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I have 5 photographers all of whom do similar categories of shooting. With your theme do I have to create 5 categories for each photographer: fashion, auto, lifestyle, food and general, creating 25 in total, in order to host their own material in a gallery? I am looking for a theme that allows me to show all fashion photography on one page or gallery, including in a gallery block in page builder, and specific fashion photography for a photographer on a separate page? I don’t want 25 categories? Smith fashion, bob fashion, sally fashion, not to mention create 5o to cover motion picture as well. A work around would be to have 5 categories (like above) and populate a gallery based on category and tag so a gallery block would look at fashion and only include the tag of “BOB” for instance. I have creatives, directors and producers that all do the same categories of work but I need to separate their work from the rest within their own gallery. And do not want to create 50 categories in posts to populate pages or gallery blocks. It look horrible on a page.

Also does your theme have the ability to create multiple blogs and forums so I can direct the topic based on creative or production for instance and keep them on separate pages. Couldn’t tell by your description.


Yes, you can create as many categories as you want. Also you can create many portfolio with different categories for each one.

Hey, you could make me a similar theme to this www.rumapps.es it?

Hi iNeskui, sorry but I’m not available for freelance work right now. Maybe you can adapt this theme to your needs.

Hi, I purchased the theme and I’m having some problems with it:

1- the design isn’t adapting to resolution of many computers and mobile devices: http://oi59.tinypic.com/2eoh95g.jpg

2- you can’t scroll horizontally with the keyboard.

3- can i create a lightbox to show videos from vimeo from an portfolio item without leaving the website?

4- can i just change the way of view the description of an item portfolio when i pass trough it, like just view the featured image with less opacity?

Please create a Support Topic in http://support.quemalabs.com/ with your URL, I will take a look.