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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

Here are a few notes about my manner to assist in questions related to my themes and templates.
  1. Please communicate via comment box solely. No replies via email-sorry.
  2. Please do not send me letters on Friday-Saturday (Shabbat). No replies will follow.
  3. Ensure that you sign in under buyer account (showing buyer badge) if you ask after-sale questions.
  4. Regrettably I have no possibility to provide freelance work. If you need modifications of the theme/template (modifications are not included into support) please refer to Envato Studio.
  5. What support does include? I reply gladly all pre-sale questions, I may give advice or recommendation (If I know what to advice) and definitely all questions concerning theme/template structure are welcome. Naturally, support is provided in case if you some detect bug/problem on demo site. If you noticed something wrong with the demo, please report a problem via comment box. I shall be glad to fix it and provide you with updated version of theme files and updated demo site. Important! See Envato Marketplace rules about item support.
  6. Please note: if you changed/modified/deleted my markup and styles, be kind to fix the problems yourself. I am not responsible for non-mine modifications and cannot help with the issues happened in code modified by you.
  7. Please take into consideration: I do not reply all questions in obligatory way. If you did not get a reply from my side, it means a certain reason stands behind my silence (it might be question itself (its subject, its relevance etc), the manner/tone a question has been asked, absence of elementary politeness and so on). Thank you!