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I’m considering this theme for a client, but, in trying to preview the theme (live demo) on my Galaxy and her iPhone – the desktop version of this site was coming up.

Is there a live link to view this theme in responsive form ?

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi, Just click on the “Remove Frame” button at the top of the page.

Hey there,

I’m interested in purchasing. I’ve noticed the theme seems simililar to the Vegas theme minus the shop page. Are there any notable difference between the two beside that fact? Also if I were to go with Matte over Vegas how easy is it to incorporate woocommerce into the theme, just simply upload the plugin? I’m very new to Wordpress and have been delaying purchasing a theme because I cannot seem to find one that fits perfectly however Matte and Vegas seem to hit most of the points I’m looking for.


Hi, if WooCommerce is a must have I recommend going with Vegas as the css for the WC interface is already included. Keep in mind you can change the accent color to anything you want.

I sent this email six days ago, sent two follow-ups, and have gotten no responses – I’ll paste it here again, in the hopes that I will receive help.

1.) Revolution Slider, I can’t get it to appear, and, am not sure how to insert the necessary php code into the theme’s HTML.

2.) The Portfolio displays (as shown in the example homepage) are another area I’m having a great degree of difficulty with. How do I select which portfolio I want shown, and, how do I select which preview image shows up on the home page like in the example ?

3.) I’m having trouble setting up the header, if you take a look at our website, www.giorgentinewyork.com/wordpress – I want the background for the bar behind the Giorgenti logo to be white, the top bar to be the same gray in the example, and, the background color of the menu to be the same grey.

If need be, I can provide you our log-in credentials, if that will help.

PLEASE help.

I don’t see a ticket from you, please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hello sir, Hope you are fine.

I purchase this theme but I found there is a option to add only one sidebar. I want the both left and right sidebar in the page. Please modify the theme, or please give me the updated files where i can add both sidebar.

I will wait your reply.

Thanks in advance

Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

is Visual Composer compatible with this theme? We are looking to add a visual editor for better layout control and thought of using Visual Composer. Please let us know your thoughts.

Our theme is compliant with all WP standards so it should be compatible.

Sir ,

I want to know , which version of theme is running now. I am using 1.1 . Is I have to update?

Regards Subhash for Qikmo

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

I have added the portfolio list as shortcuts to all pages but there is only a small link which is hardly visible in small screens. can the whole image/title be linked to the portfolio detail page? please let me know.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

can you add a video background to front

Is that a question or request?

Is there a way to secure the contact form with a captcha or something? or should I set up a separate contact page

Hi, Thanks for purchasing.
Please submit a support ticket via our Support Forum, thanks.

Hi, is Matte compatible with WPML?

Yes shouldn’t be a problem.