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Question about use case

I want to build a marketplace between companies that need youtube sponsored videos made. and sellers that create the sponsored youtube videos for those companies.

1. is there a way to have payments go to me or escrow. the sellers would make the videos then money is released to sellers after they complete video. or all money is paid to me then i pay sellers after job is done and both parties are satisfied.

2. also is there a way for buyers to post jobs/projects that video creators can view?


I’m not 100% sure that a digital downloads based theme is what you are looking for as it sounds like you want to sell services, you could use a plugin such as https://wordpress.org/plugins/edd-downloads-as-services/ so you can turn your site into a services website vs a digital files website.

1. Payments always come to the site owner. The site owner then distributes the amount to the vendor. Again there is a handy add-on for Commissions for EDD http://bit.ly/eddcommissions that enables you to set a percentage of earnings per vendor or across the board or via per product type – this would be what you want to look at.

2. There is no way for buyers to ask for products built-in however there are possible solutions, one of which could be a form built with the Contact Form 7 plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/ (it’s a free plugin). You could create a submit a request form asking for details. Or you could decide to add-on BBpress or something for a forum? As it’s not part of this products goal however it’s not something we have functionality built in for.

I hope this helps

Hello, my client has just bought this theme but he isn’t running Wordpress. Do you have a regular html version that we could use to integrate with the website? Thanks,


We don’t have HTML versions of any of our themes.

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Hi, what’s the name of the widget you’re using in your demo that displays Date Created, Licence, File Types, File Size and Documentation?

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Found the FES plugin.


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Astoundify Team.

I need a physical products marketplace, do you think I could use this template for it?, basically what I want is that when a buyer buys an item, an email is delivered to the seller to let him know and complete the deal.

Sleek design I might add, cheers!

Part of the description of what one can do with Marketify states, “You can create a marketplace that just sells videos”.

Will buyers view these videos on my website or do they download them? My preference is for videos to be viewed on my website.


Easy Digital Downloads allows you to sell any digital file, including video files, these are downloadable files.

Here is a possible solution: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/support/topic/streaming-content-not-downloading-content/


I want to run a marketplace. Kindly clear some confusion I have. So far, my understanding is that I need to do these 3 things (

(1). Buy the marketify theme

(2). Buy the bundle with the discounted extensions

(3). Download Easy Digital Downloads.


(a) In all the above 3 things I will get, is PayPal Adaptive Delayed payment included (or is it only parallel chained PayPal Adaptive that automatically pays the seller as well?

(b) If I buy the bundle, do I still need to separately download the Easy Digital Download (EDD) or is it part of the bundle?

(c). How does Easy Digital Download relate to Marketify? Obviously, EDD is a plugin. Is Marketify mainly a design theme in terms of layouts, pages (same way we have themes for website look and feel)?

Thanks for your help addressing my questions. I am a very interested buyer.

I notice there’s a bug that page didn’t redirect after signing up

Is there a plan to solve this problem?


By the way, “Lost Passwords” page (http://demo.astoundify.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword) is not styled, do you have a plan for this?


Unlike WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads doesn’t have its own forgot password shortcode screen like this: http://demo.astoundify.com/jobify-darker/my-account/lost-password/

Where as WooCommerce has this feature, Easy Digital Downloads does not, and currently we don’t have any solid solutions to having a custom forgot password page as this is a feature lacking in Easy Digital Downloads, and other plugins i’ve tested haven’t held up.

Hello, to sell dishes – been better to use edd-downloads-as-services (is this compatible with you theme) or let the buyer just download a “dish voucer” ...

2nd Q: Is there any compatible MAP plugin who can display all “sellers” and/or “buyers” near to my location?


Question: to sell dishes – been better to use edd-downloads-as-services (is this compatible with you theme) or let the buyer just download a “dish voucer” ...

Answer: What do you mean “dishes” and “dish voucer” this is not even english. Sorry :(

Question: Is there any compatible MAP plugin who can display all “sellers” and/or “buyers” near to my location?

Answer: I’m not aware of any map plugin that is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads and the marketplace plugin Frontend Submissions, perhaps ask the developers for advice? https://easydigitaldownloads.com/support/forum/basic/


damn – i am sorry … dishes is a bug. we are talking about meals and vouchers for it (lunch dinner) ...

Marketify IPHONE ANDROID APP, How to build one APP for the wordpress Theme MARKETIFY that works in exactly the same way. I am thinking of buying Marketify and the corresponding APP all together.