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Hi, I have some presale questions please reply ASAP.

My idea is to make a website similar to Fotolia.com, please confirme if this requirements are available in your solution:

- Registration of clients

- Be able to choose pictures by category, title, keyword

- Be able to choose 2 or 3 types of resolution of the same image

- Buy with PayPal or 2Checkout or other portal

- Option to buy credits packages that will be used to purchase images

- Download the photo after the payment is confirmed

- Auto-placing a watermark on the preview photos

- Add, Edit, Delete images categories

- Create Packages credit to purchase images

- Posibility to create several users so that they can add their photos, each user should have the posibility to make the following of what they sell.

- Manage (approve or reject) photos placed by a User



1) Registration works with WordPress default system.

2) If you mean search, yes, you can.

3) I don’t know where you want to choose the resolution.

4) You will have to use a plugin like WooCommerce to make the Theme also a eShop.

5) Again that functionality is from an eCommerce plugin

All the rest answers are the same, this is a Theme what you are looking for is an eCommerce platform.

Hi, If the same image is being used on several portfolios – do I have to upload it for every portfolio? Seems like i can’t get to the media-library


And if I use WPML – then ALL images have to be uploaded for both languages?


...why? normally images can be fetched from media library.


If you have one page per lenguage, yes, because images has to be attached to one page. But if you translate the text in the same page, you have to upload them once.

I have lost the filters on the first page. I do have categories and the portfolios are applied to these categories?

Now only ‘ALL’ is visible?

Below a couple of the categories:
Also worth mentioning: The site is using Qtranslate. I have not translated the categories.

Solved – categories apparently have to be under a parent to be displayed on the filters menu.


Exactly, let me know if you have another problem.


Prepurchase question: I want to use this as a portal to some other websites. I want to display the portfolio items on the homepage (4 or 5) as discription of some other websites. Is it possible to link the portfolio items directly to a other website? Hope to hear from you soon.


Yes, you can link the items to any other site or page.


Nice theme. I’d like to be able to display my images full size using the Galleria template. At the moment it seems to reduce the size by around a third or so, and display a full size image only after clicking on it at which point a lightbox pops up. I want to disable the lightbox and have the full size image within the galleria template.


The thing is that the Galleria is narrow to the page width and adds margins. Maybe the Flex gallery is a better option: http://themes.quemalabs.com/mantra/?page_id=2364

I looked at using that, but the buttons overlay the images which I don’t want. One more question then; Is it possible to edit the Galleria properties directly?


Never mind. I got under the hood and fixed it. Looks good now.


Tried to email you two times and NO response so I’ll adress it here:

Few issues:

Background image on the homepage is no longer showing in Chrome and can't find the problem, IE and Mozilla are OK as well as singleportfolio items
Portfolio items sometimes don't open when clicked on in Chrome, IE and Mozilla are OK
    Right mouse click open in new tab IS always working
Scroll option in IE is still NOT working

Here’s a link: http://theshortway.be/

Please assist ASAP

Thanks, Vince

Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Pre-sales question:

Child theme support?

If not, what happens when you update your theme? Do you loose any styling?


Yes, you can use child themes. But also you don’t loose any styling if you add your CSS in the Admin Panel from the Theme.

how do I add an external link to a portfolio thumb instead of the link to the portfolio item itself (as seen on http://theshortway.be/ – the facebook “link”)


thanx for help in advance

You have to use this option: http://cl.ly/Ug8q

Thanx! now i feel like an absolute idiot LOL i should have been able to figure that out by myself but i was blind


No problem, let me know if there is anything else.

I have to consult you again. It always happens that the photo i chose for the portfolio (thumb so to say) always appears in the portfolio page itself, too. How do i disable that?

You have to replace this file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/UimH/single-portfolio.php

right on :)


I would like to change the background of the homepage. Is it possible?


Yes, just create a new Slider Item in the Admin Panel.

