Mason - A Masonry Inspired Tumblr Theme

Mason is an adaptive Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, in a masonry based view.

Includes ajax based page loading, as well as URL tracking (no broken back button!). Users can quickly view your posts, view them in the detail, and go back to where they were.

Highly customisable, with support for Disqus, Twitter and Google Analytics. This theme gives a tailored view to each device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, etc) that visits it and only serves the content that is required, helping to speed up delivery of your site.

Theme Includes / Supports

  • All Post Types, Including Adaptive Photosets & Submit!
  • High Resolution Image Replacement including Retina Support
  • Ajax Based Page Loading With Working Back Button
  • Option To Load Next Page On Scroll or User Click
  • Optional Large / Small Header
  • Full Support for Socially Sharing Posts via the Permalink Page (via
  • Includes support for Disqus Comments and Pre / Code Syntax Highlighting
  • Includes support for Twitter / Social Links
  • Adaptive Layout and Type, Based on Content, So Looks Great on any Device

Customisation Options

Documentation and Support

The documentation can be viewed online here. For support, please send me a message via my profile page. All tickets will be answered, and useful articles / tweaks will be published via support desk here.

Current Version

Mason 1.5 (View Changelog)