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I don’t offer anyone to buy this template! At first there are many problems on theme , second reason language problem! When u change language it creates problems. Third one is support. Author of template doesn’t support for anyth?ng! When we ask question author says go find solition on opencart! Sorry but this template has many problems! It is not first time that i use opencart!

When I look at your site (English and Turkish) I do not see any errors. What are you talking about?

Sorry you don’t give support! So i got support from people.. Thats why ? offer people don’t waste your time with this theme!

As author of this theme I provide support only for my items which I created. This means that I will respond to questions which are directly and strictly related to this product.

Your question was not related to my theme and I directed you to where you get an answer to your question. Now you blame me but you do not even bother to read the installation instructions. Sorry that I did not meet your expectations.

If you’re rude to me, why do you think I should give support to you?

I hope you can move on with your life.

Have a nice day.

i have 2 error

/catalog/view/theme/margaretha/template/common/header.tpl on line 85

/catalog/view/theme/margaretha/template/common/header.tpl on line 285

how i can fix


Hi, ricardotco

You can find the answer to your question here: http://themeforest.net/item/margaretha-opencart-premium-theme/7156561/faqs/19821



effty Purchased

Good day? Do you plan update this theme to openkart 2?

Hi, effty

I hope so, but I can not tell you the exact date at the moment.


Hi Themetorium

Not pushing you but is it likely you will be updating this or any other current theme to work with OpenCart 2.0 (I nearly have them all)? I understand it is a lot of work but I love your themes so if not then will you create new themes for 2.0 as if so I would buy them.

All the best


Hi, Rob

Thank you for your trust. I do not want to disappoint you, but unfortunately I still do not have a concrete answer to this question. Probably this does not happen in the near future. I’m sorry. I definitely want to make new themes, but the future is uncertain at the moment.

Best regards


Rondecy Purchased



Rondecy Purchased

hello I just want you to send me back up model with the photo of products for me to import my database please. thank you

Hi I like to change the currency to South African rand (ZAR) and i have tried by going to Localization> Currency and entering in the details of South African Currency and disable the rest but it still shows the price in dollars how do i fix

Hi, WebBandit44

This question is directly related to OpenCart. I’m sure you will find the answer to your question here: http://forum.opencart.com or official documentation: http://docs.opencart.com

Best Regards


Rondecy Purchased

hello I just want you to send me back up model with the photo of products for me to import my database please. thank you

Hi, Rondecy

The product images are for demonstration purposes only (copyrights). Also indicated on the product page. You have to use your own images.



How can I make the sub subcategories to be in cascade? Thank you for your support!

Hi, dlucian85

Please contact me via my profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/Themetorium and specify your question.