the theme, and the social widget. Are there any plans to expand it to include other social networks (specifically Tumblr) and email?

I can easily add those 2 options. If you want send me a private message for the updated theme once it’s ready.

You can message me privately via the form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/WPExplorer – and I will respond via email. Make sure to send me all pertinent data and context so we can get this sorted in a timely manner. A link to the original comment works ;)

Thanks! Sent you a message.