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Hi I have the 1.5 version of mataam and I think I have wordpress 3.5 how can I update wordpress and the theme with out changing anything in the front end my site is please help

Simply update the WordPress to the latest version or Google on how to update the WordPress and after that take a backup of the theme options panel and then backup your site and content then replace the mataam themes folder with old one. Before that take a backup of existing folder.

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

Hi, Is this going to work with Wordpress 3.8?

I will buy this soon.

Yes its compatible with WP3.8

I changed from qtranslate to WPML and now the slider is only showing in default language (of course I translated the sliders). When the page is loading it shows an image and translated titles but just for a mili second and than it goes black saying “LOADING”. Does anybody know how to solve it?

I purchased this theme but I signed in with a different user name (torstendenia)

You have not assigned the featured images so it wasn’t displaying. I have replied to you on our support forum as well.

Hi, how to center (mini) gallery i have 3 pics and they are alignment left. I need them to be centered.


It will be aligned left only not centered. If you use centered then use image shortcode and center theme using center html element

Hi, I have an issue with my Mataam Restaurant Theme (website: I can not add prices in a new foodmenu post. Means that only the title is saved and not the “Food Price” or “Menu Item Description”? Also when I want to change the price in older posts, the system doesn’t save the changes? Please help!

You are using old version. So, kindly please update the theme to the latest version as we have fixed this issue a long back.

Hi, prepurchase question for client’s site.

Do you know of a good event planner widget or app that could be used in your theme?

Can this theme support it?



I have no idea about it as there are many event planner plugins in the market.

Hi, how do i hide the titles in a slider?


For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

how do I go about adding the three meal categories on the homepage?

What widget is it? It was not set by default when I installed this theme.

You can use foodmenu shortcode for that.

I’m having trouble adding the today’s special as well as the paragraph right next to it.

I currently working on and I’m lost with this part.

I’m getting very frustrated trying to replicate what I see on this wordpress.

A lot of time has been spent trial and error and trouble shooting. It’s not exactly what I had in mind when I purchased your theme.

For any queries or support you can register at our support forum where you can avail free support with the support team.

I’m really disappointed by this theme. After reading through the documentation and following all the steps, I still have nothing remotely close to the home page. I have never had this much trouble with a theme and wish I had just read the comments first. What plugins do I need to install? I have no menu, nothing remotely close to the home page, all I have is a header, a “Hello, world!” post, and a background image. No edits will work. Please advise.

And now from whhat I see, I’ll be told to find a support page, register, log in, and post this question all over again. Very disappointing.

We give free installation help if anyone needs but via our premium and dedicated support forum. After registering our support forum I assure you will appreciate instead of getting disappointed.

I’ve signed up for the forum, hopefully someone can just log in to my Wordpress and do it for me as I’ve tried everything.

I think I’m done trying to figure out this site. Please issue a refund as the template is not what was described and there is no other way it will be useful to me. I hope all buyers take the time to go through the comments before they purchase this theme. IT DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED and THERE IS NO SUPPORT. You will be told to sign up on a forum where you will not be able to post any questions. Please stay away.

You registered to a forum but where did you posted the post/question?

Hi. I want to replicate the sample homepage design you had. Is that not part of the sample data import?

Its a part of a sample data if you can’t make that replica please contact us through our support forum so that we can help you make the same.

I’ve contact you through your support portal and I have not heard anything from you. I also tried to contact you via Skype. Could you please help me with this issue?

Thanks for helping me with this issue. Your documentation could be improved a bit, but nonetheless, thanks for your help.

Another trouble I am having is that the dummy footer content does NOT update. No matter how many times I change the footer content and press “Save”, I cannot get it to update and it reverts back. Please assist me with this matter. I have already tried to contact you via Skype and through your support forum but have not received any help from you. :(

Assisted on the Skype and resolved.

Yes. Thank you!


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HI, is there way or what do i need to edit to change the SELECT MENU tag when viewed on a phone. Id like to change the SELECT MENU to NAVIGATION for the menu dropdown.

thank you

Yes you can change that in the header.php file near line #134.


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thank you!


XM1 Purchased

Hello again, how can i change the BG color of the front page widget?


XM1 Purchased

thanks… i am now having theme issues i think, visual editor is blank hen i try to edit a page, and i cant switch to text editor, text tab doesn’t seem to be working. should i reinstall?


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i also have another problem i cant figure out, how do i turn off the title on the sliders?

If you can register at our support forum and post your question or issues there our support team will help you out with issues.

Regards AivahThemes

I have WordPress 4.0 Mataam 1.5, framework 2.0 It does not save the layout options (left, right side bar or full width).

Please advice.

Ivan B.

Its fixed and it will be updated soon in this weekend.


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Hi, is there way to stretch the home page static image or slider to stretch across the screen?

Yes if you have the layout as stretched not as boxed.

What’s the best way (steps) to update the mattam theme? I’m using version 1.6 and ned to update to latest version.

Please contact us on support forum. Our support team will guide you how update the theme without losing the changes.

Support Forum | AivahThemes | Dribbble | Twitter

I already did that…received no answer.

Please visit support forum i have updated the forum topic.


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hi, some of your theme options have stopped working. Like uploading and deleting logo image. when i try to delete it it says javascript void, color picker no longer is visable for fonts etc…

please advise

Please contact us on Support Forum. Our support team will solve your issues.

Support Forum | AivahThemes | Dribbble | Twitter


arnbru Purchased

Hi, I was wondering if you had tested this theme this wordpress 4.2.2 yet? In your details you only list 4.1.



There is a new version coming soon for with max compatibility and all the versions tested.