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Wow, a another brazilian playing here HAHAHAH

Congrats buddy, wish good sales for you!

Cheers, Rafael


Thanks man! I’m following you now. :)

Nice to see you here.

Good looking theme buddy. Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks man. :)

Looks nice man, good luck!

Thanks, man. :)

Purchased and cannot wait to get playing with it. Thank you.

Thanks you!

Private support tickets not there yet for this theme so going to ask one question here – when user goes to audio post the music clashes with the background sounds – is there a way to pause the background music when a user clicks on an audio blog post? Thank you for a fantastic file!

Hey there,

I just added Mater to my support system. Can you please post your question there?

Thanks! :)

Fantastic work ! :)

Thanks, @Bedros!

Is this WP 3 .4.2 compatible? Made WP upgrade with another theme (Creative WordPress Single Page Portfolio) and it broke. Don’t need another headached.. Just tell me yes and that you will give prompt support if needed and I’m sold on your design.

This theme was built upon WP 3 .4.2, and yes, you will get prompt support. ;)

Done. Don’t let me down meydjer :)

Hahah, ok. ;)

can I deactivate the music on certain page? for example, if i have video loading, the music must be off. thanks

i guess you’re right :) I play around with your demo content and find they’re quite buggy. for example, Tab, see The active tab sometimes not reflected properly. also other content when i click here and there. I am using firefox 14 mac.

Hey @winnerlicious,

I’ll take a look on these issues ASAP .

Thanks for the report!

Hey there,

I just tested this issue on my Mac, using Firefox 15, and everything looks nice. Could you test it on another machine just to make sure it’s not a problem with your computer?

I love this! Where was it last week when I bought a different theme :crying: May have to buy this too. Great!


No problem man. This one will be your next purchase. ;)

Hi, Video backgrounds are all failing on ipad3. Any way to make them work ?


Hey there,

Unfortunately video background are impossible to implement on mobile devices since mobile devices don’t allow media autoplay. Instead, video backgrounds has an image background as fallback for mobile devices.

Thanks for asking. :)

Thanks. I understand about the video background issue with mobile. I am not seeing the image background fallback for mobile devices on my ipad. Could you direct me where I can observe it on your demo site ?


You should see something like this:

I just bought the theme trying to upload its saying missing the style.css need help ASAP please and thank you


You are welcome!

Whats the image size of the background and how do you make stay that size weather zoomed in or out

Hey @WolfAtoned,

To get support go to, verify your purchase code (get it here: and submit a new ticket.

Does this theme support Vimeo videos for background or only self hosted?

Also, I saw your post above about falling back to images on mobile devices. Most themes with full screen video works, you just have to click a play button.

Theme looks great.

Only self-hosted. I recommend you to download the video from Vimeo first.

About mobile devices, I don’t feel it’s a big deal to force users to press a play button for backgrounds. If we have some content at the homepage the play button will not be visible.

Thanks for asking!

On your demo when I select a gallery for a slideshow and then click the play button it only advances to the next slide. Shouldn’t this begin a slide show playing all pictures?

Well, I think it’s OK since you have already seen the current picture before clicking the play button. :)

I understand about it going to the next picture and that is fine. I just tested it on 4 different browsers. They are all working okay except for Firefox. I am running version Firefox ver 15.01 on Windows 7. The slides are not automatically changing after you press the play button, the other browsers are working okay.

Hey @scottcocoabeach,

The bug was just fixed and will be updated on ThemeForest soon.

Thanks for reporting! :)

Hello I really like this template, before I buy it, I want to know if its mobile and iPad friendly.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Sure it is. I personally tested it on my iPad and iPhone. :)

Thanks so much for your prompt reply! have a nice day!

You too.

Does this theme allow a unique background image for different pages?

Sure. Allow both unique background image and video for different pages a posts. :)

Splendid, looks like the theme for me then!

You will love it. :)

So far so good!

Is it possible to make the navigation text smaller?