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The pagination on portfolio page don’t work if common setting “Post name” is selected (ex: portfolio/page/2). Return 404 page.

Do you if it’s bug or bad config on my wordpress ?

Thank you :)

Mail send. Thank you !

Hi ! Were you able test ? :)

HI, sorry for late next update with this fix will be ready next day Thanks,

Hi, thank you for the great job. Unfortunately I have a problem with the page builder ; I can’t insert a link on my pages (in a column). Nothing is happening. There are no other extensions of your install. WP 4.2.2 An idea ? Thank you.

Hi, Thank you for the update but the problem with Page Builder is always the same (I can’t insert a link on text in a column). WinMerge indicates that only revslider.zip file is different with the previous version. Is this normal ?

Hi, Thanks for your kindness please email me with you URL and wordpresss access to check this issues i checked this issue and it works fine with me

Hi, Have you been able to study the problem encountered with page builder ? Thank you.


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We spend many hours over the last months trying to figure out why the .htaccess file was changed causing the website to crash. It turns out you do a flush_rewrite_rules() call (on maktab/framework/post-type/post-type.php line 271) that causes the .htaccess file to be modified. This post explains why this is a bad idea: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/100291/what-could-cause-the-htaccess-file-to-be-modified

Please don’t call flush_rewrite_rules() on init. Read these guidelines on when to call flush_rewrite_rules: https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/flush_rewrite_rules