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I see its been a year you asked this question about ASP.Net MVC.

Did you then end up using it for ASP.Net?

Thank you.

Does it support responsive design?


There is no responsive design for this template


Ok. We rent a coder and made an additional responsive css for it. If someone is interested you can forward him to us.


It seems that the calendar in mandy lane has some bugs. When you drag an event from the right pane to the calendar, the event box will disappear as you hover the calendar, then, once you drop the event it will be placed in the calendar ok.

But if afterwards you want to move the event from one day to another day it seems as if the drop event never happens.

Any change this will be corrected soon?

Regards, Matludens.


You can go to fullCalendar website and download the latest version of it. I’m using fullCalendar plugin to this template. See if it solves your problem.

matludens Purchased

I just purchased the theme, beatufully coded btw. I will let you know if I finda fix for the calendar

bplsilva Purchased

Seems that the theme is no longer updated. Too bad, it’s very good.

How difficult would it be to turn it into a responsive template?

enzaga Purchased

Where i can found the file managerĀ“s js code? is it included or can i found it in code canyon maybe?


Go to folder named js

If someone is interested, I have a CSS which makes this template responsive design.

Hi, I want to buy Mandy Lane theme, but I need HTML5 and new jQuery UI (version 1.10.3) support and one more element – “Wizard”. Is it possible to add them to that theme? Thank you.

Does it support modal windows?

Hi Team

I purchase this template , i would like to know if anyone has a live db for this , i need a mysql db to connect with these Admin template , how can i have a structure of the db? thanks in advance …


This template is static html pages meaning no backend integration