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Wow, Good Luck :)

As Stunning as always. Wish you the best with sales :)

Nice Template …. Good luck with sales.. :)

Lovely Template….Good Luck

Very nice, I like it alot! What are the different color themes that are available? Are all elements shown in the orange accent color on the preview changeable via simple CSS, or does it require PSD editing? Thanks!


Hi, the color is orange, but it easy to change color in the css files… thanks

One question, when i changed slides 1, 2 and 4 .jpg the slider does a little blank between some of the slides, like blanking, a white gap, do you know why this happens? THanks in advanced.


Hi, please send support question via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/ , our support staff will check this issue… thanks

@all thanks for the kind feedback :)

How can I remove the three dots at the bottom of the slider? They cover the text when viewed on an iPad.

Hey guys, great template. The live preview looks great on a mobile phone: http://themeforest.net/item/marchie-corporate-business-html-template/full_screen_preview/4393257

However, when I purchased the template it seems to have a mobile specific site which doesn’t look as good. Can I disable the mobile specific site so it looks like the live preview in a mobile?



Yes, you can disable responsive, please send message via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/ then our support staff will help… thanks

flickah Purchased

I have tried using your support link but it won’t accept my purchase code. Could you please tell me how to change the Camera Slider on the homepage. The instructions are vague and there are links to different slide creators.

Many Thanks

wel Purchased

Hello. There’s an error on the webpage that makes the slideshow in the top refuse to load, because of JS error. I have tested on Pc’s without camera.

hey awasome and clear template :) but before buying, I’d like to know if i could change the menu in mobile sites: I’d like to see it always opened, so horizontal menu could become a vertical menu, with submenus too !? :-)

Thanks a lot.

I noticed in the demo that the twitter feed is not loading, is this going to be fixed, twitter switched to API 1.1 a while back…


I am glad I never purchased this as the support is incredible…..if you like non-existent support.