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Is there showcases for physical item? After I review the comment, the theme seems not appropriate for physical item. But I really like the theme style and I’d like to let members sell toys or figures on website. So if there are showcases for references, it can help me for decision whether to buy the theme!


Hey, it’s great to hear from you,

If you want to sell one off products like toys or figures then this theme would be suitable as they are not using product variations like t-shirts with different sizes and different colors.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any further help, please let me know!

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hi, i love the design very much. I wish to know if the recurrent Payment Plans in functional and if i required a plugin for it. i need it auto multi currency option by country. can i use it as fotolia.com

Your soonest reply would be appreciated.


Hey, it’s great to hear from you,

Question: I wish to know if the recurrent Payment Plans in functional and if i required a plugin for it

Answer: It sounds like you need to install the Recurring Payments: https://easydigitaldownloads.com/downloads/recurring-payments/ plugin for Easy Digital Downloads plugin

Question: i need it auto multi currency option by country.

Answer: The Easy Digital Downloads plugin supports multi currencies.

If you have any questions or if I can be of any further help, please let me know!

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Arutam Purchased

Hi Adam,

I answered an email that you sent me the last week, please could you read it and let me know your comments?


I am going to develop a Marketplace website using Marketiy themem EDD and Marketplace bundle. I have sorted out most of the things with the EDD documentation and google, but I am unable to find anything for a filterable navigation with EDD. Is it possible to make a filterable navigation in the sidebar like in the following page? http://www.brocantelab.com/decorer/art-de-la-table/accessoire-cuisine/vintage.html

These filters will be based on the pages, categories and tags.

Moreover, I also have some Pre-sales questions:

1. Is it possible to develop a marketplace for physical goods where shipping info is also required?

2. How many menus does this theme support in the header? I want to use two menus i.e Primary menu (like in your demo) and top menu (above the log). The logo will be centered and between the two menus.

3. Is it possible to change the position of shopping cart and search icons? I want to remove both of them from primary menu and place it in the top menu.

4. Is it possible to use multi level menu like in the above referenced website?

Waiting for your prompt and positive response.

In addition to my previous question, is it possible to add the product measurement for shipment?


tobiashk Purchased

Hi, this be a weird question. But if I want to make a product page with three main categories and then sub-categories for those? How would I do this?

Sincerely Tobias


themeforest says I can buy product with more 19.20$ with 1 year support. while on your support system it says 63$ for additional 6 month support.

May I know if I buy this product from themeforest with 1 year support I don’t need to purchase your extended 6 month support package?

Hey Astoundify! I have a question for your marketify multi-vendor marketplace theme. I’m mainly going to be having people signup to sell their own music production.

1. Let’s say a vendor is selling an instrumental, can that vendor set different purchase options (by purchase options I mean the same thing as selecting your size for a t-shirt)? Reason being is that the customer will be purchasing a license to utilize that vendor’s production and there are different licenses/license fees (this would also mean that selecting a certain option would raise or lower the purchase price).

2. Now this might get wordy and it is not as important as number one but would be amazing if this could be done somehow – When a customer purchases, they will receive a download of their purchased product. Can one product they purchase come with multiple downloads? For my use it would be that in addition to receiving the instrumental via download after purchase, they would also receive the contract of the license they purchased. Would be killer if this download for the product even changed based on the option you selected when checking out.

3. Really not important at all but any chance you guys will make the switch to woo commerce? Why pay a recurring $200 a year for a multiple vendors add on when woo commerce’s wc vendors gives it to users for free!! Ya’ll would be doing people a huge favor! Hahaha

Nonetheless, your marketify theme is wonderful. Thanks for creating something that gives people flexibility in bringing their ideas to life. Looking forward to hearing back from you! Thank you.

4. OOOO I forgot one and this is important!! Is there a way for me to setup a page that shows a list of the vendor profiles? List, grid, carousel, whatever just a way for customers to select a vendor they like rather than only having the ability to sort through products.

Hi, is it possible to easily change this theme to be on a darker background? Everything I find seems to be on white, and this has features I’m looking for but doesn’t fit the exact colouring I’d like.

Hi there, I was wondering if I can use the easy digital download plugin also to sell a “service” such as workshops or advisory/consulting? Thank you.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme but wanted to see if it would work for what I’m after. As my vendors are going to be selling customisable items within the marketplace I need customers to be able to upload a file with their order (which I believe I can easily do with EDD File Upload or EDD Checkout Fields Manager).

Now my question is will the files be accessible to view & download on the orders page in the Vendors Dashboard on the front-end? And if so, do you know where/ how it would appear or would it require coding to add an additional field to the orders table?

Is there a way to allow someone to create an account and later on apply to become a vendor using the same account info?