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Hey Jonathan.

I love your theme. Thank you very much for sharing your skill.

I am having a small issue though…

It is with the slider. The images are scaling as they should but are not staying inside their box. They are overflowing and obstructing the rest of the information below.

Your urgent attention and reply would be fantastic.

You can see what is happening at

Thanks again for your urgent reply.

looks like you just haven’t finished setting up your colors and backgrounds for your page / header etc therefore you are seeing through everything as nothing is set.

Also you haven’t set your home page reading settings to be your home page – I would take some time to read the thorough documentation possibly and follow along.

Please also note this is not a support forum, just a comment area, support should be requested as directed in the documentation via email by using the contact form on my profile page.


Hi there. Lovely theme.

I really like that you can have a full width blog post. I’d love to see the option of a full width blog post with a sidebar and content below the full width photo. Something like this…

I’ve been looking for such a theme for months, yours is the first theme that comes close.

Well thank you very much for the kind comments! They really do mean a lot to us!

We will keep in mind your suggestion and maybe do an update once we review. It’s a pretty easy fix, we just have to weigh the time/current projects etc and determine where to go from there.

Thanks again!


The theme wasn’t downloaded with this account but we purchased it on another. The problem we’re having is that the theme doesn’t look anything like the preview. All the files have been uploaded and the instructions were followed:

Hi support is only given to the purchaser please login using that account and please use the directed way in the instructions for support

I can see you didn’t do everything in the instructions though


Hi Jonathan,
Is it possible to get the slider not to hide behind the background depending on the resolution?

I want the full image to show regardless of the size of the screen or device… but it seems that it stretches it out depending on the screen size… is it possible to remove this… a si have some images that have to be shown in full regardless of screen resolution, otherwise it is pointless to have images being cut off.

Thanks for your help.

Hi – yes you can do what you want by editing the css and template files etc just depends on your skill level or whether you will want to hire someone as customizations are not part of the installation support.

Many thanks



Awesome theme! Really looking forward to this site. Quick question. Once I install the .htaccess file to the server should my site look exactly like the live preview?


Thanks. Now my slider image is not fitting flush against the header? Do you know how to fix this?

figured it out. thanks and sorry for being a pain!

Hi – it’s not meant to (as you saw without setting a color) as it’s a cover image and therefore stretches appropriately depending on the screen width. Otherwise it would simply stretch sideways and look very awkward. You can always tweak the css in the style.css to your particular requirements however, entirely your option.

Please note also, as described in the documentation that this is not a support forum but rather a comment system, please use the contact form on my profile page for support (link provided in your documentation) or simply click my avatar :)



Hi Jonathan, This theme is perfectly visualy balanced. Great work, thank you! I bought it for my friend and your approach is different from what I saw in Wordpress world. As designer I understand that but my friend – he is more clever monkey than developer. So he is missing sources for backgrounds, picture sizes etc. Is there any way to get same result as you have on your preview and than rebuild it? Thank you for help.


Just use the XML import provided and look in your download file for resources etc – we provide everything to get the exact same look as the live preview including color refs for the admin panel.

Many thanks


Hi Jonathan What I mean is, if its possible to have a slider image which is not going throughout the whole width of the site? a little smaller?

Id like to buy your template. Is it possible to get a smaller slider image?

Thanks Pierre

You would have to change the css, but yes, it’s possible.


Hi, I love the theme, but I’m having some difficulties setting it up the plug-ins that came with the theme. How do I upload them to my site?

Hi and thanks for the purchase – please take a look at the help doc where we explain where to FTP to your plugins folder on your server.

Many thanks!


Hi, I managed to figure out the plug-ins fine, but now I’m having some difficulties with the plugins. On the homepage where you have 3 plugins with the “Who we are” etc info, how do I make them exactly the same, with the picture and the white background? I’m not seeing where to do that in the Widget or Theme Settings sections

Hi those are widget areas not plugins but we provide the code we used in your download – please refer to your documentation with regard to widgets and there setup. We also provide a widget document with the codes we used but as they are just text widgets you can insert any code to style to your own pref.



Hi, sorry to be pestering you, but I can’t find where to change the colour of the sub menu background, currently it’s blue. I checked all throughout the theme settings, and even looked to find it in the style sheet to change it that way, but I can’t find out how to do it. How do I change it?

ps. thanks for how fast you respond

All colors are set via the theme options admin panel as per your documentation – there is a full description next to each color picker to let you know what you are changing and we also split the admin panel in to groups for easier setting up.

Many thanks


I’m not sure how the limited license works, but am I able to use the pictures you have provided with ipads and computer monitors and edit my own images onto those screens?

