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Great theme :)

How can I integrate header/footer on PHP file to load it the same header/footer without changing every HTML page?

Additionally, how can I use that method but when I’m on a determinating section, colouring the menu item?



Thank you for purchase my theme.

I think some .php tutorials can help you to integrate the header/footer sections.

I didn’t get this. what is colouring the menu item?

Need any thing more please PM to me.

Hi there. Need your help. Not too long ago, I have purchased your theme for a website. And it appears that the short slider doesn’t work on tablet-laptop hybrids. Can you help out? Please pm instead of this envato account’s email as he is busy.


How can I hide RTs on the Twitter widget (on the footer)? I need to only show my own tweets.


Hi KevinP_2012,

It will shows you written tweets only. I don’t think its shows all. can i see you live website of this.


In this moment, the last tweet for my account @yoquierohosting is a RT of other account and appears in the web widget.


This week the “Twitter” widget is failing (not displays tweets). In your demo, the same problem.

Any change in the API?

Can you help me to fix this?


I will check and fix the problem soon. and let you know about this update.

Twitter is busted. Any fix coming?

Twitter issue will be fix soon…

great! thanks for responding. how do you plan to deliver the fix? a file we can download?

Well no fix has come, so I just reformatted that Twitter box (size and shape) and used the new ‘approved’ Twitter widget app.

can the mobile or tab launched as the same as desktop version but rather than the mobile version?

Yes the mobile versions are bit difference then desktop or tab.


Is any way to hide the slider on mobile version? The “image” of any slides appears a bit broken… and the text cannot read very well…

Any way to hide the slider or the image ?


Fallow below this path and open this file: Js > iosslider > common.css

That only changes the mobile version?

I added that line on the line 264 and on the line 282 but any changes… The slider appears…

Note: I added too to the 264 to hide on tablets, but any thing happens. All continues normally.


why not just write a style in the css for JUST the mobile platforms that adds the sliders styles and changes them to {display: none} and put them under ONLY the mobile classes of the style sheet. That will do what you want as then, when it sense a mobile device, it will hide the slider. I do stuff like this all over the theme to hide and reveal content based on if it is mobile or desktop. For example, I hide my entire contact form on mobile platforms and instead, reveal a button to 1 click to open an email for easier use on mobile.

Hi LockedNLoaded,

I followed the mentioned steps but the slider continues showing. If you can, we can contact by email to explain me a bit bettter how can I hide the slider.

Thanks :)

Please contact to me trough my profile page. I will help you.

gsrthemes9 is a super helpful guy. He will be able to sort it out. I suspect you are not putting your css in the proper place under the mobile sections of the CSS or you are not grabbing the sliders container style(s).

Holle i like very much this template Questions: a) Can i put the header and slider wide layout and put the content in boxed layout? b) Can i install the revolution slider? Thank you very much

Hello: i buy this template i like very much but i need to make some question: a) i need to change the height to the slider, i enter in file common in “iosslider folder” but i cant to found the value to decrease the height to the slider in the background, please see my website b) it is posible to put the header and the slider ir wide layout?, and if it posible what value do i need to chage i appreciate you help. Than you very mcuh

Hi almanzar,

Thank you for purchase my theme. You did some mistake here. Please go and work on the original downloaded files again. Even if you get any problem with the slider… please PM to me. I will help you.


Do you have the fix for the Twitter problem?


Not yet. will be fix so please wait.

Hello: I have two issues i can not to solve: a) I cant to make ligtbox in the images b) I have some problems with some caracter in php file (contact.php) i have problem with (á é í ó ú and ñ) for spanish language I appreciate if you can help me.

Thank you very much


I like this template and would like to purchase it . Before purchasing it, i would like to know if it is possible to disable (or remove) Responsive design.

Hi eternallight,

Thank you for interesting to buy the theme.

YES. It is very easy to Disable or Remove the Responsive design. (just one of the .css file linked in the header section. just remove it.)

I can help you. Even if you need anything. When you buy the theme.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hi, I really like the this theme which I have purchased, but I’ve found a little problem with the big slider on the home page: the images don’t resize ie don’t respond to the device size. Can you help please?

Kind regards, Ninike

Thanks, looking forward to your response!

Please PM to me. I will send you the code for the sliders.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hi, I have PMd you. Thanks!


I need help with 3 things,
  • The twitter at the footer isn’t displaying
  • I want to change my slider to a NivoSlider
  • and, How can I get the blog functional (on my HTML template)
Hope to hear from you soon.


The twitter api got problem. will be fix it. You can change the slider to NivoSlider. The blog section working now manually. if need to work the blog functional needs make it cms.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

I know the dev has essentially abandoned this theme – so not sure I would advise buying it to anyone – but anyone have a suggestion for external links that can open a tab from the tab content?

So, if you have 3 tabs, a link on another page could link to a page with tabs and link into and open the 2nd tab when the page loads.

Any ideas?


Witch tabs your tacking about please let me know. I can help you.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Wow, great!

So in your theme you provide a tabs function for tabbed content:

Now, what I would like to do is be able to have an anchor link on a different page than the tab content is on (say page 1) and when clicked, it would go to the page with tabs on it (say page 7) AND be able to load the page with tabs and have it open and reveal a specific tab (say tab 3 of 5 tabs).

So, clicking the anchor link on 1 page can open a specific tab – not the default “active” tab – on a totally different page that has tabs on it once that page opens.


Not possible an anchor links for the pages as you said.

Thank you, GSRthemes9

Hi I will appreciate to have a download link for this item Aitynikon – Responsive Multipurpose Template

I purchased the itel month ago.

Please mail to me trough my profile page.

Can the template just be for a computer to view vs changing for mobile and tablet….can you tell me which code I would remove to make the template not alter for mobile and tablet.


Please contact to me trough your purchased account.

Thank you, GSRthemes9