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Great work! Congratulations!

Cool project. Good luck with the sale !

Thanks everyone! Glad you all like it :)

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Looks great, congrats :)

The screen shots look great! Would love to see the demo site resembling them.

Thanks to all for appreciation :)

Hi there,

Nice theme!

What happened to the red design… it suddenly disappeared between two visits today…!?



Yes there you can play around with the colors as you like in theme options panel. I just changed the background color.

Thanks for the awesome support. Great theme.

Pretty disappointed in this theme, added a slider, doesn’t work. Preview the slider get a 404. Added the social networks, they don’t show up. Added menu items and they wrap to two lines even with just two short links. Uploaded a favicon, doesn’t show. Added custom CSS , doesn’t work. And many more problems. It’s more of a what actually works than what doesn’t.

Found the reason why the theme doesn’t work, it appears you must have Wordpress installed on an actual domain (ie. www.yourname.com or here.yourname.com). During setup, I installed in on my server (ie. 999.99.99.99/~name/) and doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t appear WordPress standards were followed during the development of the theme.

EDIT : Doesn’t appear it works correctly on subdomains either.


Can you email me the URL and WP Logins so that i can see why it doesn’t works and let me know what message do you get in installing the theme.

BTW you installed on the non propagated DNS server so it wasn’t loading it has to load in your domain.com or subdomain no matter wordpress works on subdomain too but doesn’t works on Non Propagation DNS sites.


That’s not true, I’ve installed several WordPress installs on non-propagation sites with no problems in the past. You can see the site here:


Sending an email with the login info.

EDIT : I’m also making a list of things that aren’t working for me as I try to get it setup. I’ve manually edited the CSS files to make some things work like the primary menu which is why it looks correct on the site now. Currently:

1. favicon doesn’t work
2. Primary Menu wraps to second line after you add a second link
3. Social media icons don’t appear after entering their URLs


1) Favicon code is missing from header which was mistaken in recent update i agree.

    <!-- Load custom favicon from theme options panel -->
    <?php if($favicon = get_option('atp_custom_favicon')) { ?>
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo $favicon; ?>" type="image/x-icon" />
    <?php } ?>

2) Sociables widget have you dragged the sociables in the ‘header top right’ named sidebar. Go to widgets and find header top right and drag the sociables widget into there without any title for it.

3) Primary Menu will you please send me the screenshot of going on to second line or so as i think am confused with this question.

i am having the same issues as bmarshall0511. I am free to adjust the style.css to my wishes.

quite disappointing. even custom.css does not work …..


I have fixed the bugs which earlier bmarshall said and all have been fixed. Can you please email me the WP logins so that i can see whats wrong even after fixing everything.

Twitter updated its API to v1.1. Quick fix for the Update is below

open twitter.php file located in mataam/framework/common/atp_generator.php

Find Line
$messages = fetch_feed('http://twitter.com/statuses/user_timeline/'.$username.'.rss');
Replace Line
$messages = fetch_feed('http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline/'.$username.'.rss');
roxxstar Purchased

HI, i ourchased this theme and i cannot get the slider to work or show on the homepage. please advise.

thank you


I have just uploaded the fix for the slider issue its related to twitter API Updates. I am waiting for the theme to get updated once updated i will make a note here again.

Edited : See my previous comment Twitter updated its API to v1.1. Quick fix for the Update is below

This is related to slider issue it will be fixed

twomarc Purchased

I’ve upgraded to v1.2 and my slider still isn’t working. I’ve emailed you pass and login. Thanks!


You made a mistake in selecting your homepage from wp-admin>settings>readings frontpage display. Where as i have given an option to select the homepage from theme options panel. I have removed settings from dashboard and kept it as default and slider works fine now.

twomarc Purchased

It looks great! Thanks for handling my issue so quickly!


Thanks for appreciation


My sister-in-law recently purchased the “Mataam Restaurant” theme. As her web consultant I was hoping that the theme would install looking exactly like the preview. Could you give me the style.css (and any other files, images, etc) needed so that our site can look like the preview out of the gate. This way I can make modifications without having to recreate the wheel.

Thanks in advance,

Tim timsemailaddress@gmail.com

Its there in the package please read the documentation for setting up the theme as preview. You can copy the same style from the live preview as well if you want.

Ok, thanks I imported the xml and uploaded the images. I still need to follow all the steps in the guide to get it looking like the preview, correct?

Step 05 implies that there is a Homepage option in the Homepage content drop down, I don’t have this option. Do I need to create the page first?


Yes you need to create the page for the homepage add some content and then you can select it from the homepage section in theme options panel.