You should really always use your own images as if you don’t have the original license or are unsure you risk a copyright case- however images used in my previews are legal to be used but the images of iPads and phones were purchased through graphic river for my live preview therefore you should really purchase some from there as they cost so little and you will have full rights to use – plus there are many choices and excellent files available.

Many thanks


Hi Jonathan,

I’m trying to install the Mammoth theme onto wordpress but I keep coming up short with a message saying the package is missing the style.css stylesheet.

What do I do in this case?

If you are uploading via FTP , you need to unzip the package first and ONLY upload the mammoth-wp directory ONLY . If you are uploading via WordPress upload, you need to take ONLY the mammoth-wp and zip it up and upload this directory.


Hey Jonathan I bought this theme and it is amazing.

I’m just having a little trouble with the ‘preview’ text that is pulled through from an individual portfolio page to the portfolio listing.

To me it appears it is based on word or character count (maybe the first 50 words of content) but some portfolio items are appearing one line longer than others when listed. This is causing the next line of items to appear incorrectly.

I’m wondering if there was any hack to get around this – i tried adding some words in a span with ‘display:none;’ but the HTML tags are stripped away. Is there anywhere we can set exactly what text comes through?


Hi and thanks for your purchase.

You could add a min-height to each container which is the class .portfolio_column in the style.css and this would allow you to leave the count the way it is. Or if you want to change the amount of characters/words, just open template-portfoliocpt.php AND taxonomy-types.php (if you are utilizing the category/type page for the portfolio) and edit this line:

<p><?php $excerpt = get_the_excerpt(); echo string_limit_words($excerpt,55); ?></p>


Thankyou so much I will definitely be buying more of your themes in future.

Good afternoon,

The theme has a problem with the Slider images that do not work properly and do not maintain the correct height. It seems to be a problem that has had more people by what I’m seeing. Is there a solution for this problem?

Hi – no there is no issue with the slider and no one has had a problem – not sure what gave you that impression. Please note this is a comment area, not support. Please use the form on my profile page as directed by your help documentation (link is also provided in the help documentation).

Please provide a link to your live site and an explanation of why you think it is not working properly – thanks.


Buyer contacted via email and a reply was sent – the problem was you hadn’t set a page background color or image – this is outlined in your help documentation for setup – it appears you just missed setting it :)



I have sent you 2 messages from the contact page. Been waiting for a answer for some time now and I was wondering have you received them?

We reply to all comments within minutes – check your spam ;)


Am I able to add a custom element to the header? I have tried and when I add a link, it lowers one of the navigation titles below the rest. Is this because it doesn’t support custom headers?

Hi – not sure I understand what you mean by “custom header” – if you edit the header.php and add more things to it you will no doubt need to check your css to accommodate changes made.

Please note this is a comment area and not for support – support as per your help file is provided through the contact form on my profile page in case you need to contact us with regard to anything else.

Many thanks


Sent a request through your email as you ask for, still have not received a response. Checked my spam folder as well. Hope to hear from you soon.

I have not received any email via the form using your username of eladthegreat – please ensure you are logged in when you send – thanks


Is there a way to have multiple sliders? E.g. Home page has one set of slides and the about page has another set. Currently using the Home template with the blog and portfolio for the home page, and the Home only slider for the about page with the widget area removed.

Hi – apart from the included custom post types for galleries and the special custom post type for the home page slider there isn’t a way using the theme to simply add more sliders as they are basically custom post types – to achieve something like this should be done using a slider plugin (free or paid) and use that to place a slider pretty much anywhere – I would check soliloquy slider – it’s responsive, free version and offers shortcodes to place anywhere on a page :)

Hope that helps!


“The theme has a problem with the Slider images that do not work properly and do not maintain the correct height. It seems to be a problem that has had more people by what I’m seeing. Is there a solution for this problem?” Also I :) The problem you can see on this site

The problem actually is that you didn’t set your page background :) nothing wrong with the theme or sliders at all – thanks!

PS – if it had a problem we would of fixed it.


you’re a cool, thanks for the fast answer :)

I can’t seem to find an example of an embedded video. Can you lead me to one?

Wow! Thanks for the response. I will definitely look over those figures. I was coming back here to mention something that just crossed my mind…I am having issues with re-sizing all theme forest pages because of the frame at the top. I have to turn off the frame on my device to get the page to re-size. So, my question is, do you know of an actual site that uses your template, that has a video loaded, that I can check it out on… :-)

Unfortunately not – just remove via the X in the corner – themeforest operates in such a way to keep peoples identities safe, as most buyers use themes for client sites and they do not want to advertise the fact that they bought a $45 file ;)


Ahhh, too bad. I’m working on a video production website and can’t chance it. Great work though! :-)