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I want to buy your theme when the new version come out so please update!!


kurtruk Purchased

Any news about update? Thank you.

Hi. I just read that the Metro theme has been submitted for review today. Is this also the case with this theme?


Yes, it’s been submitted but not approved yet. As soon as it’s approved you’ll get notification and be ready to download the new version.

I just bought and found out it does not work with 3.1 :( what can I do now?


I just bought a couple of minutes ago your Marina style for phpbb3 but I did not realize that this is only for the updated version 3.0.

Is there any chance to get this work for 3.1 or is there any update coming up which helps me out. Otherwise I need to buy now another style which renders this purchase complete worthless for me.

I know of course that this is my own fault because I did not read better before but I appreciate any help from you I can get in this case.

Thank you in advance, Oliver Kuchendorf


Thank you for the purchase!

We’ve just updated our Metro theme to phpBB 3.1 and now starting updating Marina too. Since Marina at 50% ready at the moment, I think it will take us about a couple of weeks to finish it. If it’s OK for you, you can wait or you can contact Envato support and ask for refund.

Sincerely, Andrew

PixelGoose Studio

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your fast reply. I love the Marina Theme but your Metro is not less attractive. How ever I do need the site up and running and cant wait the next couple of weeks. BUT I actually like both so I buy Metro as well and use later Marina for another project. :)

Based on your fast reply I see you also do great support which is always worth another theme anyway.

Have a nice sunday, Oliver

Thank you for the good words, Oliver! As for Metro for phpBB 3.1, it’s under review at the moment and I hope it will be approved tonight and be available for downloading tomorrow.


Hey, I just purchased this theme, it looked amazing and it’s for sailing and had an anchor so I thought, it’s perfect! so I just hit the giant buy now button. I’ve had a read of the comments after not being able to install it and I just wanted to ask you if you could provide me with an as accurate as possible guide as to when your product will be usable.

I’m not in a particular rush, this is a side.. side-project and I’ve got other things to do but it would be great to know when I could expect to be able to make a start with it. Like I say, it looks like a really great theme and I would rather not request a refund.

Thank You,



Thank you for the purchase. We’re planning to release the theme in 1-2 weeks. It’s almost ready at the moment!

Hello! I’m is any news about the upgrade to phpBB 3.1.x? I really like the skin and I dont realize that is just for 3.0.x. And I don’t want to use a old version of phpBB.


We’ve almost finished it. And it’ll be released very soon!

Can you tell me that will be this week? Or next? For me that info is important, for shedule the launch of my phpBB

Hi, do you have any idea when the theme will be updated? Just waiting for that to buy it. Thanks!

If you pick up Marina now, you’ll get the update automatically when it ships, right? (I have Metro for vBulletin, btw, very happy with it and the support i got)


Yes, if you buy it now you’ll get notification when the style is udpated. And thank you for your kind words! We are glad you like our work :)

Any updates on the update yet?

Hi, do you have any updates on when the Martina theme for phpbb will be updated for version 3.1.5?


membrive Purchased

I will also buy this theme when the new version is ready. I cannot wait!


mikov9 Purchased

Yea very good, is what I said when I saw this theme, then I bought it!

Hi ivew bought the theme and upload to phpbb styles and the theme is not showing up which is unusual beacuse other themes i have uploaded do… and reason wh? thanks