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Hi, brought this theme.. i can say that i am happy with it, easy to use.. but i guess i have a problem with “Guest List”. if you go and sign in for guest list, you won`t appear in my Guest List.. is there any chance that i can fix this quick ?


Would you mind signing up in the support forums and trying to elaborate your problem with a few more details?



I have sorted out the problem, i`ve had to delete de event and create another one.. and now it works…

I have another problem now.. after i sorted out the guest list… paypal “buy now” button disappeared so whoever goes on the website and sign up for guest list.. they cannot pay by paypal.

is there any chance that you can help me with this issue ?

Many thanks.


I am currently on holidays-could you post the request in the forum? There is a coder able to help.


Hi there,

I contacted you directly thru the envato profile and no answer.

I might have few questions if you could sort me out with.

I have bought the template and i am really happy with it but there are few things like :

1. Paypal Button, I would like to have a custom pay now (paypal button) customized, i have created one in my paypal account but i cannot add it on the site. (i am not a pro.) its an event page, and i would like to be able to sell one or more tickets at once and so on.

2. Events page. I would like to add upcoming event but i don`t know the date. if i will add it on the website and leave the dates and hours blank, there will be coding all over the home page. Is there any chance that we can solve that?

3. Music,

Is there any chance that i can add other 2-3 songs to play one after each other ?

4. Guest List.

1 person can sign up twice with the same email address and also, when i am verifying my guest list, let`s say it shows : name , email, Paid, fav drink. Is there any chance that can show how much have they paid too?

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Regards, Dragos

it does not work to create an account, i can make print screen so i can show you what it gives me ..

what can i do in this case? i am in really rush with it as we have an event running, and we have done a lot of advertising so people can buy tickets for the event.. its kind of urgent matter

answered in forum


PamelaS Purchased

Will this Theme be updated to WP 4.1?


it already is compatible with wp 4.1 – we just forgot to update the themeforest page :)



You don’t have permission to access /demo/matrix/ on this server. Apache Server at Port 80


yep – we are already working on it with our hosting company ;) Seems like there were some server issues – should be up very soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

On mobile phones I cannot see how to pick other dates / events.

Hey man,

sorry for the late reply – we missed your comment . The mobile version is tripped down so we couldn’t fit everything on there. You can use the menu though to go to the event overview oage and see all events!

Still did not see it.

As a suggestion it would be good to have this easily seen by visitors.

If I am having a hard time finding it so will they.

What do I need to do that it shows an exact event directly on the home page without pressing on anything on the timeline?


the next upcoming event will be shown on the startpage. If you followed the help file and still have problems though, please post a request in the forum and the programmer will have a look.



First off – this is an awesome theme. I love it! Great work.

I am missing the option ‘Theme Configuration’. The server is running wordpress 4.2.2. I am unable to modify the contact page. Some of my other challenges may be linked to that. Please take a look and kindly provide support to help me resolve these.

1) Event Widget: How to change the titles of the vertical elements which are by default named ‘General Info’, ‘Gallery’, ‘Location’?

2) Site Title and Tagline: my page stays at ‘Matrix I Club and House Music’ even though I customized it in the theme customization screen.

3) How to change the background colour and place an image in the background?

4) How to add music and control icons as available in the live preview?

5) How change all other page titles and taglines i.e. the standard ‘Gallery I images from our partys’ to ‘Gallery I Event Photos’?

6) Facebook Widget: I enter the correct URL to my facebook group all it shows in Chrome is a white empty box

Thanks very much for your help!

Bebel, is Matrix WP 4.2.2 compatible?

There is still no reply in the forum. I am desperate. Can you reach out to Essam please or whoever is supposed to look into it?

Since yesterday I have downgraded Wordpress on my server to 4.2 and 4.1 each resulting in no change whatsoever. Configuration is still not an option. I tested version 4.2 on my home Synology server at home and the option Theme Configuration was available! That is great good news and bad news because obviously my page is not on my home server.

Hey man – I reached out to Essam to lend you a hand :-) Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Bebel, after people buy a ticket and receive a barcode and then people can do scan at the front door? Can you do? Thanks

Hey man,

that’s not possible at the moment, sorry :(

Bebel, I feel absolutely left alone with the issue I have with your theme. It is not fully functional on the WP 4.2.2 . Using any of the default themes the options I need become available but disappear when Matrix is activated. A theme (compatibility) issue? Anyhow, I have taken all the steps I was supposed to and you advised me including posting on this forum you shared all to no avail.

At this point I am helpless and frustrated that I have paid money for something that is not working for me and I would like to know what you are going to do about it? Ich finde es echt vollkommen unakzeptabel für mich keine Antwort im Forum zu bekommen. Thanks.

Hey, we found the problem and wrote you in the forum :-)

Yesssssssssssss, guys, it works! :D Thank you. Am so pleased and happy.

Bebel, can you please add an external link to Buy ticket booking button? it meant people can buy ticket from other site if an event has multiple prices ( normal, vip, platinum)


you can just add it to your item description page :)

but if they click sign up and then they see Paypal payment, i want at admin has option ( can be pay at paypal or external link like eventbrite, stickyticket website)

That’s custom coding work that we cannot provide I am afraid :( But ask over at for customization



Is it possible that users can publish their events ?

Your theme is very good but it would be nice that people can directly publish their events in front.

It is possible or not?


Hey, sadly that’s not possible BUT we are working on a theme that has this feature :-)

This theme supports members page ?