HI, I just purchased the thme and when I want to install it I get the following message. Warning: POST Content-Length of 18565289 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0 Are you sure you want to do this?

What should I do. Thanks G.

That’s strange. Have you see the documentation? Send me an email with a WordPress user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Thanks. It just fixed itself when I reinstalled it. All is fine.

Gueno87 Purchased

Hey guys,

I’ve bought this theme and it awesome. I’m running a site in local, in a mulsites installations. And the thumbnail don’t work. I’ve done some searchs about it, and it appears that it is related with timthumb.php. I’ve tried everything related with this issue in the knowledge base of Quemadalabs, but nothing works…

Can somebody help me with this issue, I really need the thumbnail to work.

Thanks you in advance for your time.


I sent you a file via email. We can continue the conversation there.

CGPrime Purchased

Hi, I have 3 questions respectively annotations:

1. I read in another post that it is possible to activate a scrollbar in the portfolio page via js script. Can you please describe it how it works?

2. It would be nice to jump back to the first items of the portfolio page after a category is picked (at the footer) because if I scroll a lot to the right (many items) and then switch to a category with only a few items, it looks like I got a blank page. The result is that I need to scroll all the way back to the start. Visitors with less experience won’t figure it out. Thats not good.

3. Is it possible to randomize the position of the portfolio items (i.e. images) in the category “ALL”?

Thank you in advance Klaus


1. That’s activated automatically if you have several items in the portfolio. Is that what you mean? Or is it another scrollbar

2. I will take that in mind for the next update. It’s a good point.

3. No, sorry that’s no possible by default.

CGPrime Purchased


1. I mean a simple scrollbar which is always visible. The touch scroll function is nice but many people are not familiar with this kind of technique.

2. I hope an update is coming soon ;)

3. Hmm okay then I have two options. The first one is to create it or to randomize the dates of the portfolio items (automaticly). Manually ok but not automaticly :(


1. Ok I see, create a support ticket in http://support.quemalabs.com I will help you there with that. We can change a few options and see if we can make the scrollbar visible always.

Gueno87 Purchased


On a portfolio page, I want that one of the portfolio post show, instead of a featured image, only text with no rollover effect. And I want that the position of the “featured text” – so to speak – on the portfolio page stay the same despite the fact other portfolio post will be added.

Do you think that is possible ?

Thanks in advance,

You can but that will require several modifications. I can’t help you much with that, since customization are on your own. You can contact these guys to help you with Customizations: https://www.elto.com/?invite=quema-labs

I would like to make portfolio tiles static, how can I deactivate the flip action on mouseover?

Hi, purchased the theme a while back and just setting up on a fresh WP4.0 install with no plugins but I got this:

Warning: Illegal string offset 'face' in /wp-content/themes/mantratheme/framework/functions/option_panel.php on line 248

So I commented the $google_mixed and $google_mixed_2 code in the php file.. that took care of the warning but still wondering whether there;s anything else I have to worry about as a side effect?

No, that’s ok. It’s just a warning that will be remove in the next version.

Hi just a couple of questions: 1. How can I remove Twitter and Google + sharing bottons from my portfolios? 2. How can I improve mobile and pad settings? Mantra doesn’t seem so responsive as it’s supposed to be! With my mobile I encounter difficulties opening pages, portfolios and generally navigating. Waiting for your reply Thanks This is the site I’m writing for www.fogliafirenze.it


1. Those are in “mantra/socialbtns.php” You can remove them there.

2. What do you mean exactly? can you send me an example at support@quemalabs.com?

hi, I bought already this theme, I would like to receive a full theme to install and the theme to look like is in live preview, not just an empty theme with no menu structure, no default pictures, no default info, in my experience ussually seller’s provide full source of theme not just the empty theme.

Is this possible ? Many thanks


Within the documentation there is a link to the XML Import File, so you can have the site just like the demo. If you need help, please create a topic in http://support.quemalabs.com