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How do I access the Builder?

You need to access it through the demo / Live Preview link of the file available on Themeforest.

How do I download the layout after building it in the Builder?

After finishing your layout’s construction you need to go to Export, choose your favorite way of exporting the item (HTML5, Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor) and use your purchase code to download the file.

Is there a limited number of downloads I have the right to?

No, under a single license you can build as many layouts and download them as many times as you wish to. The licensing only refers to the number of times you’re allowed to use the newsletter (eg how many times you’re allowed to send it to your customers).

Why can’t I change everything I want to change through your Builder?

Please understand that like any piece of software the builder does have a few limitations, especially due to the fact that it has to handle exporting a correct and functional email, which makes certain tasks (like deleting an image completely for example) much more complicated than they seem to be.

Is the Builder included in the package I’m buying from Themeforest?

No, such a piece of software can’t be included in such a small price, but there’s an unlimited time period and number of uses for any client who buys it, so there’s nothing you should worry about here. We’ve been active on Themeforest since 2012 and we’re not planning on going anywhere so we’ll be here to help and assist, and so will the builder.

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