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i like the layout very good :)

Thank you :)

Great Work. Really Loving this theme!

Thanks Vicky :)

Very Good Design, GLWS ;)

Thanks Cafe :)

Hi, i like the design, very new somewhere… Congrats. But is it any menu option i’ve eventualy missed or is it all (and ok by the way). Question 2 is about any cross sign or exit visible position in the blog simple helping coming back to the index anyhow ? Thanks by advance for the answer and don’t misunderstood my position, i like the concept.

Hi gianniexposito, thanks for your attention and feedback :)

1. There are no menu options in Ghost 0.3. We would love to provide more options in the theme, but it is not best practice. Let‘s look forward to the release of Ghost plugin system as soon as possible;

2. For 1.0 version. You can click blog logo back to the index, or just click backward in browser. We would like to give a try your idea in next version.

Best Regards

very great style , i like it :) good job , i whish you lots of sales :)

Good job, glws ;)

Thank you :)

I’m trying to incorporate a disqus option for discussion on entries. It doesn’t appear to be setting up for me. Is this theme compatible with disqus, and with Ghost .4? Thanks!

Hi tgwarriner, Thank you for purchasing and feedback.

Yes, mason is compatible with disqus, please read the documentation in your bought item “documentation folder > index.html” .

We are working on upgrade our themes to Ghost 4.0.

Best regards.

I’ve looked at the documentation and it’s installed correctly. Could there be some conflict or embed issue that was introduced in 0.4? Here’s a link to my site if you wanted to have a look: twarriner.com

Hi tgwarriner, thanks for your feedback. We are working on this problem.


I’m thinking about buying your theme. How does code and highlighting look like on a post? Could you sample on in the live preview?



1: The code sample is here (Working with Code): http://ghost-mason.themeartisan.com/welcome-to-ghost-2/

2: Highlighting? I thing the Markdown does not support highlighting syntax.

Best Regards

Considering your theme for my blog. When do you think you will have it updated for ghost 0.4?

Hi, thanks for your attention.

We are working on it (for ghost 0.4). We plan to release updates in the next month.

Best Regards

Hello, I just bought this theme. I really love the design especially the image layout. Unfortunately I am very unhappy with how my images are distorted. Please take a look and let me know how this can be fixed. http://www.fourblocksfromhere.com Thanks so much!

Thank you for purchasing and feedback.

we are working on it.

Hi, folks

this bug has been submitted to our track system. this bug will be fixed in next update (probably the middle of this month )

Hi there,

Is this theme customizable?

Great theme, a couple questions:

1. How did you format your YouTube post in the following example? http://ghost-mason.themeartisan.com/youtube-post/ Where the video preview thumbnail shows within the ![slide] but on the page the Youtube player only shows?

2. Do you have any plans to support Twitter cards and Facebook OG tags?

3. Just a general +1 about allowing for the sidebar to contain static links and a back button when on content pages

Hi uktexan,

Thank you for purchasing and feedback.

1 Do you mean how to display youtube in thumbnail? Please insert youtube code in the top of post content

2 We would like to give it a try

3 Yes, we need a back link on content page, have recorded in our to-do

Thanks, with regards to youtube, I assumed that for it to appear on the homepage it had to be within the ![slide] element.

With regards to OG/Twitter, feel free to ping me if you need some help. For example, only title, description, and image need be set dynamically. The rest can be static.

Also Twitter will respect og tags for some things so they don’t need to be declared twice…

Hi ThemeArtisan,

I purchased your theme four hours ago – I love it! When working with it I encountered the following bug:

When scrolling down more content gets loaded as expected (in my case that’s one row of pictures). However the copyright footer then gets covered by the bottom pictures and doesn’t move below them. (Firefox 28) [Hint: The footer moves down f I remove the author line from index.hbs]

Furthermore I have a question: Is it possible to hide all image headers (title + author + date) and let it only fade in on top of a particular image if the user hovers this image? (so that the area which darkens the image on mouseover contains the text) IMHO this would clean up the design a lot… Any hint what I would have to change in the template CSS to achieve this?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

I have three more suggestions: :)

1. Opening a blog post on a mobile phone (i.e. using the mobile design) currently shows the blog cover image instead of the image the user clicked. The user has to scroll down manually to see the image/blog post he clicked (only if he realizes that he CAN scroll down at all). IMHO it would be important to show the content of the blog post on click (i.e. scroll to the heading of the image automatically).

2. It should be possible to click anywhere on the blog cover image (and not only on the logo) to return to the main page.

3. When tagging pictures the according tag pages (“albums“) only show the photo titles. IMHO it would be more consistent if this view would look like the main view i.e. the according pictures appear on an endless scrolling page.

If all of this works I will love your theme even more. :) If you have any questions please let me know …


I cannot publish my blog due to another serious bug in your theme. Using Safari 7.0.2 images often overlap each other after scrolling down (i.e. after one or two further sets of posts have been loaded). The same often happens in the current Firefox 28.0.

I can reproduce it in Firefox: Load the blog the first time. Scroll down so that two more sets of posts get loaded. Press F5 to reload the page. In all columns the preview images of the posts overlap.

I have already written two other posts 5 days ago. Are you still there? Do you work on these bugs?

Regarding the ‘overlapping of images’ bug in the theme:

If I manually resize the browser window (shrink browser window a few pixels and enlarge it again) everything gets realigned and looks fine (no more overlapping).

Please at least tell me a workaround: How can I force to realign the images automatically after loading a new set of posts? Can I tell javascript to resize the window after loading new posts?

If the pictures overlap I can’t use your theme at all!

Yet several other bugs with this theme:

IE8 doesn’t show images at all, with IE9 images and content overlap with each other…

The bugs mentioned even show up on the “Live Preview” of the theme at http://ghost-mason.themeartisan.com/

Users who use firefox with an adblocker extension – such as the popular AdBlock Plus – have badly aligned social sharing icons i.e. the icons are not aligned in a row but the rss icon is more on the bottom then twitter and facebook. The google plus icon isn’t shown up at all. (Have a look at the “social icons” below the chameleon image in the ‘Live Preview’ of the theme when using Firefox 28 and AdBlock Plus..)

wow amazing work good sales;

Will this theme be updates to remove the bugs users have been reporting along with support for Ghost 0.5?

I like your theme, but I don’t understand what the ‘Ghost Theme’ is. Would you explain this? and is your theme is compatible with Vanilla Forum?

thank you very much for a fantastic theme. I am just playing around and it already looks great.

The following question arose: I would love to use a google font.

Could you tell me where to change? Should I go into the css file or do I need to change somewhere else?

Hi Themeartisan,

when will the theme be updated to ghost 0.5x?

thank you,