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The support is terrible. Can i have my money back? Seriously, i promise i wont ever use the theme again.


Replied to your earlier comment. Normally support is only giving through the support site, as stated in the item description.

Theme has potential, the only thing that I wish it had is a gallery slideshow function where the featured image is on the post page.

Really the template needs to replace that featured image with a slideshow if a featured gallery is present on a post.

I would actually pay you right now to develop this.

Example of what I am getting at http://www.foliobuddy.com/demos/portfolio-slideshow-with-thumbnail-navigation/



Thanks for your suggestion. Will look into this, i think it would be a good addition to the theme.

Presale question:

Is there a way to create a ranking list of every category so.. if i create different categories of products… i can show what are the best reviewed products of every category? and if this is possible… it would be nice if i could even filter by time… like “the best rated products of the week, of the month, of the year”.

If that is possible… i would that when a user is on a specific category… that the widget of recent reviews and top reviews show only products of this category…

Its all this possible? (I am a programmer… i can work a little bit to make this happen… but my question is if the rating system this theme is using will let me do this in an easier way or not…

It would be nice if users can vote too and the single.php shows the reviewer rate and the user rate!


Hello, how do you get the top three posts to appear on the homepage?


How do I set up an account with your website to get support or can I just ask questions on here please.


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How do you get the three featured posts images in the top of the website?


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Hello, I have submitted a ticket on your upport site, but no response for 4 days. Just wondering if you are out there anywhere and able to respond? Thanks.

Why are all the posts removed off the support forum? This theme is great, but service seems like a joke. Can anyone here help me with this? How can i change it so that related posts are found via categories instead of tags?


Normally when i share a page on Facebook your link finds an image to post with it. With this theme i am not getting an image. Is there anything i can do?

Also, is there a way to add a Facebook SHARE button in the sidebar with the rest of your built in social buttons? At the moment there is just LIKE , TWEET and +1. The SHARE button would be great in that bar.

HELLO ? IS THIS THING ON ? A+ theme F- for support. Been waiting a week for a reply in the support forum. Such a shame.

I’ve still heard nothing from author.

I love the idea behind the theme and all those little features. But i’am not a huge fan of themes without borders. Because its hard to integrate a different background. But keep up the good work.

DO you have this theme for Tumblr? Thanks !

Still no support from here or the support site.

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anyone know how to override the CSS that the ‘color picker’ selects? I’d like to customize it, but the color picker overrides my CSS changes. thanks, blair

Great theme! Hi how can I show the category description appear under the category heading when viewing categories?

Hi, where do I change the number of REGULAR posts per page. The default is 5 but I couldn’t find anything in the index page related to that. Thank you!

I really like to buy this theme, but there is any support? is the support good?

Hi, I am going to buy this them, but one question. Do you have a preview blog blocks on the main page or they will be display all the article text? There is no read more link, that is why I am asking.